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Bras » Panache » Jasmine Balconnet Bra (6951) » 36HH 36:12

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage91.5
B. perimeter43.6
Stretched Band93.9
Band Length77.3
Cup width18.3
Cup depth36.7
Wire length39.2
Cup height25.4
Cup separation1.6
Gore height10.6
Wing height12.6
Strap width1.9

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    Jazzy J! I held off trying the Jasmine, I think because of it's reputation for a pointy shape. Then I tried one (34JJ - Panache » Jasmine Balconnet Bra (6951), and it was, in fact, pointy, and I didn't care for it. But I thought I'd see if a smaller cup size would help pull in the points. And it did! I quite like this 36HH in black.

    This bra has a four-part construction with vertical seams and a side panel. The top panel is stretch lace with no elastic strip along the edging. The bottom panels are a single-layered mesh - quite light, but not ... unsturdy. I find when I wear it, the cups "disappear" and I just feel the wires and band.

    Speaking of the band, I had a blowout the other day when I tried it. Apparently my breasts are rather low-set with my IMF not far above the bottom rib in front. The Jasmine's band rode down till it was resting on the ridge of the last rib, and when I yawned and stretched my ribcage contracted and whoops! The band slipped right over the edge onto my stomach. I took some pictures of the effect, which felt worse under the shirt than it looked outside of it. Anyway, I have ordered a 34J sister size to see if it will still work with the tighter band.

    The wires on this one are just a bit too long for me and the wings too high, so it can get uncomfortable under the armpits at times. No surprise for me with Panache.

    Overall I think this one fits! If I don't keep it, it will only be for budgetary reasons and that I think it will be easier for me to find a Jasmine later on than a Thea, which I am also happy with. 34J - Panache » Thea Balconnet Bra (9261)

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    Black colorway

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    Used to fit

    So, I own 36HH - Panache » Envy Balconnet Bra (7285) already, so I was expecting a very similar fit out of Jasmine, being as they're basically the same cut. I was not wrong. I feel like in some ways Jasmine actually wins out for me, though.

    The band was very tight - I actually had trouble fastening it. I had the same problem with Envy, though I think in both cases it's because of the colorway; my Envy is Cassis (a deep purple) and my Jasmine is Black Ricamo, and darker dyes, especially blacks, can cause a fabric to not stretch so much. Once it's ... fastened, though, it feels fine. Snug, but not so much that it feels like it's cutting into me.

    Wires are a bit wide, though a little bit narrower than Envy, so that's nice. The sides feel like they don't come up too high, and the gore is both perfect in height and width.

    Jasmine feels like it has a lot more immediate projection to it than Envy does, and I get a different shape out of it. Envy gives me an uplifted but more rounded shape; Jasmine gives me a VERY uplifted shape; from the front it's very round, while from the sides a fair bit pointier. Which, frankly, I like.

    I also like the fabric it's made of. The floral print is nice (though I'm getting a bit bored of floral prints), and the material is nicely soft. I must say, much as I love the lace on Envy, it can rub against my skin and get uncomfortable after a while.

    Good bra.

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    Black Ricamo colorway

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    • I have two each of Jasmine (champagne/pink and pink and black houndstooth) and Envy (cassis and "nude," all in 30FF. They're my best fits and my favorite bras.

      However, I prefer the Envy because on me it definitely has more immediate projection than the Jasmine, so its wires stay up in my inframammary fold better than the Jasmine's do. (My firm tissue loves to push underwires right down onto my rib flare. Painful!)

      I suspect this has to do with us being in very different size ranges.

    • Quite possible! I know that my Envy likes to push itself down, though I suspect that part of that is how high the sides are as well - they are TALL. Jasmine's sides are shorter, at least on mine, so I'm hoping it'll be less of an issue.

      I know I've seen a fair amount of back and forth about which of the two bras have more projection and which is wider/narrower, so I think that varies a lot by size.

    • My breasts are rooted fairly low on my chest, so there are no wires/wings out there that are too high on me. I'm almost always wishing they were taller/higher for a smoother line under my arms!

      The Jasmine is a bit narrower in the wires than the Envy in my size, too.

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