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Bras » Panache » Jasmine Balconnet Bra (6951)

Jasmine Balconnet Bra (6951)

Since AW2012 - Unpadded balconette bra with side support panels and a stretchy top section. More...

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  1. 19


    Didn't fit

    Ok, just gotta say right off, this bra is amazing!
    No it doesn't fit me 100% perfectly, but I pretty much think nothing ever will. However, no bra, ever has made my boobs look as good as this. It literally made me giggly when I tried it on, it's that good.
    If you have breasts are anything like mine (wide root, close-set, soft, uneven sizes) you must get this bra. It's like some kinda bra magic.

    The cups are four-section, including a side support panel. The lower two sections and the side section are made of very lightweight fine non-stretchy mesh material that is very supportive. (Others have found it ... stiff at first, I just find it excellently supportive.) This material is printed with an elegant birds and plants print. (no raised bits to show through clothing) The shape and location of the seam between the lower panels and the upper panel is perfect for me. (Sometimes this seam is too low and can create a bad, bottom-curved but then squarish shape.) The cup is nice and deep at the bottom and the stiffer material creates a nice rounded shape.

    The upper section of the cup is really where the magic happens. This section is made of black stretch lace. It is just the right amount of stretch to accommodate and contain my soft, uneven boobs that have a tendency to spill over the tops of cups, while helping create a fantastic high, forward, and round shape, without flattening. The lace does seem a bit delicate, so I will be sure to treat this bra very gently when washing, etc.

    It is a "banded" bra, in that there is a small amount of band below the cups and to the sides of the cups, with a vertical seam (no boning) before the back band itself starts. The back band is a medium-weight stretchy mesh (plain black).

    The straps are satiny and padded. They are actually somewhat thicker than I'd really prefer with the look of the rest of the bra. They are by far the most heavy-seeming component. They only adjust partially, and a fairly small section at that, so this may be an issue for some folks.
    The straps are attached to the top of the side support panel, at what I think is a somewhat unfortunate angle. It's not that different than most balcony style bras, but sort of clashes with the rest of the shape of the bra and who it will be good for. (The bra otherwise fits like a sexy, light full coverage bra.) Certainly, for me at least, the straps angle is too outward and makes the outside edge of the cup and beginning of the straps dig into my arm/armpit a little.
    However, I first wore it for around 7 hours while attending a wedding, including dancing, etc. and it didn't bother me that much. I do think I will try to change the angle of the straps a little by taking a tuck to the inside in the section the straps are attached to.
    (I really do wish companies would realize that when you have a cup this big and a band this small you really can't attach the straps way at the outside of the cup and pointing outward. The attachment point is already starting to be around my side, the straps *need* to go in somewhat to hit my shoulders properly.)

    I had heard that Panache made some changes in the underwires for this model, and holy heck, yes they are way better. They are much lighter and thinner, but still plenty strong. And they don't come up as high, either on the outside of the cup or at the gore as other Panache models I've tried. (No poking my armpits!!!) The thinner underwires also contribute to one of the narrowest center gores I've seen. Great improvements Panache! The wires (cup width) are a touch narrower than I'd really prefer, but I usually take extremely wide wires.

    It's possible that one cup size bigger would fit better, but a) to get that I would have to go up a band size (because they don't make a KK) and Panache 34's are pretty much always too big one me (I have initially been wearing this Jasmine on the tightest hook of an extender, though I *can* close the band without it, it is more comfortable with the extender until it is broken in a little.) and b) I suspect the larger cup size wouldn't create such a fantastic shape. Since I am treating this as mostly a dressing up/special occasion bra I'm willing to sacrifice 100% comfort for looking awesome. (Seriously, my boobs have not ever looked anything like, oh say, CurvyWordy's from the top view. But in this bra they kinda do!)

    As far as sizing, this bra seems to fit similarly to other Panache banded models (like the Tango line). It seems to run fairly "true-to-size", inasmuch as that is possible to say with bras. In general I would say I seem to be between 32K/KK and 34JJ/K. This is consistent with that. The 32 is just a touch snug, but the 34 would definitely be too big. (I guess I really need a 33K, lol. Half a band size bigger and half a cup size bigger would probably be exactly perfect in this bra.)

    This bra is the lightest of any I've tried or own in this size or similar. (It's about 25% lighter than my everyday Goddess Kiera's.) It reminds me a little of Pour Moi? bras, except definitely more sturdily constructed. The stretch lace top section makes it perfect for soft and/or uneven boobs. And the improvements to the underwires should eliminate issues many have had with past Panache models. Highly recommended!

    Edited to add: It occurs to me that this bra is kinda like a half-cup bra with guard-lace! It seems like it does for full, soft boobs something like what a half-cup bra can do for someone who won't spill over the top, but it has the lace bit on top to keep the top part contained.

    Edit2: One thing I am noticing as I continue to wear this bra, the underwires are starting to poke in the middle a bit. The wires are thin and not very padded, so they are starting to poke my sternum some. I think I will sew a small piece of felt or something to pad them a little more and that will probably fix it.
    Also I wanted to note that for those who, like me, have no space at all between their boobs, the wires in this bra are pretty cooperative about twisting themselves so they lay pretty much one on top of the other (for me my larger side tends to push the wire outward), which, is actually a pretty good way of dealing with the no space in the middle problem.

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    Updated on Nov 16, 2012 Flag this

    • Thank you for this review! I am going to order one of these asap. I am very excited about trying this one!

    • Oh, you described it the same way I described for MilkAndHoney halfcups should be made for soft boobs! I think Andorra works a little like that as well. I now want to try the Jasmine.

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  2. 6



    Some of my regular followers have probably seen the last batch of bras go up with pics and measurements recently, but been waiting anxiously for me to write the reviews for them. I am that way sometimes. I see the pics and measurements like teasers or trailers and I wait eagerly for the full show. I have been trying to get into the right mindset but also wear them for a little bit to give more than a first impression.

    And I can imagine that this bra might be a highly anticipated review, due to the history I have had with the bra. For those who don’t know, ... I’ve tried Jasmine on multiple times in multiple sizes, and I have always gotten a pointy shape. It was too projected for my soft tissue and I’d spend all the tissue expanding forward and not have enough to round out the top of the cup with the stretch lace. So it’s always been a shape mismatch.

    Then I had a little bit of growth at the end of summer and early fall last year and gained a little more fullness all over. In February of this year, I was in LA and went to a specialty ingerie store there and they had a few Cleo and Panache products, but only in 28 bands. I technically have a 28-28.5” under bust and most people size me into 28s but I’m not comfortable in them so I prefer to sister size to 30 bands but I can technically do them up for short term wear. So st this store, I tried the 28G Envy and 28FF Jasmine, and aside from the bands being too tight for comfort, the cups fit and gave me a way better shape than I have *ever* had from either. Still not super round, but most definitely not pointy torpedo boobs. More like a softer and more rounded natural shape. You can see the fit of them in my other reviews which I will try to find and link later.

    ETA: link of 28FF which has link to the 32DD I tried a year ago...

    So I had a seed planted in my head that day that maybe I would try a 30F or 30FF in in at some point. I recently had the chance to swap some bras with martka00, and this was one of them (the other one was 30F Ava which is too small). I really loved the blue blossom print and colours, and the “price” was right.

    The colours are grey, cornflower blue, and yellow, in a subdued floral pattern. It’s not light enough for super light or thin tops but it’s still nice for the lighter coloured tops and is honestly so nice to wear as we are enjoying spring.

    The bra is Jasmine’s typical construction, with the highlight being the stretch lace on top. The rest of the cups are 3 part construction, with one of them being a side sling. The gore is typical of Panache/Cleo balconette bras and is pretty tall, but also a little bit wide. Wires are also firm and hard as they are known for in the brand.

    As to be expected, it fits pretty close to the 28FF fit from February, only a more comfortable band. My left boob is pushing it and threatening to spill. It’s actually very very slightly spilling. I am super curious about the fit of the 30FF in comparison, but I suspect that I’ll lose some of the rounded shape.

    My tissue is still soft and malleable, and I do still lean towards fob, but my slight evening out from the growth in the fall has helped me fit this bra better now. I feel like I might be able to do narrower wires, but these are ok width for me.

    I have worn it a few times and it’s been ok, but slouching in it did lead to increased sternum pain. Overall, I think that it’s a good fit and I will hang on to it for a bit. Between this and the Ava, both friends who saw pics of both bras loved this one on me best.

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    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on May 13, 2019 Flag this

    • 1

      What a beautiful print!!!

    • 1

      This looks lovely!

    • Thank you both! I was really nervous about getting it, but as it was a swap, I felt better about it. Plus, the 28FF try on in February instrumental. I’m finding that this bra is ever so slightly too small, as my large boob bubbles a teensy bit, but I think I am ok with it for now. I’m skeptical that. 30FF would fit and look as nice. It’s such a great print and I love the dove grey.

    • 1

      This looks wonderful and the color is beautiful!

    • Thanks braluv ! The Jasmine prints are usually really nice.

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  3. So when I first picked up the new Caramel colorway the band measurements were a pinch over 29/34, snugger than your average new Jasmine. (Really, I measured a couple extra times to make sure since I'm familiar enough with an expected range for Jasmine.) This works out great for me, as I've lost just enough weight to be on the upper end of 34 bands, am going to second hook pretty fast on 36 bands, and can't return this particular bra (local boutique special order).

    I did notice a bit of wrinkling on the cups, probably from band over stretching the first few wears, that has mostly smoothed out. ... It's probably more noticeable being a solid, lighter colorway, where prints would easily mask minor wrinkling near the seams. Situations like these are also why I prefer to wear a bra for about a month before writing a review. A handful of solid, day to day wears really helps shake out how well a bra will work for you in the long run, not unlike a pair of shoes.

    The band is now at 30/35 so I've updated my initial measurements, but if you pick up the new Caramel colorway keep in mind it may be a bit more snug than expected your first few wears.

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    Caramel colorway

    This bra is not owned any more

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    • 1

      I recently purchased the caramel colorway of the Jasmine and completely agree that it runs tight. I purchased the 30GG and even though I can wear 28s in Freya and 30 in all of my other Panache bras, including the Jasmine in other colorways, this bra is too tight for me. I am waiting a few weeks to loose a few holiday pounds before I wear it.

    • I just got this bra in Caramel. I picked it up in a 30 band, as my other Jasmine (blue snake print) in a 32 band seemed to stretch out really fast and I discovered I really need a 30 band in most UK bras anyway. I can't even hook it on the loosest hook, so I was thinking of returning it and getting a 32 band. I'm glad I decided to look for recent review here on Bratabase! I think I'll be keeping it based on your review! I love the color - it's perfect for my summer tan skin tone and really not bad even now!

    • 3

      sounds like a job for - temporary extenders!

    • I just got the blue floral (with gray band) and I cant close it - my other 2 jasmines havent really stretched out at all, so I'm not sure what to do!

    • I envy that your other models haven't stretched out! I think I'm just hard on bra bands. Perhaps the blue floral also runs tight like the caramel. I've gotten the blue Dogtooth and the black and they seem to fit as expected.

    • Idk, its also possible i've gained weight. I think that might be the case. My other two are Black Ricamo and Blue Mosaic

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  4. TLDR: Jasmine is a shape mismatch for me, but this bra is so gorgeous that I wore it anyway.

    QUALITY: Excellent quality from Panache, stiff wires, sturdy fabric and seams.

    FIT: This worked for a little while, but it doesn't have enough immediate projection so it slid down a little in the front as well as wrinkling in the bottom of the cups. The straps are too wide set so they'd slide off when wearing it. The band was comfortable though and it was a comfortable bra to wear until my size changed. Stretch lace was nice for cycle fluctuations.

    DESIGN: This bra is so pretty! I saw this ... bra come out new in the Bravissimo web store and just realized I HAD to have one, it's just so pretty. The geometric flower pattern is stunning and laying flat it looks so pretty I just want to pick it up and look closer at it. It still looks pretty when wearing it, but since this bra is a little bit of a shape mismatch on me personally, it doesn't look as amazing as I'd like it to. The blue fabrics chosen to accent the mosaic fabric are fitting color shades and I like that the straps are shiny. The top half of the cup has the signature Jasmine stretch lace, but in blue this round.
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    Mosaic colorway

    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Oct 12, 2021 Flag this

    • 2

      This is so pretty! I can see why you wear it despite the fit.

    • 1

      It’s not a good shape for me either.

    • marilynne Right?? I have one in 28G as well, it's just such a beautiful pattern!

      Calluna Yah, it feels like the Jasmine is very hit-or-miss.

    • 1

      haha when I had it in 32J it was one of my faves! Its still in a drawer in case I ever lose enough weight. I've lost 10 lb but that just gets me back down to the size I was when I started wearing FBs

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  5. 5


    Didn't fit

    TLDR: Another pretty Panache bra, unfortunately a shape mismatch for me.

    QUALITY: Excellent quality from Panache. Sturdy seams, nice fabric. Stiff wires like most Panache bras. I bought this in a Bravissimo store location many years ago.

    FIT: This bra never really fit me right. It lacks just enough immediate projection that the cups wrinkle and slide down a little during the day, but also the band always rode up on me. It was probably a shape mismatch. The straps were too wide set for me as well, but the cup tension probably wasn't optimal, therfore contributing to that issue. I haven't worn this in a long time so ... it's hard to give a detailed description of fit. I didn't wear it much because the band always sat wrong on me.
    Stretch lace was a big plus for me when I wore this though!

    DESIGN: This bra is pretty. I've always been fond of floral designs and this is no exception. The pink flowers are sweet little color splashes across the black fabric, and I appreciate that the stretch lace also has a floral pattern. I like the loops of string to decorate the straps as well. There's a bow in the middle of the gore, which is nice since I'm a big fan of decorations at the gore.

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    Black/Floral colorway

    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Oct 12, 2021 Flag this

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  6. 5



    I have this for at least a year but didn't wear it very often so I somehow forgot to review it. But it proved to be really light and comfortable during the last extremely warm summer months.

    The design is unobtrusive but very pretty. I like the transparent lace, the shiny straps and the lack of big colorful bows. The cup fabric reminds me of old wallpapers. But it's blue and I'm a sucker for blue so that's fine.

    Like others have said, the fabric in front is very scratchy on the outside and mildly scratchy on the inside and it doesn't get better with washing. I don't mind that ... but it could be a problem if it's chafing or if you have very sensitive skin. The lace is made of the same soft and stretchy material used on the Panache Andorra and Cleo Kayla and the band consists of a thin breathable mesh.

    The fit is different from my other Cleo / Panache bras that tend to push all my breast tissue to the center. It's supportive but my boobs just keep their natural wide and projected shape. I didn't like this at first but it is a welcome change now that I own so many bra that make a super round shape. Also because my boobs get really achy when I only wear ball shaped bras like my Cleo Meg ( ) or Marcie ( ) for several days. Maybe they want to express their personality and don't like to be forced into an artificial geometric shape all the time" alt=";-)" />

    The wires have the same narrow shape as in my Panache Andorra ( ). But they are more flexible, so they fit a bit too wide ending about 1.5 cm behind by breast tissue. But they don't poke me and I even find it more comfortable to have the wires sit in a slightly different spot from time to time. The band fits pretty snug but has enough give to remain comfortable during a 12 hour workday.

    Quality is great: The color is still really intense and nothing has stretched out after at least 15 washes.

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    • 1

      Very cute on you! I have it in a 32JJ . .. I've sort of outgrown it tho. Hoping my weight will turn around some day here

    • 1


      I feel you! Still have like 500€ worth of pants hanging around that are just a tiny bit too small. But loosing that last 2kg is so freaking hard.

    • 1

      I'm just not able to wear a Jasmine in my shape. I have tried it in multiple sizes and none have worked. I'm fine with the view from the front, but the side view is pointy due to my soft tissue sinking into the deeper cups. Or something.

      But this looks great on you except for the tight band in the back, but I know that it's something that you prefer.

    • I think pointy look usually means you are more FOB and its a very FOT friendly shape. I mean, its a little bullet-like on me, but I liked that in my shape - i wore it esp under big bulky sweaters to give some shape

    • Calluna
      Did you also get the pointy shape in a smaller cup size?

      It's kinda hard to predict the shape of Panache bras and for me it also depends a lot on the size. For example the Andorra makes a nice round shape in a 28F but a 30F looks cone like and a 30E is still a bit pointy because the wires are not pulled wide enough. But looking through all the other pictures makes me think that soft vs firm tissue is also a factor.

    • dbmamaz im only slightly ful on bottom. When I do the leaning over test, my nipples are mostly straight down. They lean towards my face slightly. My 30F Marcie only has a little bit of a gap on my larger side.

      aboobaccount pointy in all sizes of Jasmine. Let me compile all the existing pictures of me in Panache bras.

    • 1

      Ok. I apparently didn't get pics of Jasmine in 28F and 28FF or I've already purged them from my phone. I'm sure I had some at some point. In the nude. I'm going to have a second look though. In the meantime, here's everything I have left.

      Some notes from the various fits:

      The black Envy is from the time I was first fitted into a 28F. I was surprised when I was able to get it on, but it was hella tight and felt like it was going to ping off any time. I had a valley of flesh under the band. I asked for a 30E. It was more comfortable than the 28F, though the fitter insisted that it was not a good fit (technically). I have also tried Envy in 32DD and 32E, neither pictured, but I can go back to add the 32E which I have still, I think.

      Next is Clara. I was pretty happy with the fit in terms of feeling of it though I have a bit of wrinkles at the wire and I spill a little bit in the 30E. I tried a 30FF that day because I was curious about the colour combination. As it was close to fitting, I later went back and tried the 30F. The 30F was the best fit of the 3, but the wrinkles at the wire continued.

      Next up is Jasmine in 32DD. Looks great from the front and angle though not the side. I'm sure that I tried it in 28F and 28FF. I'll see I have a valid imgur link for the fit that included one of them or both. I will look through my phone again as well.

      From my trip to a shop in Vancouver, I have a 30E Olivia and 30F Ardour. I did try a 30F Olivia and I had a better fit, but I must have purged my pics of it. This one was a good fit but the gore was wide and high. I'm not sure if I could do it all day. I tried a Panache Lois but I was not fond of it. I liked Ardour but worried that it was too shallow. It doesn't look like it is, but I kept feeling like it was trying to or going to slip.

      Let me see if I can locate the other Jasmine pics...

    • Here's the 30F Clara and 28FF Jasmine (and a few other bras). None are the 28F Jasmine but it's not significantly different. You can see the Jasmine is pointy no matter how many sizes I try.

    • Added the 32E Envy to the first imgur link.

    • Whoops let's try again on the second link.

    • Calluna
      That's interesting, thank you.

      Looks like the Envy and the Jasmine are based on the same cut that causes this pointy profile on you and a smaller band size doesn't change that. So I don't know what the fitter meant by suggesting that the 28F would be a better fit technically. Maybe she was just focusing on your snug and tight under bust measurement that indicate this size. But if the 30 band gives you enough lift and support, and it looks like it does, there is no reason to go tighter.

      I only wear a 28F instead of a 30F because it actually gives more support. In most styles the shape is basically the same but in the 28F my breasts litterally don't move at all, which feels more secure when I'm outside or at work.

      The Clara looks very nice in a 30F and the seans one the cups are similar to the ones on the Andorra so it could be worth a try but I'm just guessing. The Fantasie Marianna is very pretty indeed. Too bad they always use these stiff ribbons instead of something flexible. I think the Olivia and the Adour are the best shape wise.

      I also wonder what the Cleo Hettie or Kayla would look like on you. For me the shape is somewhere between the Marcie and the Andorra.

    • aboobaccount yes, the styles are similar. Jasmine is a little shorter and the cups are a little bit different, but very close styles. And what she meant was that the way the 28F fit compared with the 30E, it was the better technical fit. The fitter agreed that the style is not right for me though, regardless of size. There were some things that she pointed out that made her feel that way, but some of the things were debunked, for lack of a better word. And the fitters, more than one felt the same way, also said that it has to be comfortable or I would not wear it. So comfort and technical fits might not be the same.

      Clara is too shallow with the wrinkles at the wire. Shape is still a bit pointy, but not as bad. But under a work shirt it would not be a problem. I’ve told to try Ava plunge and Andorra...but I’m told Andorra is really pointy. However, since I know other styles work better, I feel like I should get what looks and feels best.

      Ardour is nice. I thought that it might be a little bit too shallow but it looks like maybe it’s average projection and possibly doable for shorter periods. Olivia is a good shape but I don’t think that I can manage that gore.

      I have keeping my eyes open for a Kayla and Hettie in a 30E at a good price, but I have other bra priorities for now. Im not sure how my soft tissue will react with them since they are known for being deep and projected and that is part of the problem with Envy and Jasmine. I’m looking at maybe getting an Ewa BM in the next month. Or possibly the Ellace in 30F. I have a few in mind...

    • And yeah...I’m with you on the Fantasie Marianna. I’m curious if a larger size would be a better fit and also if I were to pull the stiff ribbon out if that would do the trick.

    • Calluna
      Looking at your pictures again, I think going up a cup size in the Marianna will leave you with even more empty space on the sides. Probably the cup volume is about right in the size you tried but it just doesn't have enough room in the center and the ribbon amplifies this problem. So IMO pulling it out is not worth the risk unless you can get it super cheap.

      I have similar problem to with the stiff lining below the lace of my Cleo Zia ( ): It doesn't really cut in but sometimes my breasts decide to swell up during the day and it gets uncomfy. So I thought about doing this alteration ( ). But I can't find the Zia in my size anymore and it's one of my favorites which makes me afraid of messing it up.

    • Interesting. I didn’t think I had a lot of extra space on the sides of the Marianna, but I am center full, so I do lack outer tissue and have trouble filling out the sides in bras.

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  7. 5


    Hasn't set fit

    Jasmine is currently my best fitting bra, with Ewa's SF coming in second (but one cup size up from this).

    So i decided I needed a second one, but not in black. I almost bought this bra when it was on sale (not much on sale, really. Like $10 off) But it sold out in my size! I was determined to buy the new blue floral coming out SS 2017 AS SOON as it hit amazon - but it came out missing several J and JJ sizes, including 32JJ. Luckily this one came back in stock and I scooped it up!

    It seems to fit slightly ... smaller than my last Jasmine - or maybe I'm still gaining weight (cry!). No quadding, but no extra room up top. Similarly rough fabric to my black jasmine. But as usual, Jasmine gives me great projection so my breasts dont fold on the bottom, like they do in Ewas. The band and wire are very firm, needing only maybe one adjustment throughout the day, as opposed to every two hours with Ewas.

    Yay for panache Jasmine!! in blue!

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    83 more words

    blue mosaic colorway

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    • ack, edited it but its not updating lol - extra text in first paragraph. whatever

    • 2

      Beautiful bra and great fit! Glad you are so happy with it!

    • 1

      Yay! I'm glad you got your blue Jasmine.

      Amazon price fluctuations are crazy! I just got a 34G Panache Dahlia that had been $49, then $22, $27, back up to $49, then down to $21 when I bought it. The day after it was down another dollar, now it's $55. Not different sellers either, every time the seller was

      If you can wait and check prices every so often you can save a lot of money.

    • 2

      Wow this Jasmine looks much better irl than advertised online! Looks great on you :)

      I agree Jasmine's fabric is a bit rough. But still a well designed bra with a forgiving fit!

    • 2

      I love this print. It reminds me of summer days. The fit is also beautiful.

    • 2

      You'll notice that the color changes between my pictures - I dont think its quite that bright, super-vivid blue that it looks like in some of these pics tho. Idk, its upstairs hanging on a hanger in my shower tho lol - measured it, washed it!

    • 1

      It is much nicer than the stock pictures looked .. and the fit is really nice . No wonder it feels better than than your others look at that depth almost two inches deeper than your ewa's . Actually two inches that I need, I need to pick up a Jasmine to try . Though scratchy fabric sounds meh

    • 3

      yeah, it gives the boobies room to stretch out! When i started this journey, I kept saying they were so soft, they'd flow like water in to any shape. It took a long time to realize thats not quite true. They are long and omega.

    • 1

      SO pretty!

    • 1

      Ivp try the Cleo Hettie Balconnet Bra (9011)! The shape is a lot like Jasmine but the fabric is sooo much softer. The band is really nice.

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  8. 5


    Didn't fit

    This is my boob heaven bra. It's amazing. Seriously.

    1. It's the first bra for as long as I can remember that actually tacks. This is due to the underwires sitting on top of each other because my boobs as good as touch. But with just 1 wire width, the gore tacks in that tiny space between them.
    2. The stretch lace is amazing. Normally I always get the top of the bra to cut into tissue and quadboob, but whatever I do in the Jasmine, it won't quadboob!
    3. The band is firm and supportive, even though it's too large, I should have 32s.
    4. the floral print is so pretty!!!!

    *edit end of June 2013* I've now altered the band down so this bra is now 32KK. It barely rides up anymore so this bra is like the perfect fit on me now.

    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Jun 25, 2013 Flag this

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    • Seriously this bra really fits you like a halfcup! It's like an unpadded EWA CH bra shape :O It's super interesting!

      Do you also naturally project east and west? It looks like that. I do that and I've become fond of it :) Are your nips also east west when leaned over?

      This bra on you looks super cool! :)

    • 1

      I'm in love with this bra! I've already snagged the last 34Ks from Figleaves which arrived yesterday, so I've now got 3 Jasmines Floral/navy in my possession :D
      Wishing the black/multi wasn't sold out everywhere, because I want it too! And of course the red/pink lace one that will launch this June :D

      Anyway, yes I totally project east and west. Fiance says my nips do still point to the sides when leaned over.

      Loving it, wearing it as much as possible! <3

    • I thought the EM PL also tacked on you (and got painful)? I'm surprised at how much deeper it is than both the 36K Jasmine I added and the 34Js. Did you measure while wearing it? I'm wondering if this colourway is more generous than the black one, which would be great news!

    • petalmoon: Yay, this means I'm not alone anymore in the natural east west thing. <3 #happyface

    • 1

      ohmyohmy I thought it tacked as good as it got for me when I first got it. Now that I've experienced "true" tacking, I can say for sure that the gore doesn't tack at all on the EM PL.
      I measured while having the bra over my knee, but I always pull a bit on the fabric so it's straightened out and not wrinkling, just like it'd be on my boobs.

      Branarchist yay! <3

    • Thanks, petalmoon! I'll try and get that colourway in a 34K instead of 36K, since it seems much more generous. It would be awesome not to have to alter the band!

    • Oh I also measure cup depth somewhat stretched since it's the most logic way to measure it!

    • Hmmm you mean that if I ever do find the black/multi I'd really need to get it in 34K not the 32K I am going to try with the bravissimo-exlusive soon?

    • 2

      I'm not sure as I only have the black print one and have not tried the summer version, but based on the pics, most of the figures entered are for the winter (black print) and if you look at the figures for the 32K, 36K and 34J compared to you 34K, it seems less generous.
      It is common for black bras to be somewhat smaller than other colours (both in the cup and the band).
      That being said, I think I measure more conservatively than you do: on my knee but almost without stretching, because I figure the boob shape, size and firmness will affect how the bra stretches, so I'd rather work with the "gross" figure.

    • Did you stretch this to the max petal moon? I just got this bra in pink and haven't measured it but if it's really 17 cm in depth it's a little depressing because it fits in the cups!

    • Huh? The bra is shown as 41.2cm depth... and how it fits you is the most important, always!
      Only use the measurements to find comparable bras!

    • Sorry, I meant 17 inches! It's easy to get caught up in the numbers.

    • Ah. of course. Well as long as it fits... ;)

    • I've got one other question. Perhaps you have a long torso but don't the 34K wires poke you any?

    • I have no idea if my torso counts as long or short - but there's no poking :D

    • My smallest part of my body is my underbust so that's my waist and it's short. I guess if it's anywhere else that isn't your underbust it's average or long. I'm glad they don't poke you but they do me so I was just trying to figure out why, thanks.

    • Ah, my underbust is the smallest part too. Sometimes at the end of the day there's a little poking, but it's almost unnoticable so I don't really count it.
      Sucks that it does poke you!

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  9. I know I'm joining the chorus here, but I got this a few weeks ago, and it's become my go-to bra. I'd tried the Andorra in the past, but found the shape a little pointy and the wires too long--I'm 5' 3", with relatively high set breasts. The Jasmine fixes both those problems--possibly because it's cut larger (or just deeper?) in the cup, allowing me to take my regular size (30G), rather than sizing up like I have to with the Andorra. The wires on the Jasmine 30G are only an inch or so shorter than those on the Andorra 30GG, but that's the difference between being stabbed ... in the armpit vs. not.

    I really like the front and center, uplifted shape. More importantly, this is the most supportive bra I currently own. Not sure quite why it's so fantastic in the regard--the wires are still slightly too wide, but that's true for me of all the bras I've tried except for Ewa Michalak. I think the fact that the wires are fairly stable/non-flexy may help.

    Oh, and the stretch lace is just as awesome as everyone says for working with asymmetry.

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    85 more words

    This bra is not owned any more

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  10. I made peace with Jasmine" alt=":)" />
    When I first put it on, the gore wouldn't lay flat, I couldn't tighten the straps short enough, the bra felt really uncomfortable, The wires dug in at the arpit and at the bottom, I couldn't pull the wires where they are supposed to be - I felt there is not enough space for my boobs around them, and the fabric of the cups gave me a rash on my right boob o.O
    Now, this bra needs to be washed before you even try it on !!
    Except for the rash, those were all basic problems I ... have with most my bras.

    I managed to bend the wires to fit me comfortably, I even bent the gore to lay flat.
    I realized that wih some fiddling I could shorten the straps even on the padded part.
    Now Jasmine fits like a dream" alt=":)" />))

    The band
    Perfect, snug, back fat minimising, 3 hooks and quite sturdy

    The straps
    Too thin if you ask me. Nicely padded, you can adjust all the way with some playing around, but I don't think theye are ment to be fully adjustable.

    The wires
    They are narrower and shorter than most panache wires. I really see this as an major improvement. The gore is also narrower.

    The cups
    4 - part cups with the lace upper section. The fabric is very sturdy and I think it will last. However, the lace seems VERY delicate and thin, and at the same time it's VERY stretchy. I am courious how this will behave with wear. This type of lace could be at the same time the strongest, and the weakest point of the bra.
    I feel the cups are a bit deeper than the andorra.

    The comfort
    I am really impressed with cup construction - the lace part is great, it's like spidersweb - very thin, silky and I don't feel it at all. The band is really comfortable and snug, I don't even feel the wires that much now that Ive bent them. The only place I feel the bra is the straps - they digg in a bit, my boobs are too heavy for such thin straps.

    The shape
    This one really does give great shape and uplift. The profile is round - but not the fake round you sometimes get from cleo, but more natural round. I even feel like it slightly minimises the bust without compromising on projection. It's not exactly the green shape, but it isn't that far from it - I don't have any boob bumping with arms" alt=":)" />
    Not really sure how this is possible" alt=":D" />
    The side support pannel centers the boobs much more than the andorra

    Room from improvement
    - wider straps!!!
    - print - not really my cup of tea.
    - I'd like to have this in some lighter colours also, white or nude.

    Highly reccomend. I think this bra will work for almost every shape out there. Great everyday bra.
    I feel this bra is anoucing new era in panache bras and I think it is proof that bramakers really hear our feedback.

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    416 more words

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    • Oh please, pictures :) I am very curious about how you bent the wires to make it fit :)

    • I actually bend the wires while wearing the bra. I bend them in the middle, on the very bottom if cups, and at the middle of the gore. I angled it more inwards to make it sit flat. I think this wires are softer than your usual panache :)

    • Softer wires than usual Panache :O I might need to try this bra after all if only for the wires. I really hate Panache wires.

      We really must have the total opposite in rib cage shapes however :D

    • Thanks for the detailed review Vlatka! I wore it yesterday for the first time. I still think the 30JJ is a bit generous for my smaller breast, but it's a better fit than I originally thought. It indeed must be deeper in the cups than the Andorra, because the Andorra in 30J really was too small for me. But because I already got a kind of orange in a glass thingie on my bigger side, a smaller cup probably won't work either. I just couldn't send it back;) And yes it really gives a great upfront look under clothes. However I was bit a bit black and blue after wearing it for a while, because the center gore won't sit flat on me either - the wires rest thoroughley at breast tissue. Especially my left boob - the bigger one - was a bit black and blue after wearing it. But I will follow your advise and try to bend it. But how did you manage to adjust the non-adjustable part of the straps? On my smaller side I really I need to shorten them a bit more than now is possible;)
      By the way, I've encountered a white version on Ebay. So it does exist in other colours;)

    • 1

      Wow, I'll look for that, thanks.
      Now, the straps - you won't be able to shorten it just by pulling up the plastic thingy - you have to pull the strap out with your finger from the middle of the plastic adjuster and then straighten it down - that way you can pull through the padded part too. Am I making any sense?
      As for the wires - I had the same problem. After bending the gore, you'll have to scoop your boobs away from the gore :)

    • I think the next version is a flower print. I look forward to that one, I don't like bird prints at all.

      The bottom section on Jasmine is cut much higher than the bottom section of Andorra. That's why everyone think it's deeper I assume. While the Andorra has the bottom and upper sections being about the same height the Jasmine is clearly bigger on the bottom.

      That's why it's probably a true bummer for me. I am not full where that bra is full :D

    • You are right! That explains why my nipples aren't peaking through the lace :D :facepalm:

    • Since I saw you in that Amourette Triumph bra I maybe should have known better than suggesting the Andorra to you :O My boobs are kind of upside down from yours :D

      But you should make a bra adventure about the scoping from the center gore! That was genious. I just did it on my Andorra :D

    • Gervaise, are you sure that wasnt the elomi jasmine? Ive been looking for it, cant find it :(

    • @Vlatka, yes you do make sense. I tried it, but I almost ruined my fingers, haha. I think I am going to try it with a knitting needle or something similar.
      About the white version. Here it is But unfortunately it's a D cup, so not very useful;)

    • Eliza, bratabase also reccomended andorra to me :) it's a nice bra, just a bit more east-west than I'd like but not nearly as bad as amourette :))) hate that bra with a passion :) sid the gore thing work on the andorra? i thought everybody did the scooping thing that way :)

    • eliza, yes I also think the bottom section is higher than on the Andorra. But still it also has a deeper cup, I am quite sure about it;)

    • Gervaise, Im pretty sure that is not the same bra, the cut is different - this is a 3 part cup, and our jasmine is a 4 part :) Never saw this bra in my life :)

    • @Vlatka: Can you add pics of you in the Andorra? I'm curious.

      Also the scoping from the center gore kind of works but the wires ends a little bit lower.

    • Gervaise: It being deeper is an even bigger bummer for me. Damn ;/

    • @Vlatka, after taking a better look at it, I guess you are right. This can't be the same item. Weird...

    • eliza, to be honest I liked the Andorra more than the Jasmine. Probably indeed because the Andorra has a smaller bottom section. Although the Jasmine gives a better shape under clothes. Like Vlatka says, indeed less east/west-ish. And also a bit firmer than the Andorra. I think Alisa noticed this too when they compared both styles.

    • Gervaise: Ah I see. The 34J Andorra on the tightest hook on me is perfectly rounded but my boobs are way closer to my body than yours (if I'm in the right size and shape that is!) so I can understand how it can become east and west for you.

    • 1

      @Vlatka, I read you advice again regarding the strap adjust, and now I also managed to non-adjustable part with my fingers:)

    • 1

      Oops. Sloppy me.. I meant: I managed to adjust the non-adjustable part with my fingers;)

    • Great review, Vlatka. I have also had problems with the wires (have with almost all my bras) but I haven't bent them because first I wanted to send the bra back. Now I have finally ordered a 30JJ of Jasmine. Can't wait for it :):) Btw. Figleaves has a 20% off offer now ;)
      That Jasmin(e) in white I think this is an old style of Panache, it looks nothing like this one. The will be a new flower version with navy blue lace for next season of Jasmine.

    • Yes, Panache has reused the name Jasmine for their bras. Very strange move I think but there is clearly an old model out there named Jasmine. It's available from Undercoverexperience as well.

      Thanks for that 20% Figleaves discount notice Alica!

    • 1

      Good news for you! :) Panache is coming out not only with Jasmine in a pale pink color for next season (A/W), but there's a new neutral based off the Jasmine coming out that will come in beige and black. I can't remember the name of it off the top of my head, but they're on their way!

    • Envy and Dahlia I think they are called :)) I know, I will go bankrupt this fall :))

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