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Please make sure that you are willing to follow these rules when participating on Bratabase. These guidelines are necessary to ensure the best development of the social aspects of the site. Please make sure to flag/report any item you see that violates this.

No sexually charged or deemed inappropriate content

Bratabase is not a dating/exhibitionism website. Do not post sexually charged content. This is a place to discuss bra fitting, not things of a sexual nature.

Please inform moderators about inappropriate content or messages, they will take action.

All public user input on the site is bound to these rules (bios, comments, usernames, etc).

No ideological fights

There are a lot of different ways to bra fit and we all use different techniques and have different ideas of fit.

Constructive ideas are always welcome, but don't start ideological fights. We can have different ideas of bra fitting here and discuss them rationally. Maybe you can convince someone that your way is better and maybe you can't. In either case: No reason to fight.

No personal attacks

Don't attack people personally. Do not stalk, threaten or harass them. This goes both for personal messages as well as public posts. Please contact the moderators, they will take action.

No contact information

Don't post any contact information about yourself publicly: No address, email address, phone numbers or the like. They will be deleted by moderators. If you need to exchange this information with someone, do it with a private message. Don't ask publicly for someone's contact details.

Don't post PMs

Do not post the content of private messages publicly without permission of the writer.

Only one account per person

One person can only have one account on Bratabase. We encourage you to get your friends and family on the site with their own accounts and information, this improves the site's varied information and clearly distinguishes user attributes.

No spam links or self promotion

Do not post spam links. Do not blatantly market your own products. Do not send spam PMs. These messages and posts will be edited or deleted.

Advertising sales

If you are NOT a store and are telling other users about your personal bra sales, it is okayish to use the adventures as long as you don't do it often.

All the mentioned bras have to be listed here as well.

Do not use the adventures if there's a proper section for it

This is important because it leads an example of people to take the lazy route and weaken the Bra database that brought users here on the first place. By placing things on the wrong place you destroy what brought you here on the first place. By using the correct feature you leave Bratabase a bit better that what you found it.

No signatures

Don't use signatures of any kind under your posts. They're annoying.

Respect buyer's agreement

If you see a listing that is violating the buyer's agreement, please report it. We want to keep the listings market place as honest as possible for all users.

Don't post copyrighted content

You must have all rights to the content you post on Bratabase. Bratabase can not be held responsible for users posting content they do not hold the rights for.

Don't copy content, link to it instead.

Copyrighted content will be deleted when it comes to our attention.

Mods have permission to fix and change data

If moderators think it's necessary, they can adjust and edit the information provided by users as they need.

This may range from editing, deleting comments to altering measurements or changing bras' data.

Mods have the last word.

In most cases, you will be contacted by moderators if problems arise. And whatever they might decide, the moderators are always in the right. :)

If you are unhappy with a moderator's decision, please contact them directly.

No body judgment

Most of us are used to being exposed to constant body criticism and scrutiny. We don't want that on Bratabase.

Please refrain from both positive ("You have such a nice body", "Your curves are sexy"), negative ("You're fat") and comparative comments ("Curvy is better than thin") which judge or rate bodies in any way.

This also means that we don't want compliments for body attributes. If you want to say something about the fit of a bra or clothing, talk about the fit, not the body. Say "This bra doesn't offer enough support for your breasts" instead of "Your breasts droop and it makes you look fat."

Don't use body normative scales to compare women to (such as the BMI) and don't replace old norms and ideals with new ones - just speak without them!

Yes, it is hard and new and takes extra time to think. It also makes Bratabase a safe and comfortable space for all women.

If you see this happening on the site, please report the issue or address it with moderators.

No discrimination or assumptions

We don't want any kind of discrimination on this site. This goes both for body discrimination (see "No body judgment", as well as all other kinds. This goes for: Age, geographical location, origin, race, social background, educational background, looks, weight, body form, religion, sexual orientation, breast size, and so on and so on.

Be careful regarding assumptions on other people, each may feel differently about their bodies or goals.

Treat everyone the way you want to be treated.

Men on Bratabase

Hello men, you are welcome on Bratabase, as long as you adhere to certain rules. This is a place that is mostly frequented by women and we want this to be a safe space for them.

You can use Bratabase if you wear commercial bras yourself or help someone to use the site who does wear them. But we encourage you to get this person on the site, it will be much more useful for everybody.

Don't pretend to be a woman and don't be a creep.

Specifically, this means that all rules apply to you, you are not here to judge, rate or make big-boobed friends. You can use the site neutrally as a bra database the same way that all the other users do. You should just be very aware of your "special status" and all the implications that go with it. You will probably be watched more closely by the administrators. Try not to make that watching necessary: Behave neutrally and so that everyone can feel safe around you and with you on the site.

Be nice

Please try to be a nice member of Bratabase. :) Communication is not always easy. Try to resolve conflicts as rationally as possible, maybe withdrawing yourself from conversations in case of disagreements so fights don't escalate.

Please keep in mind that Bratabase is a community of worldwide members. Not everyone speaks English as their first language. This may make for difficulties in communication.

Communication skills

In order to participate on the site you will need to be able to communicate decently with other people.

Please don't feel embarrassed or shy if english is not your first language, we are happy to go through a bit of language barrier to help, but we expect thoughtful, caring and respectul communication between users (no ALLCAPS, gibberish typing, etc).