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Bras » Cleo » Marcie Balconnet Bra (6831)

Marcie Balconnet Bra (6831)

Since AW2012 - Solid coloured unpadded balconette with polka dot embroidery. More...
This bra is discontinued.

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  1. 25



    I'm fuller on bottom, and somewhat even, but definitely not full-on-top. So please take with a grain of salt those who claim (usually due to hearsay) that this bra is the one you try to test if you're full-on-top, or that it would not work for full-on-bottom breasts. I wish I had tried it earlier.

    This bra can work for you if you are bottom-heavy because of the forgiving upper lace section. If you want to test if you are full-on-top and more shallow than projected, try the Cleo Juna, with its wide upper and shallow lower section. This bra is not shallow at all, so if you ... are full-on-bottom and shallow, that's a whole different story.

    These cups fit perfectly on me, and the mesh lace upper section lies nearly flat against even my smaller boob. The Marcie does not have the "speed bump" issue that Cleo Millie / Lily / "sister cuts" have. Specifically, the lace section on those other narrow, projected Cleos will bulge and be loose where the thinner mesh or lace meets the cup, unless you're definitely full-on-top. Also, unlike those "sister cuts," the Marcie is made from a solid color of soft mesh, whereas those have smooth, unstretchy fabric underneath a loose mesh top section.

    Good immediate projection, relatively narrow wires/cup widths--one of the narrowest cups you can get in this size without going to a Polish brand (5.2"). However, the wires become wider at the top outsides of the cups, which is annoying because the edges of the cups are almost under the armpits.

    The tops of the cups, and therefore the straps, are a bit too far apart for me. Straps are pretty thin (not strap width, but thickness of the strap when you pinch it), so they cut in a little.

    The elastic of the band also cuts in, mostly because I am muscular--I wish Panache and Cleo used thicker, less stretchy materials on their unpadded bras, so that the elastic would not always be tighter than the band. I also wish the Marcie came in a longline style. That would solve the only discomfort issue I have with this thin band. Wires under stiffer fabric were also painful against the sternum and ribs initially, but bending them and washing the bra helped a lot.

    The cups in 28F run very slightly small at first, but stretch out with wear. The band is extremely tight at first--I think the Marcie could work on someone who needs 26 bands, because I'm about 27".

    This review was for the pink color after three wears and one wash.

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    • 4

      Thank you so much for this review! This bra can work very well for bottom-heavy projected breasts and its nice to read such an in-depth fit analysis.

    • 1

      Thanks for this contribution, although I think this was added years ago its helpful now. I may give this one a try, I think it will work as long as I dont overestimate the size I need. I have tried a few Cleo bras such as MiMi and Juna. I use to be even with more topfullness now I am more full on bottom with a lot of innerfullness and need some projection, I thought the Juna kind of fit but the mimi fit me better.

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  2. 9



    Oh I have so many feels for this bra, though not all good, and I don’t even know where to begin.

    In my recent growth spurt (aka weight gain), my current 30F Marcie in navy has been fitting in the cups way better than when I first got it. Not that it was a horrible fit then, but it was just the reality of a minor shape mismatch. It’s a bra with full on top breasts in mind, and mine are more even to full on bottom due to my soft deflated tissue. Because it’s one of the two bras that fit me well and I wasn’t spilling ... out of (mostly), I opted to get this one, which is the same size, but in black. The band looked like it was a little looser which was a plus, since my navy is actually a bit too tight still. The rest of the specs looked ok, with maybe the cup depth a smidge bigger, which I didn’t anticipate as a problem, especially as I’m prone to swelling after I ovulate. So, I made the deal and received the bra, despite my city being one of the early ones that Canada Post had a strike in (rotating strike).

    The bra actually came with a new tag! I didn’t expect that! I also didn’t expect the bra would fit differently from the navy one, but it does, and not necessarily in a good way. The whole thing is like a half inch taller all around, and the cups are a tad bigger too. This is not the worst thing though. Even though it is gapping on both breasts in a similar manner to how the navy one did when I first got it (although I think it is a bit worse with the black), the biggest problem is that the fabric between the wires and straps is also higher, and it is cutting into my armpits and tail of spence and uncomfortable in some positions. I actually don’t think that the half inch difference is that much of a problem with the gore - it’s already high on the navy, but I can deal with it so long as I don’t wear it again for a second day in a row. The wings/band being marginally higher is also not hugely problematic - I’m ok with it a smidge higher as it feels more supportive, but only as long as it is comfortable. I’ve marked it as fit, even though technically, with the gapping and straps placement, it technically doesn’t. But the lower half of the cup fits well, and I know that the gapping is shape mismatch. The straps bit may or may not be tolerable long’s not my only one with similar issues.

    I have included pics of the navy one over top of the black one being reviewed - remember that they are both 30F. I did also include pics from today (technically yesterday now) where the fit is slightly better. My breasts and nipples have been sore for a few days and I think I just ovulated, or am about to, so I am starting to swell up. You might be able to see the difference in the fit, including the difference in the amount of gapping. You’ll also probably notice that I am actually in cup quadding some, where it’s less noticeable in my navy. I also included a few pics of an experiment that I did in which I folded a thin section of the lace at the top of the cup and then tucked it into the cup to hold (some - it doesn’t stay put for long) and you can see the shorter cup makes it fit loads better except for the in cup quadding. It’s actually kinda cute that way!

    There’s lots of lovely things about this black Marcie though. As solid black with no contrasting colours, it’s subtle and understated, I think, and maybe slightly more adult looking than the fun colours that Marcie comes in. You can see I kind of had fun with a tunic top of mine and it looks sophisticated. It’s got the trademark polka dots on the mesh cups, and the bow at the gore, though it is noticeably larger than the bow on the navy one. As usual, it’s a nice round fit with lightweight materials. Although I might be outnumbered, I do actually like the thinner straps, at least in my size range.

    I have yet to decide whether not to keep it or relist it. It sort of does the job that I got it for, but just not as well as I had hoped. I don’t really want to list this as a fit request, but I would love some basic feedback from those who have been following me for a while now.

    Also, 25 pics! I’m not sure if it’s a record or not, but holy doodle, I can’t stop, and I even cut some of the pics out of the!

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    This bra is not owned any more

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      You have shifted size so much since I have first started talking to you!
      It looks really pretty on you.
      I see that it definitely is taller than the other blue one.
      Perhaps this is a newer or older model of the Marcie?
      If you can't see the looseness of the lace under shirts, I would mark it as a win as well.
      Have you thought about throwing a few stitches in the spot where you folded the lace under to keep it there?
      Although I do think this looks a bit tight.
      Since you know, Ewa and Comexim are the only brands in the world making their bands looser while every other brand it making there bands firmer (ofcourse cleo/panache is still doing the same thing they've always done, but I just wanted to throw that out there lol) now that the world is finally trying to hop on the "well fitting bra" train.

    • 1

      It looks great under a shirt! I'd say if the tall wings and wires are not a problem comfort wise, the issues can be overlooked cause the shape it gives you is very nice.

    • 1

      First, I *love* all the photos. Each and every one of them is helpful and holds value. More is always better IMO, as we can never predict what each person is looking for when they utilize them, as we each have our own unique set of fit issues and bra priorities, so great job with the photos!

      Second, excellent review! Very thorough and descriptive. Anyone researching this bra will be overjoyed with the plethora of information provide. Yay!

      Don't you get frustrated with inconsistency in manufacturing? Maybe this one was a slight second, not of full quality so distributed at discount stores or eBay discount sellers. Some advertise them as such but often they don't let you know. I've gotten several like that before I realized the "great deal" wasn't such a deal after all, haha.

    • 2

      I'd say it all comes down to your own comfort. Will you actually wear it, or will it sit in your drawer because you know that it's not comfortable? If the wings and/or gore and/or straps are cutting into you and chaffing, then maybe think about relisting and trying a different Marcie. If you're comfortable wearing it, and a little bit of gaping doesn't bother you, then keep it. It gives you a great shape (and I also always appreciate lots of pictures)! I personally have two Marcies that fit quite differently, but I kept both. I tend to reach for my purple one more than my aqua one because I find it more comfortable. These days, I only keep bras that I KNOW I'll reach for because they're comfortable.

    • 2

      opps. I accidently downvoted you because I hadn't realized I already upvoted your review. Sorry. I re-upvoted you!

    • 4

      lol Wilderness1 I do that ALL the time by accident. I basically upvote most things and forget then try to upvote again then I try to upvote again then downvote then upvote again, forget... you get the point.

    • 3

      Hi friends, sorry for the late response. It was cuckoo bananas at work today, plus I'm starting to get sick, and I'm beat. Zzzzz. Borscht, pierogi, and kielbasa are in my future. Probably more of the soup.

      I'm not terribly fussed about the gapping because it's not visible underneath my shirt, and I wear an under shirt under my uniform shirt to help it stay clean longer as I pay for my laundry. The taller sides is not itself a problem, just that they are part of the reason that it is digging into my armpits which is where my greatest hesitation is with this bra. I've had other bras that do this and it always bugged me, though at a point in the day, sometimes I just get used to it and forget about it. I wore this bra for a short while yesterday morning and ended up switching to a different one shortly after. I'm probably going to be mindful of that and try it again when at home, as I am not prepared to test it with an all day wear yet. I might just have been a bit temperamental...

      I'm glad that everyone is in agreement that it still looks good despite it not being the same fit as my navy Marcie, or as good. It's super frustrating when this happens. I mean, on one hand, if they are responding to customer complaints that the band is too tight or loose and they've adjusted the template for the future runs, I can't really blame them for trying to make it better. But it's the inconsistency that changes all the time that makes it super hard for the consumer who is buying with the expectation that it will be the same way that the others that they have are. I have no idea if this is older or newer than the navy. I got it from a user here, and it still has a tag on it, but that still doesn't mean it is recent. It could still be old stock that is simply new to the consumer but not necessarily a new release. But I think it's new still. I'm just not totally sure.

      I'm glad I am ok with pics. I always feel like I upload more than everyone else does...but I like to be thorough when I can. I see some who have like 5, maybe 10, and here I am with 25. But I have pics of the bra on me with different angles, bra off for details, bra under clothes... and it all adds up.

      As for the down vote/up vote, you're not alone. I've done this more than once. I think that it's partly because it's in colour when you do it, but when you come back to the comments, it is all grey and then you can't tell that you have already voted. Would love a pop up saying that you've already voted on this, would you like to change it or cancel it to leave it sort of like how now I get a message saying that I have already published the comment so as not to duplicate it.

      Anyway, I'll keep testing it out for a bit and then decide what to do. For now, it's find a tissue and then pass out on the couch for a bit, then heat the borscht.

      Love you all!!!

    • 2

      Feel better Calluna !

    • 1

      Thanks Wilderness1...and sorry for not responding individually and tagging in my comment above.

    • 2

      Hope you feel better!

      If I remember you said you're pre period and I know that I am more sensitive to what I wear during those days (and esp if I'm also coming down with something as well).

      So I say give the bra a test ride when it's all over and if it still bothers you, then don't torture yourself with it, definitely!

    • 1

      brasaremean, I’m just waiting on one more temp to confirm ovulation, though maybe two, because the initial rise temp from Saturday morning might be questionable and artificially high from less sleep. But it’s matching my other body signs so possibly legit still. But you’re right, I might have just been in a hormonal mood. I know my right shoulder had begun to throb with pain, which I attributed to the bra whether or not it was the cause or not. So I took it off.

      Borscht was delicious. Straight outta Poland, yo. ;)

    • 1

      Yay, glad it was delicious.

    • 1

      Update: I’ve worn this a few times now, including a full day at work (possibly more...I can’t recall now) and it’s been ok. I think it’s dependent on what I am wearing with it, but I also end up forgetting about it. I’m a few days into my period now and I never made the lace not gap at all, but I did fill it out a little bit better then. I’m going to keep it for now, though judging from the fit, I’m considering a Lucy in 28G (or 30FF Kali because the band seems tighter on Kali) which appears to have similar cup measurements to this Marcie, but as it’s for FOB breasts and potentially more closed off than Marcie, I’m wondering if it’s a possibility. Wow, could I say Marcie any more times?!

    • 1

      Here’s the comparison of 30F Marcie with 28FF and 28G Lucy. Note that my navy Marcie cup depth is 9.7” or 9.8”, whereas the black is 9.9” or 10” in depth, if that helps. Lucy looks like most of the bands are stretchy compared with the Kali.

    • Comparisons are awesome! It helps paint the whole picture IMO. Thank you for adding the compare link!

    • 1

      Well, the comparison links are only partially helpful because the Marcie measurements for this black one is in between the 28FF and 28G Lucy and the 30F and 30FF Kali. I’m going to have to wait until the next bra arrives and factor its measurements and fit in order to determine whether or not I go up in the cup width those two styles.

    • LeProfessor you mentioned something looks tight in your comment above. What looks like it is tight? The folded over lace or something else?

    • No, I feel like the band looks to be a bit tighter than what i am used to seeing with you.

    • 1

      Ahh. The band actually feels great! I have to use an extender with the navy Marcie as it was 28.5” new when I got it. I’m just about ready to go without it now. My Ellace bras needs to have an extender too, just one extra row of hooks on the crimson, and one or two on the latté. I did actually wear my crimson without an extender recently though. Those were also 28.5” to start with too.

    • 1

      But to be fair, when you were helping me earlier this year with my shape and such LeProfessor, I was getting 29-29.5” snug and I have been at 28-28.5” snug for several months now. Might have been just me adjusting, though the fitter at the specialist shop that used to be here also got 28” snug for me which is why she tried to put me in 28s (but they were sooo tight, even if they did think that it was a better fit than 30s). So I don’t know what happened there. Maybe I wasn’t going snug enough or was measuring myself wrong. But anyway, it’s been 28” ish since spring.

    • 2

      It makes sense, many women have to make steps towards are "perfectly" firm band. They're just not used to how tight it can feel. My UB measurements have technically gotten smaller, but snug is most comfortable at about 27 now I would say, but my bust has also gotten larger by about an 1-2 in bust circumference and between 0.5"-1.5" in horizontal perimeter. I think what we are comfortable with just changes over time Calluna . ^.^

    • 1

      Thanks. Right now, I’m most comfortable with bands at least 29” and up to 30” stretched, but maybe a little more. My 60HH Comexim Victoria is 28.75” stretched and I can manage all day, but it is a bit tighter than I am most comfortable in. I was told that I should consider bands that have stretched measurements of a half to whole inch larger than the snug in measure. Seems to be mostly accurate. I find that anything between 28-29” I can consider snug, but closer to 29” it’s bordering on the loose measurement, and closer to 28” is tighter. But I feel my snug measurement can fluctuate slightly from day to day and sometimes the time of day. Sometimes it’s easy to get the 28” and sometimes it’s better at 28.5” or even in between.

    • 2

      I second the opinion that it if it is comfortable you should wear it, it looks great on you under your sweater, so that is good news :) Feel better soon!

    • 1

      Thanks veggiechic. I had a week of feeling off, but my neti pot really helped reduce my symptoms and how bad I might have been. I’m mostly ok now, with minor congestion.

    • Thank for the review.
      Looks great under that green shirt, btw. It's interesting that your runs larger. I also have a black Marcie (shame on me, still have to add picture) and it actually runs smaller that my other colorways. Maybe they got complaints about it and changed the pattern.

    • Thanks aboobaccount! It’s super odd, but yeah, since black dyes are known for causing tighter fits, maybe they are overcompensating and going bigger...but that still doesn’t explain the taller everything.

      I love that sweater. It’s a nice light one with the burnout design and loose/open knit. I generally do wear it with a grey or navy cami under it, but it’s interesting to see how it looks when I don’t. I have tried it with my latte Ellace and it disappeared under the sweater and blended with my skin. It’s certainly more breezy with only a bra under than if I am wearing a cami under.

      But I agree that the bra looks really good under it solo.

    • 1

      I’ve updated the gallery with new pics from today. I’m high tide and possibly still a little larger than when I got the bra. The bit on the sides and under arm area is still bothering me, but as one of the few better fitting bras I own, I am just dealing with it.

    • 1

      It looks like a wonderful fit now. Sorry it's still bothering you on the sides. :-(

    • 1

      Thanks MamaPagan. It’s definitely a better fit right now than when I got it. Small side does wrinkle a bit still, but super minimally. I’m not sure if I have more tissue than before or if it is just high tide. I have to see how it goes with low tide.

    • Keep us informed! :-)

    • 1

      Will do. I have a little bit of loose lace on my small side but it is not gaping as much as it is in my original pictures.

    • 1

      A bit of gaping on the small side is better than a lot of quadding on the larger side though!

    • 1


    • True.

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  3. 9



    I originally ordered this bra on Amazon US from The Lingerie Outlet in January with a few Freya bras to be sent to my friend in LA, where I was headed to in mid February. For whatever reason, it got cancelled and refunded and I never got it with my order. After I had been back for a month or so, I saw it was on sale in the Canadian Amazon store for a really good price, so I snapped it up and ordered again from The Lingerie Outlet. I had a few more communication mishaps with them because they kept confusing the previous US order that my ... husband had placed for me in January (which was returned for a refund) and the one that I had placed in the Canadian store, but I eventually got it. And I was happy.

    I have had this bra for 3-4 months now, but have only just gotten around to reviewing it. This is because my original pictures were meh because I took them at home when I got it, which was after work one night, and I was losing natural daylight pretty quickly. I got rid of the original pictures, but then I never got around to retake them again until today, while my husband was yakking away in the other room for a podcast he does. I *think* I might have overcompensated a little bit on the pics because I took a lot! I posted most of them too. Because it is such a dark navy colour, with monochromatic detail, it was still a bit challenging to get the best pics from the mirrored closet doors reflection with the light from the windows behind me and have the details show. So I propped my phone up against my copy of Goblet of Fire that's on my nightstand and used the 3 second timer delay timer for a few alternative pics with better lighting, only the camera is slightly tilted because it is leaning against the book to be hands free, meaning that I don't have completely accurate shots, or they look a little bit funny at the slight angle, but the better lighting highlights the bra better, I think. The wires are easier to see. Anyway, I'll move on to the fit portion now...

    A bit about my boobs first...

    I have deflated tallish so functionally short and narrowish roots that are center full and even to full on bottom. My tissue is pretty soft and malleable as well as pendulous. I need immediate projection, but only average apex projection or else I have a pointy shape because my soft tissue just sinks into cups like pudding. Wherever there’s space. Cue Envy and Jasmine on the pointy...

    Also, hooray for the small bit of a tan I have going on right now!

    When I got this bra, it was tight! I could do it up, but I knew from the experience with the Ellace that I would not be able to wear it that tight all day, or for more than an hour or so. I looked at it and it looked just like the 28 bands from the Jasmine and Envy bras I tried on at my local store with the hook end looking short and stubby. It actually only measured 28.5" stretched! So I was very thankful that I had an extender, and popped that puppy on asap! Here's the thing though. From a technical fit perspective, I think that the band tightness and tension are actually pretty good because I had a good fit in the cups and wires. As soon as I added a few rows of eyes from the extender, the cups began to wrinkle some, more on my small side than the larger side. However, under a shirt, this wasn't (isn't) noticeable, and the comfort from the additional columns of eyes was (is) worth it. I started out with the middle set of eyes, relaxing it to the loosest ones after work when I was reclining against the pillows in my bed or on my couch, since the posture changes affect how my band and gore fit. I'm now on the tightest hooks on the extender (one extra row) generally and, while it's snug, I am able to do a full day at work like this. Occasionally I have moved to the middle again, if my sternum is sore or I'm pre-period swollen. All pics are sans extender though...

    As I said above, the cups fit best with no extender. That said, I have a very small amount of room in the cup in the lace portion, but I don't think it's enough to size down. The lace does lay flat against my tissue when I am in a neutral position. As I am even to full on bottom, I am assuming that it is just a minor shape mismatch as this bra is more open on top for fuller tissue than I have. It just wants a little bit more boob than I can give it. I think that it's evident from the side view, as it's quite round on the lower 2/3 (3/4?) of the bra and then a little bit flat or sloped on top against my tissue under the lace bit. I don't think that this is a huge issue, and I seriously doubt that the average person I run into will have any idea or give a shit, you know? Especially under my work shirts (I wear one under the other as an under shirt to help keep the uniform shirts in better condition over time).

    My biggest problem with this bra is the gore. It's a little bit too tall for me. And it just presses into my sternum and hurts! I think that if it was not as high, I might have been able to tolerate the tighter band a bit better/sooner. It's also just a tiny bit too wide. My boobs want to push the wires together and it overlaps some, as I show in one of my pictures. It's not that huge of a problem, and the wires seem like they are not on breast tissue (barely). My gore bow twists a little bit because of my closeness, I think. Again, it's trivial and only an issue to me.

    All that said about the band tightness and gore, I really do love this bra in many other ways. I adore navy, and it's been somewhat easy finding underwear locally that matches well enough (sometimes it's hard finding the particular shade locally I'm looking for like the latte shade of my's equal is elusive locally!) I like that the straps are a little bit thinner. My bust is only minorly large (mediumish?), so I don't have a problem with the support from the thinner straps the way larger busts do/might have. I like the lighter mesh and lace of the cups, especially in the warmer weather (when it decides to show up here) and is forgettable under the uniform I wear for work. I also like how tall the sides are. I feel like I have a little bit more support. However, it's just shy of encroaching into my armpits...any higher and it would be uncomfortable. It's possible that it's also the mesh of the band that gives me the feeling of support and not entirely the height. And of course, it would probably not be as high if the gore was not as high, so a tradeoff from the evil high gore. The wires feel like they're a little bit too wide, but wire marks when I take it off do follow my roots pretty well. This is probably the widest cup width I can do though.

    The best thing about this bra for me is...

    wait for it...


    I freaking love polka dots (Cleo Mimi is on my wish list). I love the subtle polka dots on the lower mesh portion of the cups as well as on the contrasting red bow.

    I'm hugely torn about this bra, and also whether I want it in more colours (I just saw the khaki/olive green and dusty pink shades that are coming, and the current new cornflower blue shade...more love!!!). I mean, I know that I *want* it in more colours, but can I do the gore in multiple bras? I don't know...

    Anyway, sorry for the delay in getting the rest of the profile complete with the pictures and my usual novel of a review. Thanks to the troopers who made it to the end of the ramblings.'re the best! 😘

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    1327 more words

    Navy colorway

    This bra is not owned any more

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    • 1

      I think you actually beat me in the amount of photos taken for a single bra, & I wouldn't have thought that was possible, haha! More photos are way better than not enough though, right? :D
      Same goes for the long reviews-you can never have too much info, as each tidbit is helpful to someone at some time in the future!
      So, great job all around! :-)

    • 2

      Great review. The bra is very pretty! It is so fun to find one that you really enjoy. I have had that feeling with a sternum on a particular bra before, and I wondered if it was because that band was pretty tight. Does the sternum feel better when you wear the extender?

    • 1

      MamaPagan lol! I usually like to have some on me, in clothes, and some details. It adds up. I actually cut some of the ones that I took, believe it or not. No one can ever tell me that I am not thorough. Right?

      veggiechic it is better with the extender but still a bit of a pain sometimes. I will eventually forget about it during the day. So right now it's all about balancing the band tension and comfort.

    • 1

      Great review. I saw this bra on your your profile and always wondered, how it fits you. Hope this doesn't sound creepy, haha.

      It looks good on you. Too bad it's not comfortable. Did you try to bend the gore away from your sternum? Also don't be afraid to test a 30E or 32DD as well. Especially in Cleo / Panache bras I always get that gore pain your describe if the cups are slightly too large. This is the main reason I wear the Marcie in a 28F even thought the cups are a little small. In the 28FF it feels like most of the tension from the band is used to press the wires against my chest, where the 28F distributes the tension across the cups which is more comfortable and gives me an even rounder shape.

      But to be honest, it's still really uncomfortable to slouch or recline in most of my Cleo / Panache bras. So I just switch to a loose wireless bra or no bra at home.

    • Thanks aboobaccount , and I don’t think that it’s creepy. When we follow others with similar sizes, it’s only natural to see what others have and how they feel about them.

      It’s mostly comfortable. At some point, I forget the wires and the snugness. As for other sizes, I actually first tried a Marcie in a Bravissimo store in London when we were there for our 20th anniversary trip. I’d asked for a 32DD as that’s what I was wearing then (but not swooping and scooping until that visit) but they didn’t have any, so I tried the 32E. I was told in a fit check earlier this year when I was reevaluating my size and shape that the 32 was the wrong band size because it was not pulling enough on the side at the wire from band tension. I was told that it also looked a little bit big, but I think that we determined that the loose fabric at the top was partly from not enough band tension at the wire, but also from my softer tissue leaning towards full on bottom. In person, I have had 2 fitters tell me that this is the right cup size, but just a slight shape mismatch. I have been told that the nude shade is a little bigger in the cup and band, so I might be able to take it in a 30E. I’m curious to whether or not the new colours will have stretchy bands. I’m not in a buying position yet, so for now, I’ll see if anyone reviews the new ones.

      As for trying to make the gore better, I tried the cotton ball but all it did was make it tighter. I lightly tried to bend the gore, but I didn’t really know what I was doing or if I was doing it right. I really don’t want to break one of my better fitting bras, you know? It’s also pretty flush in the channels, so not much wire to work with shifting it around.

    • 1

      Hey aboobaccount ... here are the only pics that I took of the Marcie in 32E when I tried on at Bravissimo in London. I wish I had taken more, but I didn't. I'd already picked up my Lepel Lilly at the Birmingham store, so this visit was to try on lots of styles and make notes for sizes for future reference. I specifically picked styles that I knew were core styles do that I know would fit if it was a different colourway or print (or so the intention was). I wanted to have some notes and ideas for when I was able to place an order from home. It was always on my mind to get this one when sometime later after I got home, but it just took a lot longer than I was thinking it was going to be. Probably for the best, because I had only the one bra in 30E and I was not really aware of breast shape or anything then anyway. And I had a year mixing in the 30E into my routine. I have considered a 32 Marcie for a more relaxed fit if it is cheap enough.

    • Ah, that's very interesting. I agree with their assessment regarding the loose fabric under your arms. A tighter band generally helps with this by pulling the wires wider and therefor stretching that fabric. You see the same effect in the Curvy Kate Ellace, where the elastic between the wire and the strap is actually too long by design (in my opinion): It get a lot of wrinkling on the sides in the 30F but not so much in the 28F course it's a different cup volume as well, but I'm sure you would also see less wrinkling in a 28FF. The big difference is that CK uses more flexible wires. So the 28 band actually pulls them too wide. Even though the band is relatively loose, stretching to 77cm compared to the Marcie's 74cm where I can literally only get two fingers under the back but the wires are perfect for my wide roots: , . So I really need tons of band tension in the Marcie. A 30E is better in terms of breathing- and eating room but the tips of the wires dig into my boobs so much that it's less comfy overall and a 30F just gives me too much wrinkling.

      However that doesn't have to be the case for people with narrower roots or less wide set breasts. The wires of the 32E fit you pretty well, even with the loose band. I think more band tension will make them too wide. And you also say

      “This is probably the widest cup width I can do though. “

      about the 30F.

      Maybe you can get away with a 32DD because the cup elastic near the wires will be shorter. The cups also won't be as high. And they look slightly too high in the last imgur picture. But definitely also try the a 30E. The navy version is my second tightest colorway, after the black one. My Bluebell and Tangerine ones are stretchier and could be perfect in 30E.

    • EDIT:
      Somehow broke a link and can't edit my comment.

      28F Ellace

    • I get the same fabric tension problem with my Ellaces and, when I had it, the Florence. The bands on all of them are/were really tight. So it's not a tension issue with those. I agree with you that it's a design flaw with the fabric.

      I will definitely consider a cheap 32DD or 30E in a colour that is known for being stretchier. I worry that the cups will be too small but it never hurts to try.

    • You could try sewing the gore together. It’s going to make the band just that might tighter. I really like Marcie and Lilly and another one with stretch lace I can’t remember the name of... but the gores are all a bit tall and wide for me and end up poking over time because the tissue tries to push the wires together. I have never gotten rid of my Lilly though. I don’t wear it every week any more, maybe not even once a month, but I still keep it lol

    • I could, yes, but as you say, it will be tighter in the band. And it’s already too tight. More than anything, I just need a shorter gore and less snug band.

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  4. 9



    It seems a bit crazy to me that I waited for so long in my bra fitting adventures before daring to try this bra and getting a good fit into it. A bit of backstory: I started wearing bras that truly fit me just after I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, and I gained about 14lbs during my first two years with fibromyalgia, which impacted my bra fitting experiences and made it hard for me to find a truly good fit, as my shape and size would change every few months. I tried Cleo Marcie only once during that period, and at that point I was stuck between 30F ... and 30FF in this bra. Now after 9 months of training and counting calories, I am finally back at the weight I had before fibromyalgia, and (spoiler alert) Cleo Marcie now fits me in 30F!

    I am the textbook shape that works for Marcie: full on top, tall roots, narrow, projected. I also have some inner fullness and I'm rather close-set.

    This bra is giving my tall roots some love! It's very open on top so it doesn't cut in at all. It's also very comfortable and the gore is rather narrow compared to many other bras I've tried. My only complaint about this bra is how thin the straps are, especially compared to Freya Rio's wide 2cm straps.

    Not to mention: this red colour (I think it's F/W 2017?) is lovely and disappears completely under a white shirt, and the leopard bow is a nice touch.

    Read more
    144 more words

    Red colorway

    Updated on May 29, 2018 Flag this

    • This bra looks excellent on you. I have to size up to 30FF in Marcie because I have so much side tissue. You obviously don't have this problem. I love the fit of this bra.

    • Gorgeous! I have a 30F in the navy on right now. I love it.

    • Stunning on you!

    • Yay! How lovely this gorgeous red disappears under white because it is so much more beautiful than beige.

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  5. 9


    Didn't fit

    Ah, Marcie!
    Marcie, Marcie, Marcie. You lured me away from Poland with promises of wispy soft blue hues, coral accents, and firm bands.
    Then you broke my heart with your purple truth, your TRAFFIC CONE NEON ORANGE highlights, and your Freya level stretchy band :''(
    Horribly deceitful and horribly expensive!

    I so badly want a soft cup bra that gives great shape that is in a cool hue. All Ewa has coming out in my SM are pinks, and no, no more pinks please. So I wandered to Marcie, because in promo images Bluebell is gorgeous, like a hydrangea. The trimmings and bows look like a bright coral, which is pretty against ... the blue.
    Either my monitor sucks or the promotional images do, and I'm telling you that with my husband's computer obsession, I'm pretty sure it's not my monitor.
    This is purple in real life. Nothing against purple, but it's not what I wanted. The accents are neon, so bright, and I hate them.
    The disappointment is real people!

    As for fit, the band is so incredibly stretchy. I bought a 30, because Cleo Marcie is notorious for running tight in most colorways. I had 28 banded Marcies way back when red was new and they were torture to my ribs. So up to 30 I went. It easily stretched to 32" and frankly I probably could have pulled it to at least 33" if not maybe 34". In my pictures you can see it push up into my lats and give me a nice big bulge over the band.

    The cups were okay. The wires aren't too bad until they suddenly widen out at the top by my armpit.
    Immediate projection was okay. There could have been more or maybe I could have used a cup up.
    I had some looseness at the top, but I expected it, Marcie is more suited to FoT shapes and I am even, functionally FoB. So, I don't fault her for that.

    I noped right out of this bra. It's going back and I'm not reordering it. If it ever makes it to a clearance price (and I mean less than $20) then perhaps I'd revisit it. Get a smaller band size, remove all the awful orange trim, because I still badly want a cool toned soft bra.
    I know this review is brief, but I didn't wear the bra that long, mostly just long enough for pictures.

    Read more
    288 more words

    Bluebell colorway

    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Apr 20, 2016 Flag this

    • I like the color of the bra, and I could even deal with the orange bow, but that orange trim on the bottom has to go! I recently got a Marcie in nude in my normal band size, and the band was tight the first time I wore it, but it loosened up very quickly. Granted, I seem to have lost 1/2 inch around my ribcage, since I put my measurements in Bratabase, but I don't think it should have made that much of a difference.

    • 1

      I actually don't mind the main color. It's a lot more purple in real life than it is in any photo but it isn't bad. It just isn't what I wanted.
      The bottom trim would be really easy to remove. The only orange that'd be left is the hardware, but you can't see any of that while you're wearing it anyway.

    • I think what I miss most about VS is that they actually could match colors properly!

    • 1

      Oh, i dont like the orange at all. I have only one Marcie, a raspberry. I also ordered a band size up after someone here said they run tight and immediately sent it bak for my normal band size - which was still kinda stretchy. i've gone up a cup size but its stretched out so much i can still wear it . . .

      its a shame because its such an easy fit, but its horrible quality

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  6. This is a really cute bra in nice bright colors that is great for the full on top lady - but not so great if you're a full on top lady with lower fullness also. Even-shaped ladies watch out because the lower cup depth is not on par with the upper cup looseness. HOWEVER, the immediately lower cup projection is to die for. Even if you can't quite fill out the upper cup in the size you need to accommodate your lower fullness, this could still be a great bra.

    Depending on my cycle, posture, how well I swoop & scoop, I get varying amounts of "flop" in the ... upper cup lace. The great part about this bra is that the lace is so thin and smooth that even when it isn't filled it doesn't show under clothes. Moreover, if it did bother you, the lace upper panel is attached to the side sling and strap so it's possible to sew two stitches to tack the lack a little further in under the other fabric and tighten it up.

    The wires are a touch narrow for me, but it's so slight that the only reason it is a problem is because they dig in both at the top of the gore and at the outer tips of the underwire. This has more to do with the underwire shape than width specifically, I think, and would be remedied if I simply bent them. I don't think I'll try that out for a while, if ever, and certainly not on this particular bra because I'm planning to sell it, but maybe on one of my older Marcies that I bought used...

    The color and sheen on the fabric are gorgeous, as are the polka dot pattern in the lower mesh and wave pattern in the lace. I'm not a fan of pink, personally, but the hot pink bow at the gore really contrasts for some nice pop to the bra. Because it is all mesh and lace, the bra is quite breathable, and perfect for summer. No boob sweat ever" alt=":)" />

    The band runs a touch loose, like in most Cleos in this size range, but it's not a huge deal" alt=":)" /> This bra has such a great range of cup sizes that most people will be able to sister size down with little consequence.

    Read more
    293 more words

    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Jun 04, 2013 Flag this

    • I know this review is a little old, but thank you! I was wondering why this bra was wrinkling at the top for me, even though the cup is almost perfect and the gore tacks. I am slightly FOB, but I think I lean toward even fullness. "Even-shaped ladies watch out because the lower cup depth is not on par with the upper cup looseness. HOWEVER, the immediately lower cup projection is to die for. " I agree. I've only just gotten the bra, so I haven't really worn it yet, but what you described seems to fit my experience when I tried it on.

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  7. 6



    Since I discovered sister sizing up in the band in Marcie bras, I'm not going back.

    Despite my 27"/29" ribcage, I find that 32 band in this solid black Marcie is just perfect:

    - The band is nice, snug and supportive, but not cutting in. It's stretching to close to comfy 31". From experience, I know that Marcie bands are not likely to loosen up anytime soon, so comfort is key here. (I have a 3 year old Marcie and I just recently had to switch to the 2nd hook. Incredible quality and durability!)
    - The gore is super comfy, even with longer wear! In contrast to the 30F version that ... digs in painfully after just 30 minutes.
    - The underwires are comfy everywhere, no digging or chafing at the sides. Boob tissue actually *stays in the cups*, instead of escaping to the sides.
    - The straps are closer to the middle than in the 30F version, and less likely to bother my armpits. This is excellent. (Seriosly, if you have frequent issues with straps cutting into your armpits, try the sister size with larger band. You might be pleasantly surprised!)
    - The straps are narrower than in the 30F version. While this does not affect the fit much, it looks nicer in summer under a tank top.

    Overall, I'm under the impression that the 32E continuity colour black Marcie runs slightly small in band and cups, maybe half a size each.
    The beige version I have runs both stretchier and slightly larger in the cups. I can fit into a beige 30E right now, but wanted a 32E Marcie for those days of my cycle when my boobs are larger than usual. The 32E black Marcie fits the bill and I'm very happy with my purchase!

    Read more
    181 more words

    Black colorway

    Updated on Apr 13, 2018 Flag this

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    • Thanks for the review! It looks like I should give another shot to Marcie in 32E as 30F has also painful wires to me!

    • Very interesting! I have a 28F black Marcie that's sat in my drawer for over a year. It's so pretty and seemed like it should be the perfect bra for me, so I'm stuck in denial that my dingy 30E one in aqua more. Never been able to pinpoint exactly why since they don't measure very differently.

      Last time I wore the 28F I was so uncomfortable I took it off halfway through the day and went braless, lol. Sizing up is a good idea

    • I tried a pink 32E in a Bravissimo in fall 2016 and while it felt fine (aside from the cups gaping a little since I'm more FOB), it was evident that the band was too loose because the wires weren't flexing back enough for a proper fit. So I recently bought the 30F in navy, and while I can hook it on the loosest hook, and it fits pretty good in the cups despite the openness etc, it's very snug and hardly stretched to 29". If I use an extender, the cups gap more. Maybe I will try another 32E, preferably one of ones that have been known for tight bands. But it's a bit frustrating. I really like it but the gore kills me if I don't use the extender, but then I sacrifice fit if I do. I'll have to keep my eyes open for a 32E (maybe 32DD). Would be interested to see if it helps.

    • Calluna Good luck! Going down in the cups certainly helps with digging. Maybe a 30E in beige would be a good idea? It seems to be the most stretchy colour they have on offer regularly, and also the cups run slightly large.

      There are quite consistent size differences between the older and newer colorways. I guess the change happened with the AW2014 collection - I've been able to wear 30 bands comfortably since (which was unheard of previously).
      Black is an exception to that rule, but then black bras run smaller/tighter in general, so no huge surprise here.

    • bracrastination thanks. I do like the beige and would not mind a 30 that wasn't so snug but also still technically fit.

    • annabellynn, I think the black Marcie is just less stretchy then the other colors. I have a blue and a black 28F and while the black version is only 1cm shorter it fits so much tighter. I even have to ask my boyfriend to help me into it.

    • bracrastination what do you think of the band/cups on the tangerine and lime colourways (compared with the beige)? I’ve heard that bluebell is stretchy too. It looks like my navy is after AW2014 but it’s still really tight...maybe because it’s so dark and has the same dye issues that the blacks do?

    • Calluna I haven't tried any of these. My rule of thumb is that light colours run wider, while dark/saturated colours run tighter. aboobaccount's experience seems to confirm this.

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  8. 6


    Didn't fit

    I grabbed this on a whim when loading up for the fitting room at Nordstrom Rack today, hoping it would fit but doubtful as it was a cup-size bigger than what I normally wear. I had no experience with Cleo, though, so I thought I'd give it a try. Much to my surprise, it fit my bigger breast and didn't have too much wrinkling on the other. I had to get it, of course, being unable to resist a bra that fits and costs less than 30 dollars.

    I'm not sure if it actually runs a bit small, as I checked my measurements when I got home and my ... breast perimeter is up an inch, overbust up a half inch, so I may have edged into G territory. The lift is good, and the shape is nice - natural, but perky looking. Not pointy at all, but not over-the-top round.
    I especially like how narrow the gore is all the way down, so it doesn't shove my boobs apart at all.
    The fabric is not the most comfortable, unfortunately, being a little skritchy, but I'm hoping once I break it in it will be fine.
    The worst part is how much the high gore digs in, but I'm unused to gores this tall and have this problem a little bit with every bra.
    The design and colors are super adorable; I especially love the button in the center of the bow on the gore.
    Overall, I would definitely recommend it. It's the first higher coverage bra I've found that doesn't cut in to my shallow breast shape, and it provides a lot of lift even though the cups are below the band.

    On some further consideration of the fit, I think that perhaps as the band is a little tight, the stretched cups are distorting the fit. The band does seem to run quite firm, so I think you want to look at how much the cups distort when the band is on and perhaps consider sister sizing to a band size bigger (although I think an extender would be better.) I have a feeling once the band relaxes a little and the cups return to the front where they're supposed to be, they will be too big.

    Update 1 month later:
    I've gotten this broken in now, so I know a little better about what are fit issues and what are style issues. I think I could have sized down to an FF (perhaps risking a little quadboob, but only after extreme swoop and scoop) just because the cups are so very open on top. If I REAAALLY squeegee all my fat in, I actually fill them perfectly, but only for about 10 seconds. It is hard to say if this is because I'm not so full on top as this bra is shaped for, or if it's size, but I do feel like I'd get a slightly higher/rounded shape if the cups were a size smaller.
    The band has slightly relaxed at this point, but the cups haven't changed shape when on as I was expecting. What I was identifying as distortion still happens - the wire is very narrow until about the halfway point between bottom of breast and armpit, at which point it looks as though it is pulled sideways further onto my side than it should be. It technically sticks out past my breast there, but I do prefer that just to keep things contained and I don't think it affects fit in this bra as I don't get any wrinkling.

    I really like this bra - the straps are not the most comfortable and sadly the fabric is still not soft like I'd like, but overall it's one of my favorites.

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    510 more words

    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Jan 15, 2013 Flag this

    • I've noticed you haven't added any Panache brand bras, including Cleo or Harlequin/Masquerade, to your profile. It's possible that you may be a G cup in their brands but it could also be the way the current AW12 line was made, like the Marcie here. I've found it quite inconsistent and had to play with many sizes. Another possibility which is difficult to guess based on your profile stating only one bra fits you right now (ahh, sorry to hear that but continue the search!) is that once you find a few that fit after maybe approximately 6-12 months of wearing the right fit the tissue that has been misplaced all along will migrate back to where it needs to be and this may result in a cup size bigger. This happened to me with a lot of FF's. I wondered why I started seeing bits of quadboob after that long and had to buy mostly G's. But remigration is definitely a good thing. Sorry, maybe rambling at this point. Would like to know your thoughts. :)

    • Yeah, I actually haven't been able to try many Panache unfortunately, though I'd like to! They don't seem to go on sale as cheaply as other brands do though, so so far they haven't been an option.
      Now, no bras fit me :( I'm having miserable luck - largely from a shape that is not full on top, but can't wear full on bottom styles because my breast tissue extends shallowly all the way up to my collarbone. Things seem to either cut in or gape, unfortunately.
      I did have some tissue remigration already within a month or so of getting into the new sizes (which was happy because my boobs no longer look so sad haha) but it is totally a possibility that there is more to migrate. I've only been in the right size since August-ish, and as you noted, none of my bras actually fit correctly so remigration is probably not going as quickly as it should be.

      I've been struggling with weight gain this winter, too, as I have S.A.D. and of course that wreaks havoc on the girls sizing-wise.

      Thanks for your rambling though, because I should followup on this bra review now that I've had some time to break the Marcie in! I'll add more about the fit now in the original review :)

    • 1

      Ah, really good to know that your search is still in progress. (After you find a few good bras your process will be more about adorning them, sometimes with good sales in the process instead of merely fit as top priority!).

      I haven't tried the Marcie (yet) but I found Cleo's Meg TTS, Zia ran 1-cup small (I sized up a cup), Natasha TTS (still awaiting the proper exchange), and Lucy in Navy TTS with all the other Lucy's I own.

      PS, I know it's only a bit cheaper but I just noticed Nordstrom put a few Cleo's on sale price today, most around $35 and they have free shipping/returns:

    • BustsOfGotham what is TTS?

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  9. 5



    Shape: round, projected, even, close set, on the narrow end of average root width.

    Yay! This is the bra that fits! As I mentioned in my 30E - Cleo » Marcie Balconnet Bra (6831) review, the fit was excellent everywhere except the band, which was just crazy stretchy. I ordered a sister size down, to the 28F, and this fits like an absolute dream. Wearing this makes me feel embarrassed that I stuck with my terribly ill-fitting 32DD - Cleo » Marcie Balconnet Bra (6831) for so long. I legitimately thought Marcies were out of reach for me, that it was too open ... on top, the gore was too wide, etc, but it's only because I was wearing the wrong size!

    The 28F perfectly encapsulates my breast tissue with no quadding or gapping of the top lace, even on my smaller side. The gore, which ends up sitting at a slant in the 32DD, is firmly tacked and comfortably narrow for my close-set breasts. The band is nice and firm. Overall, I get a lovely uplifted round shape and I totally dig the pastel blue & neon coral accents. I don't own anything like it.

    The only con I can think of, and this is totally unrelated to the bra, is that the matching panties are both a smidge too tight in a UK 10 (38" hips, I comfortably wear 10s in Panache briefs, but I think they run smaller in Cleo) and I simply cannot get over the frilly lace edging. Go look it up. I feel like a fluffy cupcake princess / pastel mermaid. This would DEFINITELY be a pro for others, but it's a tiny bit too fanciful for me. The fiance says I should just roll with it" alt=":)" />

    Read more
    195 more words

    Bluebell colorway

    Updated on Sep 05, 2016 Flag this

    • That fits you so well! I love that colour way but haven't convinced myself to spend the money yet. I think I might have to-lilac and coral are so cute together!

    • Love it!! Now I feel like I need to get this colour way even if I didn't like it before.
      Any chance you'd be selling your 32DD? :) I need 30e/f but 32dd would do good as well as bra to lounge around

    • martka00 the colorway definitely grew on me, at first I was a little skeptical since I tend towards darker colors, but I love it now! If you want the 32DD in Raspberry, you are welcome to it for the cost of shipping :) PM me!

    • *thinking about order from bravissimo* :D I might try it now! And other 10 bras that I put today in a basket :D

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  10. 5


    Didn't fit

    I just love this set! It's sooo pretty! the pictures don't give this bra justice! the colour is so gorgeous! And the ruffles on the panty! stunning!!
    The bra is great and comfortable, but I think I will try a marcie in a size down, as the wires are too wide and I think it would bring my boobs a tad more centred in a 28F. The top is acually not completely flat, but you don't see this under clothing!

    I did get this stunning set through an exchange from another user and I love it! Thank you so much!!

    This is the burgundy colourway.

    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Feb 11, 2016 Flag this

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    • 1

      It looks gorgeous on you! :) Stupid wires, always causing trouble!

    • I have been wearing it for a couple of hours now and the wires do poke a lot in the middle! :( :'( but it is so pretty!! :(

    • I will just see it as a "half a day bra" :D

    • Would bending the wires out away from you a little at the gore help?

    • Would it help to bend the wires out away from you a little at the gore?

    • 1

      So sorry for the double entry. I entered a comment once and it didn't show up; so I entered the second comment. And now they BOTH show up, and I can't delete one. :P

    • So sorry for the double entry. I entered a comment once and it didn't show up; so I entered the second comment. And now they BOTH show up, and I don't seem to be able to delete one. :P

    • So sorry for the double entry. I entered a comment once and it didn't show up; so I entered the second comment. And now they BOTH show up, and I don't seem to be able to delete one. :P

    • 2

      This is such a lovely color on your skin tone!

    • Love it in this color! Cleos often run tight... try an extender and see if that helps with the gore.
      I found the Marcie failed to completely center my boobs in any size. I think it has to do with the design of the cup, not the size. Might also not be helped by the wide wires and wide-set straps. I don't think this is really a design that will bring the boobs together a the center, it is more geared to push them up if that makes any sense.

    • Thx wendybien, if I use an extender its too wide :/ I think I'll have to take it off after uni and then it will work :D

      Wanabee: is it just pushing them away or how do you do it? Thx

    • 1


      If the top of the wires are poking you at the gore, you'll want to bend those tops slightly away from your sternum. It might work best if you do it while wearing the bra, if you can use enough force with your hands in that position. Then you can do it a little at a time until you achieve a good comfort fit. Gentle use of a pair of pliers with their jaws wrapped in a clean rag might help too.

      What the wires are made of is important. It will affect how maleable they are, and how well they retain their new shape. But you'll just have to work with them a little to find that out. 😊

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