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Bras » Panache » Jasmine Balconnet Bra (6951) » 30HH 30:12

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage74.7
B. perimeter35.3
Stretched Band79.0
Band Length65.2
Cup width16.0
Cup depth31.4
Wire length33.9
Cup height20.8
Cup separation1.9
Gore height9.5
Wing height11.2
Strap width1.8

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  1. 2

    Didn't fit

    Best fit for me so far in Panache (I've tried almost 50 bras, including Panache & Cleo's in the last 2 months - I'm dead serious about finding a good bra!) but greatly lacking in comfort and only moderately rounded for my shape.

    I vary b/t 28 & 30, the band was loose enough to wear on the 3rd hook right out of the box.

    Had some firsts -
    1) band beneath the wires constantly folded under and chafed my skin -
    2) rigid, fully adjustable straps were painful, chafing & dug in from the start, despite reasonable support from the band!

    Very strange. By far the most ... uncomfortable Panache bra I've tried. Oddly, the pink version, which I tried in a 30H, didn't have any of these issues, so maybe it's just this one bra? Or the black colorway? I may try the 28JJ in PINK....

    The cup shape is decent for FoT's like me, but only gave a rounded shape when I fully scooped & swooped and pulled the elastic lace up and over the tops of my breasts. After walking around a bit, the lace retreated back down the cups, giving that oh-so-desirable elf slipper/quaddy look. Boo. If I do go a band size down and a cup size up, I'm pretty concerned that the wires will widen, and this bra was already on the edge of too wide for me.

    So appreciate any advice re: this bra, and sizing down the band & up the cup - I'm pretty desperate.

    Also, I've noticed that no matter how well I fill or overfill the cups on most bras, I still have a gap where the strap meets the cup - Is this due to my very narrow shoulders or is this a "root" thing? (Haven't quite figured out the whole root thing yet.. I also feel like my boobs & bra should sit a couple of inches higher than they the underwire should be sitting higher even when it's tight enough... )

    Maybe I should open a fitting request.... lol

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    Updated on Aug 05, 2015 Flag this

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      or at the very least post some pics. but yes, a fit request is always good

    • also, esp considering your name - have you tried Comexim? or Ewa Michalak?

    • Hi! The 2 pics above are of me in this bra... and no, I haven't tried Comexim or EM or the other Polish brands yet. I just created my account yesterday, after trying pretty much all the UK & US bras around my size and sizing out of the ones that worked for my shape. :( I'm Thinking Anna Pardal first....

    • i dont think they'd been 'approved' when I posted lol. I mostly size out of comexim (except basic) and I dont think they'd really work for me, but i'm waiting for my 3rd EM

      I wonder if a half cup would help w the digging in? The cups look high on you. I love that blue color tho

    • 1

      Good luck with your EM! :) And you're absolutely right about the half cups - they are the only shape that works for me, and I can't find any in my size +/- 30HH-J/28J-JJ except the CK & Flirtelle kind that splay me east-to-west and have waaaay too much wire for my frame. that's why I'm going Polish! lol

    • Yeah this is too small for you. When you say you don't like wide wires is this because they actually cause pain, or because you've read that narrow boobs require narrow wires? If all the other stars align, it is usually very possible to get a good fit despite too-wide wires as long as they don't hit you in a bad spot and cause pain.

    • 1

      wendybien My issue w/ wide wires is that they usually come w/wider cups which always chafe the side of my boob and underarm. That, and just needing a more upfront, lifted shape for comfort & style, which I don't get when the wires don't push me upwards and to the middle. If I found a bra that got it done w/wide wires, I'd buy 100 and call it a day! :) Any recs?

    • Floris is my fave, but it doesnt come in a 28 band. (Most of the 32J pics are me lol)

    • 1

      dbmamaz Tks for the tip all the same! I'm looking at altering the band on bras that almost fit, so Floris might end up being an option. Glad you found a go-to!

    • So, chafing like that is not strictly down to the width of the cup. That happens when the cup is too tall at the side AND extends out below the arm. Even women with wide roots who need the extra cup width can have this problem.

      The way to control for this when you are searching here on Bratabase is to set appropriate numbers for "Wing Height" and "Wire Length." If these are set low then you will get bras that have low sides and shouldn't bother your underarms.

      The other thing you need in a bra would seem to be room for center fullness, so once you've searched with the above criteria then you can cross-reference with the reviews to see which ones are generously built near the gore.

    • wendybien Ok! I'm glad to know about wire length - it does make sense as a consideration. I had been trying to avoid chafey bras just by looking @ wing height. Re: center fullness, when you say "generously built near the gore" does that refer to how deep or full the cups are?

    • Yes you need them to have lots of depth near the gore to accommodate inner fullness.

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  2. 0

    Didn't fit

    I love this bra! The shape is very flattering - centered and rounded. It pulls my breasts in and away from my armpits. It's very supportive.

    Updated on Jan 21, 2017 Flag this

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  3. 0

    Didn't fit


    This is the tightest bra band I've tried ever - it's misery without an extender. I have the 32H as well, and that band, while also firm, stretches a bit more reasonably.

    Did I mention this bra is misery without an extender?


    I originally ordered this in a 30H. I had some overflow in front and some indention along the seam line at the lace, and so I thought I needed a larger cup, and that it must run small.

    I realize now that because the band is so tight that it stretches the underwires wider than it should, pulling the cups too tightly in the front and making them appear smaller than they are. Once I started wearing this with an extender, I realized the HH is larger on me than it should be - but interestingly, the stretch lace still makes it wearable (or perhaps, I ideally need an H.5?)

    So, advice - if you're between band sizes even just a smidge, I'd order up.

    Updated on Mar 08, 2016 Flag this

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  4. 0


    Very comfortable bra. Do not feel any need to readjust. It fits slightly tighter on my bigger boobie but nothing too major and nothing to worry about since it's not noticeable. Since its not a big size difference, I much rather accommodate the smaller boob than the bigger one, thanks to the stretchy fabric. Since the other way around just give me an odd shape.

    abstract colorway

    Updated on Jan 19, 2016 Flag this

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  5. 0

    Didn't fit

    The floral print with the purple lace is really pretty, though I was disappointed that the back is plain white.

    Updated on Apr 25, 2014 Flag this

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  6. 0


    My new favorite bra! This is a forward projection bra but is not too pointy, I still get a decent round shape. The wires under the arm are not too tall witch is something I worry about sometimes, as well as the center gore seems to be placed just right. The lace at the top makes this bra great for FoT breasts, If it was not so stretchy I would have had to try a J cup and had to deal with the wires going too far back because I am very central with some fullness on top.
    Support A, shape A, comfort A+
    I would recommend this bra to anyone!

    Updated on Oct 09, 2013 Flag this

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  7. Didn't write a review

    Added on Nov 02, 2013

  8. Didn't write a review

    Petal Print colorway

    This bra is not owned any more

    Added on Jun 11, 2017

  9. Didn't write a review

    Added on Mar 24, 2015

  10. -

    Hasn't set fit

    Didn't write a review

    black multi a/w2012 colorway

    Added on Aug 02, 2016

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