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Hello! I'm BustsOfGotham, aka, Ff30g - my former Bratabase username!
A Bratabase member since early-2011 I'd come to learn ... a few things about fitting outside stores. Originally, my user name "Ff30g" meant I was usually between a FF and G cup. After about a year of wearing correctly fitting sizes it came to represent the transition from a FF to a full G cup after my breast tissue happily migrated back to where it belongs! I'm proud of the reputation I've built here adding numerous bras to the database to help other women. I've now taken focus on educating the women of my hometown with my site: Busts of Gotham ( All of my past reviews are as accurate as could be expressed whilst writing them. I continue to add measurements to the site and aim to review most bras when I have even more time to focus on it for my blog. Thanks for reading!

Finally found sizes that fit! After 15 years of wearing ill-fitting 34C/34D (US) bras (I don't believe I changed size very much) I now have a proper "size range" of 30G (sometimes it's 30GG or 28GG or even 28H and 32FF). I love COLOR and PRINTS so I'm willing to give any brand a go that I hope will fit. I've really no preference when it comes to soft cup or padded styles but the former in Summertime and latter in colder months is generally ideal.

The Story So Far... As of January 2013 my favorite brands are still Cleo, Freya and Fantasie. As I try out more brands I'm sure this information can change. For a great fit and round shape my best soft cup is with Cleo. As for lightly padded cups Cleo as well as Freya's padded half cups are really nice but stop at a 30G when I should wear a 30GG :(. I am looking forward to Freya's Deco in a 28GG since the band is very stretchy in all the 30G's I own, which is several. I know each woman's particular shape varies so your preferences will vary from mine. Very helpful info to keep in mind when writing an honest review.

I've read that most women are either an Eveden or Panache gal yet rarely are you both: I find myself both! Thankfully, I am able to figure this out because they appear the most widely available UK brands within North America.

Based on wire shape, cup dimensions and material content every bra will fit differently, so give everything a try!

Of brands I have and will continue to keep trying I suspect my current sizing is as follows (listed alphabetically):

Bravissimo, 30GG/28H
Claudette, 30G (likely a 30GG if they made it)
Cleo by Panache, 30G/28GG/28H ("sister size" down 1-band) *when bands are stretchy!
Fantasie pieced & molded cup, 30FF (sometimes 30G)
Freya pieced cup, 30G
Freya padded cup, if made: 30GG/32G with band altered smaller into a 30
KEIA (aka, Rubypink), 30G
Miss Mandalay pieced/padded cup, 30GG/30H
Panache (including Masquerade/Harlequin), 30G/30GG
Parfait by Affinitas, 30G (in soft cups, padded cups a little 'small'ish for me)
Royce (a non-wired brand), 32F/32FF/30FF (32 bands are small-ish and have 4-sets of hooks)
Shock Absorber, 30GG

**Helpful chart for reading my reviews

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