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Bras » Panache » Jasmine Balconnet Bra (6951) » 30J 30:13

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage74.4
B. perimeter36.8
Stretched Band78.5
Band Length65.4
Cup width16.6
Cup depth32.7
Wire length35.4
Cup height23.0
Cup separation1.9
Gore height10.1
Wing height11.6
Strap width1.8

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  1. 5

    Used to fit

    I made peace with Jasmine" alt=":)" />
    When I first put it on, the gore wouldn't lay flat, I couldn't tighten the straps short enough, the bra felt really uncomfortable, The wires dug in at the arpit and at the bottom, I couldn't pull the wires where they are supposed to be - I felt there is not enough space for my boobs around them, and the fabric of the cups gave me a rash on my right boob o.O
    Now, this bra needs to be washed before you even try it on !!
    Except for the rash, those were all basic problems I ... have with most my bras.

    I managed to bend the wires to fit me comfortably, I even bent the gore to lay flat.
    I realized that wih some fiddling I could shorten the straps even on the padded part.
    Now Jasmine fits like a dream" alt=":)" />))

    The band
    Perfect, snug, back fat minimising, 3 hooks and quite sturdy

    The straps
    Too thin if you ask me. Nicely padded, you can adjust all the way with some playing around, but I don't think theye are ment to be fully adjustable.

    The wires
    They are narrower and shorter than most panache wires. I really see this as an major improvement. The gore is also narrower.

    The cups
    4 - part cups with the lace upper section. The fabric is very sturdy and I think it will last. However, the lace seems VERY delicate and thin, and at the same time it's VERY stretchy. I am courious how this will behave with wear. This type of lace could be at the same time the strongest, and the weakest point of the bra.
    I feel the cups are a bit deeper than the andorra.

    The comfort
    I am really impressed with cup construction - the lace part is great, it's like spidersweb - very thin, silky and I don't feel it at all. The band is really comfortable and snug, I don't even feel the wires that much now that Ive bent them. The only place I feel the bra is the straps - they digg in a bit, my boobs are too heavy for such thin straps.

    The shape
    This one really does give great shape and uplift. The profile is round - but not the fake round you sometimes get from cleo, but more natural round. I even feel like it slightly minimises the bust without compromising on projection. It's not exactly the green shape, but it isn't that far from it - I don't have any boob bumping with arms" alt=":)" />
    Not really sure how this is possible" alt=":D" />
    The side support pannel centers the boobs much more than the andorra

    Room from improvement
    - wider straps!!!
    - print - not really my cup of tea.
    - I'd like to have this in some lighter colours also, white or nude.

    Highly reccomend. I think this bra will work for almost every shape out there. Great everyday bra.
    I feel this bra is anoucing new era in panache bras and I think it is proof that bramakers really hear our feedback.

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    Updated on Nov 23, 2012 Flag this

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    • Oh please, pictures :) I am very curious about how you bent the wires to make it fit :)

    • I actually bend the wires while wearing the bra. I bend them in the middle, on the very bottom if cups, and at the middle of the gore. I angled it more inwards to make it sit flat. I think this wires are softer than your usual panache :)

    • Softer wires than usual Panache :O I might need to try this bra after all if only for the wires. I really hate Panache wires.

      We really must have the total opposite in rib cage shapes however :D

    • Thanks for the detailed review Vlatka! I wore it yesterday for the first time. I still think the 30JJ is a bit generous for my smaller breast, but it's a better fit than I originally thought. It indeed must be deeper in the cups than the Andorra, because the Andorra in 30J really was too small for me. But because I already got a kind of orange in a glass thingie on my bigger side, a smaller cup probably won't work either. I just couldn't send it back;) And yes it really gives a great upfront look under clothes. However I was bit a bit black and blue after wearing it for a while, because the center gore won't sit flat on me either - the wires rest thoroughley at breast tissue. Especially my left boob - the bigger one - was a bit black and blue after wearing it. But I will follow your advise and try to bend it. But how did you manage to adjust the non-adjustable part of the straps? On my smaller side I really I need to shorten them a bit more than now is possible;)
      By the way, I've encountered a white version on Ebay. So it does exist in other colours;)

    • 1

      Wow, I'll look for that, thanks.
      Now, the straps - you won't be able to shorten it just by pulling up the plastic thingy - you have to pull the strap out with your finger from the middle of the plastic adjuster and then straighten it down - that way you can pull through the padded part too. Am I making any sense?
      As for the wires - I had the same problem. After bending the gore, you'll have to scoop your boobs away from the gore :)

    • I think the next version is a flower print. I look forward to that one, I don't like bird prints at all.

      The bottom section on Jasmine is cut much higher than the bottom section of Andorra. That's why everyone think it's deeper I assume. While the Andorra has the bottom and upper sections being about the same height the Jasmine is clearly bigger on the bottom.

      That's why it's probably a true bummer for me. I am not full where that bra is full :D

    • You are right! That explains why my nipples aren't peaking through the lace :D :facepalm:

    • Since I saw you in that Amourette Triumph bra I maybe should have known better than suggesting the Andorra to you :O My boobs are kind of upside down from yours :D

      But you should make a bra adventure about the scoping from the center gore! That was genious. I just did it on my Andorra :D

    • Gervaise, are you sure that wasnt the elomi jasmine? Ive been looking for it, cant find it :(

    • @Vlatka, yes you do make sense. I tried it, but I almost ruined my fingers, haha. I think I am going to try it with a knitting needle or something similar.
      About the white version. Here it is But unfortunately it's a D cup, so not very useful;)

    • Eliza, bratabase also reccomended andorra to me :) it's a nice bra, just a bit more east-west than I'd like but not nearly as bad as amourette :))) hate that bra with a passion :) sid the gore thing work on the andorra? i thought everybody did the scooping thing that way :)

    • eliza, yes I also think the bottom section is higher than on the Andorra. But still it also has a deeper cup, I am quite sure about it;)

    • Gervaise, Im pretty sure that is not the same bra, the cut is different - this is a 3 part cup, and our jasmine is a 4 part :) Never saw this bra in my life :)

    • @Vlatka: Can you add pics of you in the Andorra? I'm curious.

      Also the scoping from the center gore kind of works but the wires ends a little bit lower.

    • Gervaise: It being deeper is an even bigger bummer for me. Damn ;/

    • @Vlatka, after taking a better look at it, I guess you are right. This can't be the same item. Weird...

    • eliza, to be honest I liked the Andorra more than the Jasmine. Probably indeed because the Andorra has a smaller bottom section. Although the Jasmine gives a better shape under clothes. Like Vlatka says, indeed less east/west-ish. And also a bit firmer than the Andorra. I think Alisa noticed this too when they compared both styles.

    • Gervaise: Ah I see. The 34J Andorra on the tightest hook on me is perfectly rounded but my boobs are way closer to my body than yours (if I'm in the right size and shape that is!) so I can understand how it can become east and west for you.

    • 1

      @Vlatka, I read you advice again regarding the strap adjust, and now I also managed to non-adjustable part with my fingers:)

    • 1

      Oops. Sloppy me.. I meant: I managed to adjust the non-adjustable part with my fingers;)

    • Great review, Vlatka. I have also had problems with the wires (have with almost all my bras) but I haven't bent them because first I wanted to send the bra back. Now I have finally ordered a 30JJ of Jasmine. Can't wait for it :):) Btw. Figleaves has a 20% off offer now ;)
      That Jasmin(e) in white I think this is an old style of Panache, it looks nothing like this one. The will be a new flower version with navy blue lace for next season of Jasmine.

    • Yes, Panache has reused the name Jasmine for their bras. Very strange move I think but there is clearly an old model out there named Jasmine. It's available from Undercoverexperience as well.

      Thanks for that 20% Figleaves discount notice Alica!

    • 1

      Good news for you! :) Panache is coming out not only with Jasmine in a pale pink color for next season (A/W), but there's a new neutral based off the Jasmine coming out that will come in beige and black. I can't remember the name of it off the top of my head, but they're on their way!

    • Envy and Dahlia I think they are called :)) I know, I will go bankrupt this fall :))

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    Didn't fit

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  3. 1

    Didn't fit

    • the cups look to big/bad shape fit

    • 2

      I don't think the cups look too big. I think the wires look too wide for sure. And Panache has some majorly wide set straps!

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    Didn't fit

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    Didn't fit

    Didn't write a review

    Added on Oct 31, 2013

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    Hasn't set fit

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    Added on Jan 11, 2014

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    Didn't fit

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    pink colorway

    This bra is not owned any more

    Added on May 23, 2014

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    Hasn't set fit

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    Added on Jun 11, 2014

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    Didn't fit

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    Added on Mar 27, 2016

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    Hasn't set fit

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    CROCHET PRINT colorway

    Added on Mar 21, 2017

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