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Quinceañera - Happy 15 years to Bratabase

15 years ago I wrote the first blog post on this (much evolved) codebase that made official the launching of Bratabase on the Internet.

Many computers have gone by, and many screenshots have been lost on how the site looked back then and how it's changed in 15 years. Well.... maybe more like 10 since the last several years there hasn't been an important redesign of the site.

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Because we're human

Just like Butters teaches us, we have to take the good with the bad, and with the amazing loving community that we have, we have to learn to endure the growing pains of having too much love.

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New stuff! - Mid 2016 edition

This update is LONG overdue. All of these changes happened during March and April and I kept distracting myself fixing smaller bugs or with other tasks but writing this post communicating what's new on the site.

This is a summary of what's new. Explanations and screenshots right after.

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Comexim Arizona review

The Comexim Arizona is a padded plunge bra; unlike padded plunges from Ewa Michalak, it does not have removable inserts. There aren’t any inserts at all, or a designated space for them. Arizona is a red bra with a black laser cut-like fabric overlay. This bra has multiway straps, but can’t be worn as a strapless as it lacks structural support to do so. I haven’t had a red bra in quite a long time, so the Arizona is a welcome addition is my bra drawer :)

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Claim your personalized URL

Along a few changes on the site, probably the most visible for you will be the ability to now have a pretty URL you can share.

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More information about sending your bras

What's new on Bratabase and fulfilling the recommendations promise

At last! I'm writing about this. In the past few months a few improvements happened on the site. Some visible, some not. Some big, some are just cosmetic details.

Some of them have been available to users for a few weeks already but they have not been properly introduced, and not everybody must be aware of them and what's interesting about them ;) .

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My breast reduction: 10 years later, part 2

You can read part one here

The night before my surgery, I literally kissed my breasts good bye and tried to get to sleep. I’m anxious by nature, and knowing that I was having surgery the next day was something that I couldn’t get out of my head. Bright and early the next morning, my mom drove me to the plastic surgeon’s downtown office. The plan was for an outpatient surgery: I would have the surgery, go to recovery, and then be discharged when my doctor thought I was ready.

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Breast shapes we're more familiar with

With the introduction of the breast shapes gallery we were able to group boob twins together anonymously.

This clustering is one more piece of information on the complex puzzle that boobs describing is.

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My breast reduction: 10 years later, part 1

Some of you may know that I had a breast reduction when I was 17, and I wanted to share my experience with you all. This is the first part in a two part series that I will be writing. This post will cover my reasons for choosing the surgery, my consultation, and risks of having a breast reduction. Part 2 will cover post-op life, re-growth, and a reflection on the last 10 years.

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