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Bras » Panache » Jasmine Balconnet Bra (6951) » 28F 28:7

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage68.2
B. perimeter23.9
Stretched Band69.7
Band Length55.8
Cup width12.9
Cup depth22.9
Wire length23.6
Cup height14.7
Cup separation2.1
Gore height7.2
Wing height8.7
Strap width1.4

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  1. 4


    Jasmine and I did not always agree...our love story was one that was developed with time and patience!
    The first time I tried Jasmine, the seam where the top lace is inserted gaped a lot, resulting in a pointy shape, that made me quiver...we weren't meant to be then.
    But alas, luckily for me, with the "orchid print" things changed: the fitting of the 28F was phenomenal, light years away from my unpleasant previous experience!

    Check my full review to know our love story:

    Orchid print colorway

    Updated on Nov 06, 2016 Flag this

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      Thank you!!

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  2. 3


    I have this for at least a year but didn't wear it very often so I somehow forgot to review it. But it proved to be really light and comfortable during the last extremely warm summer months.

    The design is unobtrusive but very pretty. I like the transparent lace, the shiny straps and the lack of big colorful bows. The cup fabric reminds me of old wallpapers. But it's blue and I'm a sucker for blue so that's fine.

    Like others have said, the fabric in front is very scratchy on the outside and mildly scratchy on the inside and it doesn't get better with washing. I don't mind that ... but it could be a problem if it's chafing or if you have very sensitive skin. The lace is made of the same soft and stretchy material used on the Panache Andorra and Cleo Kayla and the band consists of a thin breathable mesh.

    The fit is different from my other Cleo / Panache bras that tend to push all my breast tissue to the center. It's supportive but my boobs just keep their natural wide and projected shape. I didn't like this at first but it is a welcome change now that I own so many bra that make a super round shape. Also because my boobs get really achy when I only wear ball shaped bras like my Cleo Meg ( ) or Marcie ( ) for several days. Maybe they want to express their personality and don't like to be forced into an artificial geometric shape all the time" alt=";-)" />

    The wires have the same narrow shape as in my Panache Andorra ( ). But they are more flexible, so they fit a bit too wide ending about 1.5 cm behind by breast tissue. But they don't poke me and I even find it more comfortable to have the wires sit in a slightly different spot from time to time. The band fits pretty snug but has enough give to remain comfortable during a 12 hour workday.

    Quality is great: The color is still really intense and nothing has stretched out after at least 15 washes.

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      Very cute on you! I have it in a 32JJ . .. I've sort of outgrown it tho. Hoping my weight will turn around some day here

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      I feel you! Still have like 500€ worth of pants hanging around that are just a tiny bit too small. But loosing that last 2kg is so freaking hard.

    • 1

      I'm just not able to wear a Jasmine in my shape. I have tried it in multiple sizes and none have worked. I'm fine with the view from the front, but the side view is pointy due to my soft tissue sinking into the deeper cups. Or something.

      But this looks great on you except for the tight band in the back, but I know that it's something that you prefer.

    • I think pointy look usually means you are more FOB and its a very FOT friendly shape. I mean, its a little bullet-like on me, but I liked that in my shape - i wore it esp under big bulky sweaters to give some shape

    • Calluna
      Did you also get the pointy shape in a smaller cup size?

      It's kinda hard to predict the shape of Panache bras and for me it also depends a lot on the size. For example the Andorra makes a nice round shape in a 28F but a 30F looks cone like and a 30E is still a bit pointy because the wires are not pulled wide enough. But looking through all the other pictures makes me think that soft vs firm tissue is also a factor.

    • dbmamaz im only slightly ful on bottom. When I do the leaning over test, my nipples are mostly straight down. They lean towards my face slightly. My 30F Marcie only has a little bit of a gap on my larger side.

      aboobaccount pointy in all sizes of Jasmine. Let me compile all the existing pictures of me in Panache bras.

    • 1

      Ok. I apparently didn't get pics of Jasmine in 28F and 28FF or I've already purged them from my phone. I'm sure I had some at some point. In the nude. I'm going to have a second look though. In the meantime, here's everything I have left.

      Some notes from the various fits:

      The black Envy is from the time I was first fitted into a 28F. I was surprised when I was able to get it on, but it was hella tight and felt like it was going to ping off any time. I had a valley of flesh under the band. I asked for a 30E. It was more comfortable than the 28F, though the fitter insisted that it was not a good fit (technically). I have also tried Envy in 32DD and 32E, neither pictured, but I can go back to add the 32E which I have still, I think.

      Next is Clara. I was pretty happy with the fit in terms of feeling of it though I have a bit of wrinkles at the wire and I spill a little bit in the 30E. I tried a 30FF that day because I was curious about the colour combination. As it was close to fitting, I later went back and tried the 30F. The 30F was the best fit of the 3, but the wrinkles at the wire continued.

      Next up is Jasmine in 32DD. Looks great from the front and angle though not the side. I'm sure that I tried it in 28F and 28FF. I'll see I have a valid imgur link for the fit that included one of them or both. I will look through my phone again as well.

      From my trip to a shop in Vancouver, I have a 30E Olivia and 30F Ardour. I did try a 30F Olivia and I had a better fit, but I must have purged my pics of it. This one was a good fit but the gore was wide and high. I'm not sure if I could do it all day. I tried a Panache Lois but I was not fond of it. I liked Ardour but worried that it was too shallow. It doesn't look like it is, but I kept feeling like it was trying to or going to slip.

      Let me see if I can locate the other Jasmine pics...

    • Here's the 30F Clara and 28FF Jasmine (and a few other bras). None are the 28F Jasmine but it's not significantly different. You can see the Jasmine is pointy no matter how many sizes I try.

    • Added the 32E Envy to the first imgur link.

    • Whoops let's try again on the second link.

    • Calluna
      That's interesting, thank you.

      Looks like the Envy and the Jasmine are based on the same cut that causes this pointy profile on you and a smaller band size doesn't change that. So I don't know what the fitter meant by suggesting that the 28F would be a better fit technically. Maybe she was just focusing on your snug and tight under bust measurement that indicate this size. But if the 30 band gives you enough lift and support, and it looks like it does, there is no reason to go tighter.

      I only wear a 28F instead of a 30F because it actually gives more support. In most styles the shape is basically the same but in the 28F my breasts litterally don't move at all, which feels more secure when I'm outside or at work.

      The Clara looks very nice in a 30F and the seans one the cups are similar to the ones on the Andorra so it could be worth a try but I'm just guessing. The Fantasie Marianna is very pretty indeed. Too bad they always use these stiff ribbons instead of something flexible. I think the Olivia and the Adour are the best shape wise.

      I also wonder what the Cleo Hettie or Kayla would look like on you. For me the shape is somewhere between the Marcie and the Andorra.

    • aboobaccount yes, the styles are similar. Jasmine is a little shorter and the cups are a little bit different, but very close styles. And what she meant was that the way the 28F fit compared with the 30E, it was the better technical fit. The fitter agreed that the style is not right for me though, regardless of size. There were some things that she pointed out that made her feel that way, but some of the things were debunked, for lack of a better word. And the fitters, more than one felt the same way, also said that it has to be comfortable or I would not wear it. So comfort and technical fits might not be the same.

      Clara is too shallow with the wrinkles at the wire. Shape is still a bit pointy, but not as bad. But under a work shirt it would not be a problem. I’ve told to try Ava plunge and Andorra...but I’m told Andorra is really pointy. However, since I know other styles work better, I feel like I should get what looks and feels best.

      Ardour is nice. I thought that it might be a little bit too shallow but it looks like maybe it’s average projection and possibly doable for shorter periods. Olivia is a good shape but I don’t think that I can manage that gore.

      I have keeping my eyes open for a Kayla and Hettie in a 30E at a good price, but I have other bra priorities for now. Im not sure how my soft tissue will react with them since they are known for being deep and projected and that is part of the problem with Envy and Jasmine. I’m looking at maybe getting an Ewa BM in the next month. Or possibly the Ellace in 30F. I have a few in mind...

    • And yeah...I’m with you on the Fantasie Marianna. I’m curious if a larger size would be a better fit and also if I were to pull the stiff ribbon out if that would do the trick.

    • Calluna
      Looking at your pictures again, I think going up a cup size in the Marianna will leave you with even more empty space on the sides. Probably the cup volume is about right in the size you tried but it just doesn't have enough room in the center and the ribbon amplifies this problem. So IMO pulling it out is not worth the risk unless you can get it super cheap.

      I have similar problem to with the stiff lining below the lace of my Cleo Zia ( ): It doesn't really cut in but sometimes my breasts decide to swell up during the day and it gets uncomfy. So I thought about doing this alteration ( ). But I can't find the Zia in my size anymore and it's one of my favorites which makes me afraid of messing it up.

    • Interesting. I didn’t think I had a lot of extra space on the sides of the Marianna, but I am center full, so I do lack outer tissue and have trouble filling out the sides in bras.

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  3. 2

    Didn't fit

    This is a fairly new bra and seems to be constructed well. My only complaint is that it gives me cone-boob!

    Updated on Mar 19, 2017 Flag this

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      Often FOT-friendly boobs look rather pointy on FOB boobs. But it also very projected, which can look pointy if you are used to foam domes (molded cups)

    • 1

      damn - i'm not all here. FOT-friendly BRAS can look pointy on FOB boobs. Its been harder to find the edit button recently?

    • 3

      The Jasmine tends to look a bit pointy on anyone who isn't very FoT. I actually like the shape, but if this fits you well and you'd like a rounder profile, you should give the Cleo Marcie or Cleo Hettie a go.

    • 1

      I second the recommendation for the Cleo Marcie- that gives me a great naturally rounded shape and some crazy amazing lift. Plus it's super cute and comes in a million colors.

    • 1

      Scarl3tt3 This color is gorgeous on you!!

    • Jasmine is a bit pointy on me as well, but not nearly as bad as Tango or Andorra. I think it looks lovely on you. I third the recommendation for Marcie/Lucy Cleo bras for rounded uplift. I'm shallow and they manage to make me look rounded.

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  4. 0

    Didn't fit

    My shape: narrow/average root width, tall roots, projected/very projected, immediate projection, even fullness.

    I'm pretty sure this bra is mistagged - or it comes up markedly smaller than all the other colourways I've ever tried (including lots of black/dark ones). I think it is like a 28E (maybe a large 28E?) on 28F wires. The deep cups fit me well, though I don't have the upper fullness needed to get a rounded shape in this bra. Cups are narrow/average width, and the stretch lace follows my shape well. In it my breasts look super projected, slightly pointed.

    Usually 28Fs/30Es are too big for me, other than shallower halfcup styles ... (which squish me into a cakes on a plate cleavage). I do best in deep/very deep 30DDs. In all other colourways of Jasmine the cups are too deep and too big in a 30E. The fit of this one makes me want to try 30DD and 32D very much.

    The band is too small, I only wear this one with an extender. Even when I was a 28 band I wore an extender with Jasmine - the material is very, very firm. If you don't have much squish, I'd recommend sizing up unless you like a very firm fitting band.

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    Black colourway colorway

    Updated on Sep 10, 2018 Flag this

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  5. 0

    Didn't fit

    Again, I'm headed back to try 28Es in Panache, as yet another 28F looks baggy, though I need to investigate whether cup depth and wire width would even be significantly different. If the problem is more about style and scale than size, perhaps I should just move on to other brands/styles. What I realy like about this bra is the pushing in from the sides effect, which I believe comes partly from the strap attaching to a vertical-only outer panel. I also get pretty good immediate projection in this bra compared to the others I've tried. However, I haven't figured out what to do with all the soft ... flesh that's now sitting top and center because the bottom of my breasts is projected up. It spills forward and give me too much center projection, too much pointiness, and a loose/jiggly feeling, and I suspect going a cup size down wouldn't fix the issue. My limited forays into immediate projection all seem to come at the expense of a nice center shape. I only wear unlined bras and strongly anything with even a hint of bullet...
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    28:7 28F

    Too much depth in center of bra, breasts look pointy/coney/jiggly


    Jasmine Balconnet Bra (6951)

    2 suggestions

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    • This bra looks fantastic on you.

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  6. 0

    Used to fit

    I've only worn this bra once or twice since I bought it, but I do like it. I bought it at Secrets From Your Sister in Toronto, Ontario because it was on clearance, and therefore 50% off. It has a good firm band; the wires are a touch on the wide side for me, but it doesn't really bother me; the straps are a little wide set, but again it doesn't bother me too much; it gives a pointy shape due to the stiff laminated material of the bottom half (so I'll be wearing this with thicker sweaters or when I'm intentionally going for a pointy look); the ... stretch lace top is comfortable, but probably contributes to the pointy look; it's super projected (so I had to size down one cup); on a scale of 1-10 has a 6 or 7 in immediate projection at the wire (as far as I can tell); and the gore tacks on me, although I can see it being too wide for some people. It's definitely not the cutest bra ever, as I don't normally go for animal prints, but it's usually hidden anyway so whatever.
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    Didn't write a review

    Added on Mar 22, 2017

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    Hasn't set fit

    Didn't write a review

    This bra is not owned any more

    Added on Nov 24, 2016

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    Didn't fit

    Didn't write a review

    Light blue floral colorway

    Added on Nov 03, 2018

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    Didn't write a review

    blue blossom colorway

    Added on May 25, 2017

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