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Bras » Panache » Jasmine Balconnet Bra (6951) » 36J 36:13

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage91.9
B. perimeter43.2
Stretched Band95.5
Band Length77.6
Cup width19.3
Cup depth37.7
Wire length40.3
Cup height26.2
Cup separation1.7
Gore height11.2
Wing height12.8
Strap width2.0

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  1. 3

    Used to fit

    UPDATE 2: I think I have FINALLY made friends with this bra. I tightened the straps about 1/2-1 inch past what I thought was a good fit and it doesn't slip down as much. I may try tightening a bit more, but I think that is going to make the wires poke under the arms. At the level it is now, I can feel the wires, but they are not painful. I think I'm walking a fine line with this one and I think if I shorten the straps the poking will become bothersome. Hopefully I can find the "sweet spot". ...

    I will say I still think the center gore is VERY high on this bra. That's because I'm used to more of a plunge style, I think. Much of my wardrobe is knit v-neck shirts, so the seams show through, the darkness of the bra shows through lighter colors, and with the center gore so high, I'm feeling it's rather visible. I can't see it in the mirror, but can when I look down. Maybe no one else can see it?

    I am going to try sewing a bra liner for myself because now with the elastic on the front sewn up, the wires themselves are digging in. They are not very padded and I think sewing up the elastic has stretched the casing, making it provide even less cushion.

    UPDATE: I thought I should update my review on this bra because my views have changed, as noted in the numerous comments below. This bra has taken a back seat to my too big band/too small cup bras I had been wearing because of comfort and ill fit. I have worked with it to try and make it wearable, but it just isn't fitting well. The elastic rolls under in front, cutting in. I have rolled it out and sewed it up so it does not roll under and cause pain anymore.

    The major problem is that the bra slides down after and hour or 2 of wear, making my breasts droop, causing quad boob, the wide-set straps to cut in on the front of the arms, and major jiggle with each step since there's basically minimal support in that slipped-down position. I've added "after" pictures, where you can see the major difference when it slips down. I cannot be sure if it's a cup or band problem. The band could be too tight, although it's pretty comfortable after washing and wearing a few times. I have long, heavy breasts, so it could just be the leverage that heavy breasts sticking out that far in a bra is too much for the bra to hold up.

    This bra, for me, starts out great and ends up MEH in a couple of hours. :-/

    ORIGINAL POST: I've seen several rave reviews about this bra and finally got mine, in a 36J. I have to say, this bra is some kind of wonderful. If it came in 20 colors, I'd probably get them all. Sadly, as of now, there is only ONE color - a black bird print." alt=":-(" /> It's very pretty, but I doubt it would be acceptable under a white shirt at church.

    While the bottom of the cups aren't quite full enough for me (still have some wrinkling and push-down of the wires under the cups from orange in a glass syndrome), I think it's just about as close to a perfect fit as I may ever come. Band is quite stiff, but it is still very new. It does seem to create less prominent back rolls than most bras because the mesh is stiffer and the elastic along the bottom and top edges of the band are thicker.

    When I first put it on and looked down, I thought... wow, that's some forward projection right there. Think dual rocket boosters." alt=":-D" /> Seriously, there's like a parallel line between the cups actually LIFTING, POINTING FORWARD and SEPARATING my breasts instead of just splaying them east and west like most bras seem to do.

    Also, the stretch lace on the top of the cups is very forgiving. I think it makes the cups more adjustable than most bras with nonstretchy material along the top edge. I've seen it referred to as a half cup with a stretch lace "guard" to keep soft breasts from falling out when you bend over. I agree with this description. I bent over as if to pick some things up from the floor, reached down with both arms a few times, and stood back up. Still completely contained. I can't say that about many bras.

    I do have one complaint. The straps are too wide set. Because they are attached on the side of the cup instead of the front, they twist and the edge of the strap digs in and rubs a bit on the front of my arms and shoulders. However, I think attaching far at the sides is what gives you the forward projection instead of simply smashing the cup and breast tissue against you. I'm not sure how you could do that and not have the strap turn that direction. Most bras with "side support" seem to do this, but this one more so and perhaps the straps are set a little far back. I'm thinking straps placed 1/4 inch forward on the cup would alleviate the rubbing for me.

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    • I like this one on you a lot. I'm so happy you got a bra that works :) Here's an alteration you can do to move the strap position :)

    • 2

      Thank you! I might try that alteration, but I'm worried it would change the fit of the bra. As difficult as it was to find ONE, I'd hate to ruin it. :-) I am going to wash and wear it a few times and see if it improves. If not, I might try moving it forward just a smidgeon.

    • mtblankus I just thought I'd let you know, I've been playing around with strap positioning on my Jasmine, and you are definitely correct. Moving the strap in as much as I would want to (to the inside of the little tab where the strap is attached) definitely messes up the side support, etc. I guess this is basically what the point of a balconet-style strap attachment is. I've always seen people say that the point is to push the breasts towards the front, but I never really understood until I tried this experiment.

      I haven't detached the original straps, just sewed on a different one in that position, and tried it with the original strap off, and it make the side sort of bulge out and just generally not be the shape it's supposed to be. I'm curious if, like you said, it could be moved just a little bit and it wouldn't have this problem, going to try that next, I think.
      Barring that (or even if that does work ok) I think I will pad/line that area with some smooth fabric, since I think part of the problem is the fabric is so stiff and firm it makes the digging in extra uncomfortable.

    • Raspberryleaf, thank you for letting me know about the strap positioning you've tried. Were you about to try moving it just a little? I've also noticed the bottom elastic on the front rolls under, creating a ridge under the underwire, which isn't comfortable AT ALL. I don't think this is because the band is tight (which it is at this point) because that's not where any stretching goes on because of the rigid underwires. I think it's just a flaw in the design, as I've seen someone else mention it.

      Since this is the best fitting bra I've found to date (although it still seems to tip forward in the cups due to "orange in a glass"), I'm not about to abandon it.

      I was wondering, though, if having the band wider so the TOP of the wires were supported by the back band would keep it from tipping forward/down as much. I've got large, heavy, and seemingly LONG breasts. When you have that kind of leverage at the apex of a cup, there's only so much an underwire and 3-hook band can do to keep them lifted. That's my theory, anyway. I've always felt a bra that did not dip down in the back, but had a wider band going straight back from the wings would be more supportive, though I've never found one to try.

    • Yes, I want to play with moving it just a little, but I haven't done so yet.
      This is definitely a bra that takes some breaking in, so some of the issues get at least a little better once it's been worn and washed a few times, and I think I've seen someone say this applies to the band rolling as well. (I wear bra liners all the time, so I don't really pay attention to elastic rolling in the front, but I definitely know it can be annoying, just one more reason I <3 my bra liners.)

      As for a wider band supporting the top of the wires providing better stability, this is EXACTLY what I've been thinking about/realizing recently. It took trying my recent EM bras and really looking at what's going on to figure this out (see my adventure I posted recently), but I totally agree. I definitely hate how hard 4-hook and 5-hook bands are to close, but I think I'm gonna force myself to get used to it because I really think they will be able to support and lift my boobs much better. (I will need to be altering bands anyhow (due to needing the bigger cups of a 36/38K, rather than 32/34K, for example), so I can alter them to having more hooks in the process.)

      BTW, your boobs sound a *lot* like mine, shape-wise.

    • Yes I think the two of you look rather similar as well :)

    • I know that feeling when you *finally* list a fitting bra on bratabase :) I could't be more happy for you mtblankus, and let me just say this looks positively amazing on you <3
      I also want this in white and basic nude!!! There is a new colorway coming out soon but it's also dark :(

    • So, here's probably a dumb question, but are the wires actually supposed to TOUCH the sternum? Because even on the Jasmine 36J, they are about an inch away. I thought they touched the first time I wore it, but now that I look closely at the pictures I took, they were still about an inch away. Jiggling, pushing, bending (well, as much as you can bend these super-wires - what are they made of????) doesn't bring them closer.

      I posted a fit request on this bra again yesterday because it seems to fit worse the more I wear it. :-/ I was wondering if I should try a band size or cup size up. Band is quite tight. Maybe just an extender, which was suggested as well. After wearing for a few hours, cups slip down and I end up with empty cup at the bottom and quad boob at the top - even with the stretchy lace. Also, the elastic band rolls under in the front, turning my "miracle bra" into a torture device.

    • 1

      I just wanted to post a little update on the strap position thing. What I wound up doing is compromising, and adjusting the angle by taking in the inside part of the "tab" that the straps are attached to, so this basically tilts the straps slightly more inward. (I just took a tuck and sewed it down. Totally reversible if I need to, so it was less scary to try!) This helps some. Not as much as I might like, but I think it's a good compromise between getting the straps out of my armpits a little, but still having the angle necessary to do the side support/balcony effect.

    • Great idea, you should do an adventure about it!

    • Thanks, raspberryleaf. I've actually been able to handle the straps as they've softened. As an added "bonus," it reminds me to keep my shoulders back. Ha! But, if it starts cutting in again, I'll definitely try the tuck. Seems like it would work fine on this bra without making the top edge too tight because that lace is quite stretchy. Another bra might not fair so well. I'm quite impressed with the Jasmine, as it's been the only decent fit I've had so far. However... we have sort of a love/hate relationship. I want a bra to be perfect and I don't know that I'll ever find one that is. I do have some EW bras on their way (got the ship notice yesterday). Can't WAIT to try them. :-D

    • 2

      This bra is too small for you in the cup by probably two sizes, which is why it is slipping down and you get a downward pointing apex. The cup shape may also simply be too shallow for you in the lower panel; it has an angled lower rather than a projected one, so your breasts are forced to either compress or shift upwards where there is more room leaving empty space at the bottom.

      Underwires should sit flat against your ribcage at all points, including at the gore. If they don't, and your band feels snug, then your cups are far too small.

      I realize this is a somewhat stale thread, but it's worth answering these questions for anyone else who comes along to read your review.

    • Thank you, uptight for the comment. I don't know if it's actually too small or just the wrong style. But I think you're right about one or the other. It certainly does seem to fight my breast shape at the bottom. Since finding my size in Ewa Michalak bras, no other bras have seen the light of day. I should list it and give it a new chance at life with someone else!

    • 1


      Can you define this statement further: angled lower rather than a projected one, so your breasts are forced to either compress or shift upwards where there is more room leaving empty space at the bottom.

      I am struggling to understand the visual, but think you might have touched on why some of my bras fit better than others.

    • 1

      If you look at a bra in profile/from the side and compare the angle of Yeh bottom of the cup to the chest wall, some bras come up at an acute angle (shallow lower cup) whereas other bras come straight out parallel to the ground at a right angle to the chest wall before curving up (projected lower cup).

      Breasts which are full at the bottom of the breast root will not have the gradual increase in breast tissue that shallow lower panels expect as you get higher above the underbust towards the nipple. Instead, these breasts go drastically from no breast tissue at the underbust, to projecting fullness. The breasts thus take the path of least resistance and shimmy up higher in the bra little bits at a time where there is more space. The weight at a further out point combined with the lower cup being empty causes the cup to wrinkle or buckle near the underwires if it is unmolded, or simply be forced to slide down in structured cups.

    • mtblankus : You stated in a prior comment that "even on the Jasmine 36J, [the underwires] are about an inch away". I own this bra and its design causes the gore to tack firmly if the fit is close - painfully firmly. In general, a bra will not tack at the gore (touch your sternum with its underwires) if it is too shallow for your breasts. Because the Jasmine is actually quite a deep bra proportionally, it is not that the cup shape is too shallow for you in terms of shape but rather because the cup size is too small such that the bra is too small all over, including in terms of depth.

    • The cup depth is 15.1 inches and my Ewa bras are around 14.0 to 14.2 - a full inch difference, yet they are big enough. I think the problem comes with the width of the wires on the Jasmine. They are much wider and my breasts do not fill the part of the cup under my arm. So, you may be right - the extra inch and then some is not used for breast tissue because it's under my arm, "where no breast has gone before." And hopefully it won't! With all of the ill-fitting bras I've worn in my life, there is still a definite breast crease on the sides in FRONT of my arms. I have yet to find a bra that the wire actually sits at this side crease. They are ALL too far back by a good inch or more. In the Jasmine, it's MUCH more than an inch. We're talking 2 or even 3 inches. So, that wasted cup space may make the cup fit too small. Maybe I'll look for a cheap Jasmine in a larger cup size just to test the theory, but really there are other detractors on this bra, such as the super high gore, that make me just want to toss it aside.

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  2. 1


    OK. This cut really does work for me! It pulls me in at the sides, so I don't look as "wide" up top when I put on my shirts. My only issue with this bra is how far apart the straps are. I didn't have this problem with the Sculptresse Chi Chi (which I've been advised us based on this bra). It's also not as soft as the Chi Chi. Other than that, this bra is great for me and I'm a happy customer! Can anyone suggest similar styles in other brands (like Freya) so I can keep an eye out and build my bra collection?

    Updated on Aug 09, 2016 Flag this

    • 1

      I feel like Sculptresse by Panache is the most luxurious, comfortable, and well-designed of the Panache family except for perhaps Sport. Glad it worked for you!

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    Love, love, love! This is the only bra I have that fits well, is relatively comfy and looks awesome. I’m wide set with a lot of breast tissue under my arms and this bra contains everything and is super supportive. Honestly, I feel like I could do jumping jacks in this thing without pain or jiggling. As others have mentioned, the forward projection can be a little much for some people. I love it, but if you want a more natural look, this probably isn’t the best idea. It puts the girls up high, front and center. The stretch lace top ... of the bra is a godsend for me because I have softer breasts and it prevents quadboob no matter what position I’m in. This is unlike Panache’s Clara, which is crazy gorgeous but cut lower in the center and doesn’t have enough lace to keep things in check - I keep falling out of it or noticing serious quadboob. The seam separating the top and bottom of the cups is annoying in its visibility. I don’t really have a desire to call more attention to my boobs, especially considering the amount of front projection this bra provides, but it’s so supportive and gives such a great shape that I’m willing to overlook it. The only other complaint I have is the gore. It’s high, and when I first got it the top of gore dug in terribly. Luckily that pain completely disappeared after a wear or two, even though the rest of the bra hasn’t noticeably stretched out.
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    Didn't fit

    For reference I am FOT with pendulous, projected and wide set breasts. I'm also slightly splayed.

    This bra is seriously the answer to all my boob prayers. I'm mad at myself for never buying it before. For once I have a bra with straps that aren't ridiculously far apart. The band is tight without being uncomfortable. After bending the wires to my shape, I have no problems with them. I never get poking or bending at the ends of the wires.

    As for the cups, they fully encase all of my breast tissue and I have no orange in a glass effect going on. The stretch lace on top ... gives me a perfect fit, and unlike the Panache Andorra in the same size it doesn't cause any awkward pointy shapes from the side. This bra pushes my boobs forward and makes them look like big round orbs. I know a lot of busty girls feel like bras in their correct size make their breasts look smaller than they are, and this bra is the first one that doesn't make me feel that way.

    The appearance of this bra is amazing. I haven't had a black leopard print bra since I forced my boobs into tiny bras from Lane Bryant. Despite having leopard print and black lace, this bra still manages to look classy.

    I will say that out of all my bras, this was the hardest one to break in. The wires are firmer than any other wires I've ever felt before, and the band doesn't wear out fast. For the first few days of wear, I was convinced the band was too small. Now it's perfect. All this tells me is that Panache uses quality materials that don't stretch out too fast.

    The Panache Jasmine is a bra that's known to accommodate many different breast sizes and shapes. If you're on the fence about this bra, please just buy it. I'm probably going to buy a few more of them and make this bra a staple of my collection.

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    Animal Print colorway

    This bra is not owned any more

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    • Hi. Glad it works for you. I have a 36J that is worn maybe 3x and hand washed only in the original black with black bird print colorway that I have been "too lazy" to list. It does not work for me at all. Let me know if you might be interested. Depending on what you have I might consider a trade as well. I am in US(Northern California).

    • jcupjedi I'd definitely be interested depending on how much you'd want for it. I have a 36J Panache Floris listed. A lot of people say they're the same but I find them different because the Floris doesn't have stretch lace. I also have a Kris Line Brilliant in 38JJ.

    • I have gained some weight and need mostly 38 J these days. The Floris won't work for me. Why don't you email me: Where are you located? I think $25 plus shipping would be fine. Where are you located? I can get unlazy and list it if you like. list it here.

    • jcupjedi I think I'll pass. There's a few Jasmines floating around the internet around the same price, but they're BNWT. I have a 38M (38J equivalent) Goddess Keira, but it's seen a lot of wear and I don't think it would be fair to send it out to someone. I have the Kris Line in a 38JJ, but Kris Line sizing isn't like UK sizing so it's pretty weird. It has 7.5 inch wide cups, and they're 13.5 inches deep. It has 4 hook sizes instead of 3 like most bras, and it's really stretchy banded. I think it could fit anyone from a 36-42 depending on how tight/loose they like their bras.

    • jcupjedi I've never worn the Kris Line bra for more than an hour or so because it's just a weird fit on me.

    • Hey no problem. I think you are in the US so if you change you mind I will include US Shipping. Good luck!

    • Can you clarfify "I know a lot of busty girls feel like bras in their correct size make their breasts look smaller than they are but this is the first one that doesn't make me feel this way"
      I am looking at this bra but don't want one that's going to accentuate the size of my bust!

    • albionsmith I used to wear padded push up bras, and I know a lot of other busty women that used to wear them too before finding out their true size and being unable to find them. You know, the "adds two cup sizes" ones. A lot of unpadded balconettes gather the bust closer to the chest and give a low profile. I have bras that make my bust look almost "flat chested". I wouldn't say this bra adds anything to my bust, it just takes what's there and makes it look amazing. I'd say that this bra gives me a rounder and more lifted shape than the Panache Jasmine, but it doesn't add bulk.

      The "padding" this bra has isn't really padding like you'd think. It's just a thicker fabric than an unpadded balconette.

      What bras do you wear now? I stalked your profile and found that you're a similar size to me. If you like bras that don't accentuate your bust I'd recommend Elomi or Goddess (depending on your breast width), but be aware that Goddess uses US sizing so you'd need a 36L.

    • albionsmith I'm so sorry! For some reason I read this wrong and thought you were commenting on the padded bra I just posted a review of.

      The Jasmine gives a very projected and round shape but doesn't really add much to the size of the breasts. It just shows what's there and pushes everything front and center.

    • DeviilliciousDannii thank you so much for your quick response. I really hate having a large chest and have tried numerous minimiser bras over the years. As soon as I find one I like they seem to discontinue them hence I'm wearing one that is years old, repaired and patched numerous times. I realise I need to find something new but am at a loss to know where to start. You seem to have a lot of knowledge and I would appreciate any recommendations to minimise my chest. I do know what sort of clothes to wear to disguise it. I don't want a bra that points, or that projects like missiles. I want something that is round and holds everything in place but isn't a shelf!,
      Am I in cloud cuckoo land?
      Any suggestions would be gratefully received.
      Thank you

    • albionsmith If you like rounded bras that don't give you a shelf, I'd recommend Elomi. The Caitlyn gives a very natural roundish shape. It definitely minimizes the bust more than some bras out there. Some women find that it's too full coverage and gives them an east-west appearance, but it's an extremely comfortable and supportive bra that makes me forget I have big boobs even at my size. Their sister brand, Goddess, has a lot of bras similar to Elomi cuts, but they're wider and shallower. The Goddess Keira is seriously the most comfortable bra I've ever had, and I don't have any problems with the shape it gives me, which is natural and roundish. (Keep in mind Goddess uses US sizing. Order a 36K if you wear UK 36Hs).

      I personally love the Curvy Kate Gia because it's comfortable and supportive and gives a round shape without being too out there. It's also much prettier than the Elomi Caitlyn. You might not like the sheer "lace" panels because they're very showy. Curvy Kate is also a tricky brand for some women to fit into. Similar cuts to the Gia are the Dreamcatcher, Princess, and Portia.

      If you want a happy medium between the two bras mentioned above, I recommend the Panache Tango II. It's an extremely sturdy bra that gives a good shape without showing too much skin. It's a classic from the Panache line. The Andorra and Floris are also good choices if you buy them in the right size. The Cleo Marcie (Cleo is Panache's sister brand) is very round and doesn't seem to add bulk. Depending on your breast shape you may do better in the Lucy or cuts like the Minnie.

      Absolutely stay away from Ewa Michalak and any other Polish brands. They tend to make the breasts look like giant orbs. I'd avoid anything with padding, obviously.

      Feel free to browse my reviews and pictures. :)

    • DevilliciousDannii thank you for recommending the Elomi Caitlin. I ordered one and it fits a treat . I like the shape it gives and it holds everything in place from morning till night. At last I don't have 2 welts on my shoulders every night.
      I may try the Goddess in time but happy at present with Elomi :)

    • albionsmith I'm so glad it worked for you! The Elomi Caitlyn and Goddess Keira are very similar bras. The only difference is that the Keira is wider and shallower, and the Caitlyn is a little more narrow and deep.

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    Didn't fit

    Didn't write a review

    Added on Apr 24, 2016

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    Hasn't set fit

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    Added on Mar 09, 2015

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    Added on Oct 09, 2015

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    Didn't fit

    Didn't write a review

    pink/black colorway

    Added on Oct 30, 2015

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    Hasn't set fit

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    Added on Apr 20, 2018