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You are able to mention certain entries of the site so they get automatically linked. You can do that by typing @ and then continue with the name of what you want to refer to. You will find this enabled on:

Things you can @mention

When you mention an object, your text will contain a link to it. This is the list of objects you can mention:

Why mention?

Mentions are a great way to let readers navigate and know better what you refer to.

In some cases (explained below) the mentions will also be useful to group conversations about items so they can be traced back.

Mentioning brands/models

When you mention a brand or a model, your entry will be directly linked on this brand or model's activity page.

This is very useful because it allows you to browse conversations or questions people have by brand.

Mentioning users

Mentioning a user is a good idea since they will get a notification about it. It is a good way to call someone's attention and then that person can keep track of which conversations she's taken part.

Mentioning sizes by index

This is a bit of an exception, to mention sizes you don't need to type @ to get the suggestions. The site will automatically link any index size that you type of the shape ##:## .

Mentioning your lists of bras

You will only be able to link to your lists that are either set to public access or logged users access. Other lists will not be available for mentioning.

Mentioning your bras

If you start typing the size of any bra you have, you will be able to mention any of them. This will provide a direct link to your bra's detail page which includes your review, pictures, measurements, etc.

Mentioning your listings

Same as mentioning your bras, if you start typing their size you will see their suggestions, they will link directly to your listing page.