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Bras » Panache » Jasmine Balconnet Bra (6951) » 30JJ 30:14

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage75.0
B. perimeter39.2
Stretched Band79.8
Band Length66.8
Cup width17.0
Cup depth35.0
Wire length36.6
Cup height24.6
Cup separation2.0
Gore height10.4
Wing height12.3
Strap width1.8

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  1. 3

    Didn't fit

    As someone with a small frame this bra ends about halfway into my armpit. The underwires are hugeee on me!

    This bra is very pretty and I really wish it fit, but it's just terrible for me! The gore is too wide for my close-set breasts and rubs onto the breast tissue there, while the cups are too wide and the underwire ends in my armpit and also rubs there. The band is too big and the cups could perhaps be a tiny bit smaller, maybe a 28JJ would be a better size for me.

    I did attempt to non-permanently alter this bra by sewing the gore closer together and the underwire forwards to stop the rubbing, but it didn't help all that much. I've removed the threads I had sewn in and I don't see any needle holes but if you do, that is why.

    Floral Print colorway

    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Jul 05, 2015 Flag this

    • so curious what bras work for you because I recognize a lot of your issues!!

    • needgallifreyantech I ended up having pretty good success with Comexim and Ewa bras actually. Have you tried any of them?

      I'll try to post some reviews in the next few days on the last few bras I got which ended up fitting me well.

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  2. 2


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  3. 1

    Hasn't set fit

    This bra came closest to fitting, but the wires are very hard/stiff, and the center wires hit very painfully. I think I have a dent at the clavicle, nothing serious, but the wire hits above it regardless of bending and so forth. OUCH.
    After this I tried the Panache wired sports bras and they are much more comfortable. The fit is not as perfect (and I went to slightly other sizes based on availability)- gore floats a litte depending on size- but holds me up where I should be and does not hurt. I may have to think about this as pectus excavatum I guess? Try plunges or whatnot? IT is hard in this size. I am really eager to figure out what else I could try.

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    • You already tried bending the Gore out correct ? How about trying the bra on the bra on with an extender ? Not the full extension but one or two hooks out giving you an extra half inch or so to feel if it's not pulling the center as tight to you body .

    • Well, Ewa Michalak would be my next stop . . .

    • 1

      Ivp - yup- but no, the band cannot go looser. This isn't about where the wires sit width-wise but how tall they are. They are too tall in my cup size. I played around a lot with sizes (even extenders). If a hard wire hits me in the sternum, it hurts.

    • dbmamaz my thinking more and more, too. Overwhelmed by what style etc and finding/ordering just now.

    • yeah, its quite an adjustment, getting your head around them.

      In general for me, I tend to go up a band size (because i've had 2 bands from her that were a full band size too small), but sister-sizing that if you are ordering an unlined bra (like BM or SM) but going up a cup (which means really up a band but same cup letter) for the lined - S is the only lined I've worn - because the lining takes up space.

      I was wearing a 32J in panache when I came here, and now have a 32JJ jasmine that i'm pretty happy with (high gores are good for me), feel free to look around my bras to see if that helps any

    • Yeah, Panache uses wires in a gauge like 8x stiffer than any other brand. But the sport is wrapped in silicone. Every J cup wire should be wrapped in silicone! lol

      If you NEED the panache stiff wire, after bending you can pad it with felt (or have this done). If you don't need the wire but do need the shape/other aspects of panache fit, you can do some research and change out the wires. The 30JJ has about a size 54 wire.

    • I have pulled out a panache 30jj under wire it's a 52 vertical that was the closest you can buy retail ,bra makers supply has a chart that it matched up to as I didn't want panache wires lol I went with flexible wires . I personally bought these flexible underwires from bravo bella bra supply
      They are very comfortable , flexible pretty narrow , and easy to replace your uncomfortable underwires with them . I found them too flexible for my bust and had to double up to get support I need you might be different . It's a good way to salvage a bra that works in all but this way . Oh these wire are so flexible they only soft tack and you can take of the end cap cut with a wire cutter and put the cap back on if you need the wire to be shorter . It's an option for a fix .
      My issue is I get pain at the Gore because I have just a bit of connection of skin/breast right there it either needs to soft tack or be a bit lower or sometimes higher . That's why I asked how it felt with an extender to see if it feels better with a soft tack or if you just plain need a lower Gore that would help you decide which ewa michalak style you wanted to try .. I think her s is the same height maybe a plunge is lower.

    • i climb out of S but not of Jasmine so I think its lower.

      Yeah - my 32JJ jasmine has a gore height of 4.7, and my 75JJ S has a gore height of 4.

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  4. 1

    Didn't fit

    Okay, after wearing it a bunch, I am finally ready to review this bra. Overall, it is lovely. I have had really bad luck with Panache bras in the past, but enough people here told me to try it that I decided to go for it, and I'm glad I did. Here are my pros and cons:


    - The lace at the top is flexible enough to not cut into my full-on-top (and everywhere else) boobs, but firm enough that I don't push it out above the patterned part of the bra, and there is enough space at the bottom of the cup that once I ... jiggle around a bit, I get little to no wrinkling.

    - The material is thin and breathable and the seams subtle enough that I am happy to wear it under T-shirts.

    - The band is a good width, although I would always like even wider (why aren't there longlines in my size??).

    - The gore sits flat on my sternum, very snugly.

    - The shape is nice and round, and almost right on the front of my chest. Boobs appear natural-ish but not saggy at all.

    - The straps aren't too short, which is rare on me, as I have stupidly small shoulders. I like that the entire length of the band is adjustable.

    - I haven't had it THAT long, but so far it seems the quality level is high.


    - This is a personal thing, but the wires are too wide for me. My boobs start right at the edge of the front of my chest, so I prefer very narrow wires. These go around quite far onto my sides, and after a while they begin to dig a lot. I am unfortunately not able to figure out how to do BrasIHate's wire bending system, and I'm not sure it would work on something this far from ideal, so... Eh.

    - I'm really closer to a 28 band, so I can't really complain that the band is too large with any degree of certainty, but I do feel like it's on the stretchy side. I will be having it taken in.

    - The gore is wider than is my preference, but of course YMMV.

    All in all I would say it is a very nice everyday bra, especially if, like me, you have to wear a lot of black (for work, in my case) and want comfort and a good but unobtrusive look for your boobs.

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  5. 0

    Hasn't set fit

    Materials are pretty good when it comes to Panache, well the ones that I've tried, so no complaints on that end here. Unfortunately for me, the cups are too wide and a bit tall. So that can get uncomfortable at times. There's also some extra space at the bottom of the bra (I never seem to fill out the bottom of a bra). I feel like a 30J wire would've done much better for me (it's what I used to wear). But, unfortunately, I get some serious quadboob in that one. That used to be my go to size, until it happened.

    The upper lace, in that, is probably ... the best feature of this bra for me as it keeps me from spilling out of the tops. (even though, depending on how full I am, I can get some spillage). At this point however, this is my best bet and has been my go to bra for a while.

    I'd recommend this for those who are full on top.

    (On a side note.. does anyone have any recommendations for me?...I'm somewhere between a 28/30 back and am looking to trying a polish bra...but idk where to start)


    Just an edit to make note of measurements.

    Both the maximum and minimum cup depth were recorded. Maximum cup depth was measured by stretching the cup over the knee. This was recorded at 15.8. The minimum cup depth was measured by hovering the cup between the knees and hanging the tape measure. This was recorded at 13.75.

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    This bra is not owned any more

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    • 1

      In your size range, I'd suggest you start with Ewa Michalak and Comexim.
      If you can give an idea of what features your ideal bra would have, I (and several others on here) can give style or model suggestions that should work for you. You can browse through the ones I have added to give you an idea of what both brands have to offer in your range. (I'm a 28:16 so not that different from you.)
      Also, if you add your measurements, I (we) can suggest a size to start with for the styles as well.

    • MamaPagan honestly, I'm not too choosy at the moment. I'd just like something I'm not spilling out of and one that not poking out my wires/arms.

      Thanks, will check out your stuff. Also, I've updated the measurements in my account.

    • sorry that should read *back not wires

    • Your measurements aren't showing up yet. Can you check to see if you marked them to be visible under your profile?

      Do you want unpadded, or are you open to padded options? Do you prefer the stretch lace on top or a firm upper cup? Do you like more coverage or half cups? Longlines or regular bands? Both Ewa and Comexim have a variety of options which can get overwhelming if you don't know what to look for. Both brands have nice narrow wires though so you should be happy with that aspect.

    • MamaPagan it's checked as visible to logged users...but I'm not sure what's going on, this should be it though (hopefully this was what you were asking for)

      I'm fine with either padded or non-padded, preferably something more full coverage, stretch lace, if possible (not a must) to account for any fluctuations.

      I've always wanted to try a longline, but again, no preference.

    • Okay! The link worked, so we have somewhere to start.

      Based on what you entered, you are very high set, narrow framed, and a bit pendulous, right?

      You may be best to try Ewa's BM or SF style which are both unpadded, more accommodating than her padded styles, and have stretch lace on top.

      SF is a bit more shallow on bottom than BM, but it is reinforced/slightly stiffened to give more support. Based on your measurements, you are in custom sizing and at the high end of the cup range, which means higher prices and no returns, so finding your ideal fit may get pricey. I honestly would suggest trying my size, 60KK, which is the current size cup cap Ewa is willing to make for both the SF and BM styles.

      If you are in the US or Canada, you may be able to find some at the few retailers that stock Ewa (so they'd be returnable) otherwise, you can order direct from Ewa's site, You'll first need to set up an account, then submit an order via email to Kaska (who speaks fluent English) listing the bra style model and size, at (ie BM Bibi Black in 60KK.) She will then send you a link to your invoice on the website. The bra prices will be 20PLN more than those listed on her site for standard. If all is correct, you pay via Paypal and they process your order. It takes 1-4 weeks for production, depending on how busy they are and how many bras are in your order. Once it ships, you'll get an email with a tracking number.

      Another option (which I did first) is to try a 70JJ and see how that works for you in the cup (and to gauge the band) as that size is returnable. If the cup works, you'll know the 60KK would as well. If it's too small, you know you'll need a larger band (65 or 70) to get a cup that works, then shorten the band as needed.

      Doing it this way would allow for trying a few without the "no returns" worry, and without the custom size fee. Also standard can be placed directly online instead of email, and many standard sizes are ready made and ship in 2 days from order. This way would also allow you to try a few different cup sizes to pinpoint cup fit as well, but it is up to what works best for you and where you live.

      Let me know if you have any questions.

    • Also, as a side note, please make sure to measure your bras. We need all the data we can get to strengthen the database that makes Bratabase great. Thank you! :-)

    • 1

      MamaPagan aah thank you so much. Yes that pretty much describes me. I think I'll take a gamble and do the special order or I'll search for some other retailers that stock them online and order the 70JJ from them.

      As for the measurements, that's good to note. Will do that going forward, and update my previous bras also.

      Thanks again!

    • You're welcome. :-)
      If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask!
      In the US there's:
      In Canada:

    • Frazzleberry more high-set, petite or shortwaisted bra-wearers are apt to experience a mismatch with the wire height, strap placement and cup apex placement of many bras-- such that they end up having to size up far past the cup volume they'd theoretically need. Empty space below AND to the sides indicates either a cup too large, period (not the case usually if the size below was too small) or a major shape mismatch, which can still mean that you are technically in a cup volume that is much too large albeit with empty space located in all the wrong places. A fitting thread here or on ABTF can help you get some feedback, but if you have access to a free returns/exchange retailer like Amazon, you can also experiment with bras that offer features more suited to petite or high-set users, like some of the Cleos (search by numbers and find ones that have a cup depth comparable to what you've best fit so far, but with shorter wires and especially shorter wings on the sides. You can also control for width when you search).

    • 1

      wendybien I've tried a few bras in Cleo, (Marcie and Lucy that I can remember. Oh there was Meg too..but that was all forms of wrong) I started wearing Lucy in 28J but then I moved to a 30J because I was spilling out .eventually I could no longer wear the Lucy. I don't *think* the space at the side was a problem in the 28J..but it's been too far back that I can't remember.

      I can get by in a 30J in Marcie on some days. There are still some issues, where there's a little bit a flattening some part on the mesh section,..a little space on the bottom, minor spillage..but more or less it's fine...until I have the days when I absolutely can't wear them

      Essentially what I'm trying to say, is that I've been sized out from the Cleo's that I've tried

      So in terms of the available options to play around with and experiment with.. I'm not sure off-hand how much of a range I could be that I've been trying all the wrong ones though

      There is also, because of my location online returns may be an I'm restricted with that option also...

      I'll still look around though and take your points into consideration, when I decide to try my next bra.


    • Frazzleberry so, the Lucy and Meg unfortunately often offer a smaller fit overall due to how closed-in they are; they do not work for people with evenly full or tall/tapered shapes either in many cases. Marcie runs very generous in the cup and there are a couple other ones I will try to remember that I think run even larger than Marcie and might be worth looking at (discontinued but often findable). There were a lot more discussions about this issue when there were more small band large cup bloggers active!

    • wendybien , thanks much.

      that is true. I followed some blogs to try and figure out my sizing and shape, but I realised they're not as active as they used to be, if at all.

    • Frazzleberry Curvy Wordy is still active, and an inspiration to all busty women:

      On Bratabase she isn't as active, but can be found here:

      Also, if you share your country location, we may be able to help with some suggestions on buying options.

    • Frazzleberry ok so the ones I know I've seen mentioned as running quite generous in the cup and full in height are: Hettie, Kayla and Alexa. You'll want to look quite carefully at depth/wire length/wing height to assess which size to hunt for (and be careful of the blue Hetties--I noticed a lot of reviewers seemed to mention fit issues that looked to me more like a quality control issue than a real design problem). The wings aren't that much shorter than the Jasmine but since these are narrower wires for an equivalent cup volume, they will not sit so far back on your sides, and depending on your anatomy that may help quite a bit! Cleos also tend to run firmer than Panache main collection (not always... but check reviews for that colorway etc.)

      Another option: I don't know your true underbust and whether you're sizing up out of necessity, but if you can usually live with a British 30 band, there could be some Empreintes that would work for you. The outlier sizes can sometimes be found on ebay for very good prices. They are often not even considered by people in your size range but can sometimes turn out to be an option since their cups run anomalously large, as you will see from user measurements on here.

      Anyway, these are just a few ideas!

    • Yeah, I had the blue Hettie (Cobalt) in a 30J and it definitely was not generous in the cup....

    • MamaPagan Thanks. I live in caribbean, and while I won't say my options are horrible in terms of physical retailers, I have tried most of everything that was suggested to me out here. There's a regular retailer I go to and she lets me know whenever she has anything in stock that may fit me.

      wendybien I think I really am about a 28 (it's what I measure but barring that, it generally does feel better) .. I usually have to hook my 30 bands on the middle or tightest hook. Although, there are a few times a 30 band can work.

      I'm almost certain I've tried on Hettie before (if I did, then it would mean something was off with the fit), but I honestly can't remember. I'd have to check back with the store out here. Hopefully they have those in stock.

      Thanks again to you both!

    • MamaPagan Just saw your additional post. Ah kk. then it is looking likely, that I had tried it and it was a no go.

      I'll still double-check though (if she has it in stock) since my memory is fuzzy.

    • Frazzleberry Unfortunately I have no shopping suggestions for the Caribbean. Sorry. :-( Maybe some of our other lovely members do?

      Would it be possible for your local shop to consider stocking some Ewa bras? Maybe she would be willing to special order a few for you, to make it easier?

      I've only tried the Cobalt Hettie so Wendy may be correct that the other Hetties running more generous in the cup, but from my experience smaller cup trends do not often carry over to larger cup ranges, so unfortunately her experience may vary greatly from what our size range would experience. I think I posted photos of that one, and I know veggiechic did, so you'd have a few to look at in the 30J to get an idea, as well as checking the measurements. The wires were indeed narrower than Panache, but the cups not spacious enough at my current bust size to work, besides I cannot stand the harsh Panache/Cleo wires so I never wore it when it did fit.
      It was a gorgeous color though!

    • 1

      I’m a high-set, center full, FoT, short and narrow rooted 28K, and EM fits me best. I agree with everyone else that you could order a 70J/JJ and trouble shoot from there. I, personally, have a problem with Sfs collapsing (thanks large cup size + dense not self supporting tissue) and from what I read, Bm cups are a little less supportive, which means more strain on the shoulders. I’ll probably be mainly sticking with her padded styles, just because I feel more secure and supported in them, but you do you.

    • 1

      MamaPagan I know what you mean about the Panache and Cleo wires! I can't make claims about Hettie vs an overall average for bras in this size range-I just meant it runs generously on the Cleo scale, which seemed relevant since Frazzleberry has a Marcie and finds it workable at least part of the time. On Bratabase Hettie is the 4th-deepest 30J of all 39 Cleos having data in that size, with the best depth ratio of these, since it is also narrower than most at 6" or so (comparison with Marcie here I actually noted your own very precise over-knee stretched cup measurement of 15" for the Hettie when considering if she might find it roomy enough :-) Another user measured it at just 14", which is still a hair over what most people measure the Jasmine 30JJ that is deep enough for her albeit too tall and wide. Hence my sense it could be worth a shot if she has not tried it yet. Or maybe even a sister size in 28 which sounds more suited to her preferred band size.

    • 1

      MamaPagan That is a thought and I'm hoping she does but there are a couple of logistics she'll have to figure out.

      _booknerd_ Long-Term, I am looking to try a EM bra. I've always been looking at them but had no idea where to start. So now that I have a starting point that's good. I spoke to Judy at LevanaBratique, she has a 65K in stock for one of the BM she was saying i could start from there to figure out my size.

      Meanwhile, I'm hoping I get the chance to stop by the local store out here, to check out what they have.

      Thanks again for all the help. When I find my next bra, I'll be sure to let you know how that works.

      On a side note...I tried measuring cup depth/etc. for the bras I currently have to enter into the system..but my measurements are way off from what the others have within the range..I feel like I'm not handling the tape measure very well. I tried the over the knee measurement, but I guess because it doesn't completely fill it my measurements are off?

    • 1

      parachute comment but thanks MamaPagan for linking BraObsessed, now I have a BM Fioletowy on the way (in a completely non sarcastic way, I wanted that bra but thought it was just discontinued and gave up on it. Turns out it's a Bra Obsessed exclusive heh).
      But rly, thanks to all the ladies for always being so helpful.

    • Yes, they've all been a great help ^_^

    • wendybien I hear you! Gorgeous designs, horrible wires (& wide gores....) They are so close to doable but not worth the pain, but I do understand why many love their wires. Gotta love our unique preferences, right? And thank you for taking the time to read my review for the additional information about the measurements. :-D

      @Frazzleberry A 65K is a good one to start with. Hopefully it will work for you or at least give you a good starting point. :-) Once you figure out your ideal BM size, we can help you with sizing on Ewa's other styles as they do vary.

      Measurements are a tricky thing and we all have our own unique method of measuring. That is the benefit of getting each and every bra entered is it helps to balance out any discrepancies. Do your best and enter the numbers as best you can. If you feel one is off you can always add that into the review so anyone researching the bra will have that information.

      The figures can vary due to technique differences, bra age (many bras entered are used so those figures give a "softened" view of that model over time) and there will always be manufacturing variants. Yet every bra adds a piece of information to our bra sizing puzzle so we welcome each bra addition with joy.

    • brasaremean Haha! You're welcome :-)
      Fiowetowy can also be purchased direct from Ewa via email. Both BM and S style for sure, possibly PL and CHP. Two of the three Fiowetowy I tried were ordered direct.

    • wendybien thanks again.. Will be adding those measurements (and possibly one for Bravissimo Millie) once I get the hang of it.

    • MamaPagan Darn I didn't know I could order direct, would have preferred that!

    • brasaremean As they say, you don't know until you ask! :-D And I am always asking Kaska questions. .......
      After the first one I got from Bra Obsessed, I asked Kaska since Jaime didn't have a larger cup. I figure ordering it direct is a lot faster, and possibly a wee bit cheaper. I got Kawa that way as well, which was also a Bra Obsessed exclusive. Jaime at Bra Obsessed is great, but when in custom sizing, it's so much easier/faster to order direct for sure.

    • 1

      Yeah mainly I would have preferred that because Poland is way way way waaaay closer to me than Canada lmao. Cheaper AND faster shipping.

    • Quite true! At least now you know for the future! :-D

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  6. 0

    Didn't fit

    I think stretch lace is one of my very best friends. I love the stuff. While this bra is a bit uncomfortable, the fit and appearance are so good that I got myself a second one (honestly, there's also the matter of availability on here). While I do like this, it will be listed with the others as I continue my quest to find the perfect bra.

    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Apr 14, 2014 Flag this

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  7. 0

    Didn't fit

    I am so in love with this bra. The first time I tried it on, the gore stabbed me constantly. Upon inspection, I saw that it had been taken in. I removed this seam and now it fits perfectly with the aid of a couple of homemade back extenders. The shape is great, and he seams aren't glaringly obvious under clothing, Curvy Kate, take notes!

    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Dec 16, 2013 Flag this

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  8. 0

    Didn't fit

    This is another lovely sturdy Panache offering. The straps are fully adjustable and it has 3 rows of 3 columns of hooks in this size.

    I got a bird print Jasmine used from another Bratabaser to try out, but unfortunately it's just a bit too small in the cups to be wearable. The stretch lace is a great idea though, and I think it's fabulous for my breasts with a lot of top-central fullness, but as since requesting this bra I've gone up another cup size (from a 28KK/26Lish to a 28L/26LLish), there's just not quite enough room up top for me!

    The wires are very sturdy, as is usual ... for Panache, and a little wider than I'd prefer for my very narrow root, but not unpleasantly wide or high. If the bra was otherwise good, I would have bent the wires to follow the shape of my ribcage a little better.

    The bra straps are quite sturdy as they have a layer of soft padding underneath them. I'm a huge fan of any additional comfort measures for straps in large cup sizes, so this is a positive for me.

    I definitely plan to try out the 30K to see if I can get a better fit in the cups. Jasmine is both very soft and very supportive, so I hope that sizing up will help.

    Read more
    114 more words

    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Aug 02, 2013 Flag this

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  9. -

    Didn't fit

    Didn't write a review

    Leopard print colorway

    This bra is not owned any more

    Added on Oct 29, 2014

  10. -

    Hasn't set fit

    Didn't write a review

    Added on Mar 25, 2014

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