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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band74.9
Band Length59.7
Stretch ratio1.3
Cup width13.7
Cup depth25.1
Depth ratio1.8
Wire length25.1
Cup height16.3
Cup separation2.0
Gore height7.4
Wing height9.1
Strap width1.3
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Oh I have so many feels for this bra, though not all good, and I don’t even know where to begin.

In my recent growth spurt (aka weight gain), my current 30F Marcie in navy has been fitting in the cups way better than when I first got it. Not that it was a horrible fit then, but it was just the reality of a minor shape mismatch. It’s a bra with full on top breasts in mind, and mine are more even to full on bottom due to my soft deflated tissue. Because it’s one of the two bras that fit me well and I wasn’t spilling out of (mostly), I opted to get this one, which is the same size, but in black. The band looked like it was a little looser which was a plus, since my navy is actually a bit too tight still. The rest of the specs looked ok, with maybe the cup depth a smidge bigger, which I didn’t anticipate as a problem, especially as I’m prone to swelling after I ovulate. So, I made the deal and received the bra, despite my city being one of the early ones that Canada Post had a strike in (rotating strike).

The bra actually came with a new tag! I didn’t expect that! I also didn’t expect the bra would fit differently from the navy one, but it does, and not necessarily in a good way. The whole thing is like a half inch taller all around, and the cups are a tad bigger too. This is not the worst thing though. Even though it is gapping on both breasts in a similar manner to how the navy one did when I first got it (although I think it is a bit worse with the black), the biggest problem is that the fabric between the wires and straps is also higher, and it is cutting into my armpits and tail of spence and uncomfortable in some positions. I actually don’t think that the half inch difference is that much of a problem with the gore - it’s already high on the navy, but I can deal with it so long as I don’t wear it again for a second day in a row. The wings/band being marginally higher is also not hugely problematic - I’m ok with it a smidge higher as it feels more supportive, but only as long as it is comfortable. I’ve marked it as fit, even though technically, with the gapping and straps placement, it technically doesn’t. But the lower half of the cup fits well, and I know that the gapping is shape mismatch. The straps bit may or may not be tolerable long’s not my only one with similar issues.

I have included pics of the navy one over top of the black one being reviewed - remember that they are both 30F. I did also include pics from today (technically yesterday now) where the fit is slightly better. My breasts and nipples have been sore for a few days and I think I just ovulated, or am about to, so I am starting to swell up. You might be able to see the difference in the fit, including the difference in the amount of gapping. You’ll also probably notice that I am actually in cup quadding some, where it’s less noticeable in my navy. I also included a few pics of an experiment that I did in which I folded a thin section of the lace at the top of the cup and then tucked it into the cup to hold (some - it doesn’t stay put for long) and you can see the shorter cup makes it fit loads better except for the in cup quadding. It’s actually kinda cute that way!

There’s lots of lovely things about this black Marcie though. As solid black with no contrasting colours, it’s subtle and understated, I think, and maybe slightly more adult looking than the fun colours that Marcie comes in. You can see I kind of had fun with a tunic top of mine and it looks sophisticated. It’s got the trademark polka dots on the mesh cups, and the bow at the gore, though it is noticeably larger than the bow on the navy one. As usual, it’s a nice round fit with lightweight materials. Although I might be outnumbered, I do actually like the thinner straps, at least in my size range.

I have yet to decide whether not to keep it or relist it. It sort of does the job that I got it for, but just not as well as I had hoped. I don’t really want to list this as a fit request, but I would love some basic feedback from those who have been following me for a while now.

Also, 25 pics! I’m not sure if it’s a record or not, but holy doodle, I can’t stop, and I even cut some of the pics out of the!

This bra is not owned any more

Updated on Nov 04, 2018 Flag this

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    You have shifted size so much since I have first started talking to you!
    It looks really pretty on you.
    I see that it definitely is taller than the other blue one.
    Perhaps this is a newer or older model of the Marcie?
    If you can't see the looseness of the lace under shirts, I would mark it as a win as well.
    Have you thought about throwing a few stitches in the spot where you folded the lace under to keep it there?
    Although I do think this looks a bit tight.
    Since you know, Ewa and Comexim are the only brands in the world making their bands looser while every other brand it making there bands firmer (ofcourse cleo/panache is still doing the same thing they've always done, but I just wanted to throw that out there lol) now that the world is finally trying to hop on the "well fitting bra" train.

  • 1

    It looks great under a shirt! I'd say if the tall wings and wires are not a problem comfort wise, the issues can be overlooked cause the shape it gives you is very nice.

  • 1

    First, I *love* all the photos. Each and every one of them is helpful and holds value. More is always better IMO, as we can never predict what each person is looking for when they utilize them, as we each have our own unique set of fit issues and bra priorities, so great job with the photos!

    Second, excellent review! Very thorough and descriptive. Anyone researching this bra will be overjoyed with the plethora of information provide. Yay!

    Don't you get frustrated with inconsistency in manufacturing? Maybe this one was a slight second, not of full quality so distributed at discount stores or eBay discount sellers. Some advertise them as such but often they don't let you know. I've gotten several like that before I realized the "great deal" wasn't such a deal after all, haha.

  • 2

    I'd say it all comes down to your own comfort. Will you actually wear it, or will it sit in your drawer because you know that it's not comfortable? If the wings and/or gore and/or straps are cutting into you and chaffing, then maybe think about relisting and trying a different Marcie. If you're comfortable wearing it, and a little bit of gaping doesn't bother you, then keep it. It gives you a great shape (and I also always appreciate lots of pictures)! I personally have two Marcies that fit quite differently, but I kept both. I tend to reach for my purple one more than my aqua one because I find it more comfortable. These days, I only keep bras that I KNOW I'll reach for because they're comfortable.

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    opps. I accidently downvoted you because I hadn't realized I already upvoted your review. Sorry. I re-upvoted you!

  • 4

    lol Wilderness1 I do that ALL the time by accident. I basically upvote most things and forget then try to upvote again then I try to upvote again then downvote then upvote again, forget... you get the point.

  • 3

    Hi friends, sorry for the late response. It was cuckoo bananas at work today, plus I'm starting to get sick, and I'm beat. Zzzzz. Borscht, pierogi, and kielbasa are in my future. Probably more of the soup.

    I'm not terribly fussed about the gapping because it's not visible underneath my shirt, and I wear an under shirt under my uniform shirt to help it stay clean longer as I pay for my laundry. The taller sides is not itself a problem, just that they are part of the reason that it is digging into my armpits which is where my greatest hesitation is with this bra. I've had other bras that do this and it always bugged me, though at a point in the day, sometimes I just get used to it and forget about it. I wore this bra for a short while yesterday morning and ended up switching to a different one shortly after. I'm probably going to be mindful of that and try it again when at home, as I am not prepared to test it with an all day wear yet. I might just have been a bit temperamental...

    I'm glad that everyone is in agreement that it still looks good despite it not being the same fit as my navy Marcie, or as good. It's super frustrating when this happens. I mean, on one hand, if they are responding to customer complaints that the band is too tight or loose and they've adjusted the template for the future runs, I can't really blame them for trying to make it better. But it's the inconsistency that changes all the time that makes it super hard for the consumer who is buying with the expectation that it will be the same way that the others that they have are. I have no idea if this is older or newer than the navy. I got it from a user here, and it still has a tag on it, but that still doesn't mean it is recent. It could still be old stock that is simply new to the consumer but not necessarily a new release. But I think it's new still. I'm just not totally sure.

    I'm glad I am ok with pics. I always feel like I upload more than everyone else does...but I like to be thorough when I can. I see some who have like 5, maybe 10, and here I am with 25. But I have pics of the bra on me with different angles, bra off for details, bra under clothes... and it all adds up.

    As for the down vote/up vote, you're not alone. I've done this more than once. I think that it's partly because it's in colour when you do it, but when you come back to the comments, it is all grey and then you can't tell that you have already voted. Would love a pop up saying that you've already voted on this, would you like to change it or cancel it to leave it sort of like how now I get a message saying that I have already published the comment so as not to duplicate it.

    Anyway, I'll keep testing it out for a bit and then decide what to do. For now, it's find a tissue and then pass out on the couch for a bit, then heat the borscht.

    Love you all!!!

  • 2

    Feel better Calluna !

  • 1

    Thanks Wilderness1...and sorry for not responding individually and tagging in my comment above.

  • 2

    Hope you feel better!

    If I remember you said you're pre period and I know that I am more sensitive to what I wear during those days (and esp if I'm also coming down with something as well).

    So I say give the bra a test ride when it's all over and if it still bothers you, then don't torture yourself with it, definitely!

  • 1

    brasaremean, I’m just waiting on one more temp to confirm ovulation, though maybe two, because the initial rise temp from Saturday morning might be questionable and artificially high from less sleep. But it’s matching my other body signs so possibly legit still. But you’re right, I might have just been in a hormonal mood. I know my right shoulder had begun to throb with pain, which I attributed to the bra whether or not it was the cause or not. So I took it off.

    Borscht was delicious. Straight outta Poland, yo. ;)

  • 1

    Yay, glad it was delicious.

  • 1

    Update: I’ve worn this a few times now, including a full day at work (possibly more...I can’t recall now) and it’s been ok. I think it’s dependent on what I am wearing with it, but I also end up forgetting about it. I’m a few days into my period now and I never made the lace not gap at all, but I did fill it out a little bit better then. I’m going to keep it for now, though judging from the fit, I’m considering a Lucy in 28G (or 30FF Kali because the band seems tighter on Kali) which appears to have similar cup measurements to this Marcie, but as it’s for FOB breasts and potentially more closed off than Marcie, I’m wondering if it’s a possibility. Wow, could I say Marcie any more times?!

  • 1

    Here’s the comparison of 30F Marcie with 28FF and 28G Lucy. Note that my navy Marcie cup depth is 9.7” or 9.8”, whereas the black is 9.9” or 10” in depth, if that helps. Lucy looks like most of the bands are stretchy compared with the Kali.

  • Comparisons are awesome! It helps paint the whole picture IMO. Thank you for adding the compare link!

  • 1

    Well, the comparison links are only partially helpful because the Marcie measurements for this black one is in between the 28FF and 28G Lucy and the 30F and 30FF Kali. I’m going to have to wait until the next bra arrives and factor its measurements and fit in order to determine whether or not I go up in the cup width those two styles.

  • LeProfessor you mentioned something looks tight in your comment above. What looks like it is tight? The folded over lace or something else?

  • No, I feel like the band looks to be a bit tighter than what i am used to seeing with you.

  • 1

    Ahh. The band actually feels great! I have to use an extender with the navy Marcie as it was 28.5” new when I got it. I’m just about ready to go without it now. My Ellace bras needs to have an extender too, just one extra row of hooks on the crimson, and one or two on the latté. I did actually wear my crimson without an extender recently though. Those were also 28.5” to start with too.

  • 1

    But to be fair, when you were helping me earlier this year with my shape and such LeProfessor, I was getting 29-29.5” snug and I have been at 28-28.5” snug for several months now. Might have been just me adjusting, though the fitter at the specialist shop that used to be here also got 28” snug for me which is why she tried to put me in 28s (but they were sooo tight, even if they did think that it was a better fit than 30s). So I don’t know what happened there. Maybe I wasn’t going snug enough or was measuring myself wrong. But anyway, it’s been 28” ish since spring.

  • 2

    It makes sense, many women have to make steps towards are "perfectly" firm band. They're just not used to how tight it can feel. My UB measurements have technically gotten smaller, but snug is most comfortable at about 27 now I would say, but my bust has also gotten larger by about an 1-2 in bust circumference and between 0.5"-1.5" in horizontal perimeter. I think what we are comfortable with just changes over time Calluna . ^.^

  • 1

    Thanks. Right now, I’m most comfortable with bands at least 29” and up to 30” stretched, but maybe a little more. My 60HH Comexim Victoria is 28.75” stretched and I can manage all day, but it is a bit tighter than I am most comfortable in. I was told that I should consider bands that have stretched measurements of a half to whole inch larger than the snug in measure. Seems to be mostly accurate. I find that anything between 28-29” I can consider snug, but closer to 29” it’s bordering on the loose measurement, and closer to 28” is tighter. But I feel my snug measurement can fluctuate slightly from day to day and sometimes the time of day. Sometimes it’s easy to get the 28” and sometimes it’s better at 28.5” or even in between.

  • 2

    I second the opinion that it if it is comfortable you should wear it, it looks great on you under your sweater, so that is good news :) Feel better soon!

  • 1

    Thanks veggiechic. I had a week of feeling off, but my neti pot really helped reduce my symptoms and how bad I might have been. I’m mostly ok now, with minor congestion.

  • Thank for the review.
    Looks great under that green shirt, btw. It's interesting that your runs larger. I also have a black Marcie (shame on me, still have to add picture) and it actually runs smaller that my other colorways. Maybe they got complaints about it and changed the pattern.

  • Thanks aboobaccount! It’s super odd, but yeah, since black dyes are known for causing tighter fits, maybe they are overcompensating and going bigger...but that still doesn’t explain the taller everything.

    I love that sweater. It’s a nice light one with the burnout design and loose/open knit. I generally do wear it with a grey or navy cami under it, but it’s interesting to see how it looks when I don’t. I have tried it with my latte Ellace and it disappeared under the sweater and blended with my skin. It’s certainly more breezy with only a bra under than if I am wearing a cami under.

    But I agree that the bra looks really good under it solo.

  • 1

    I’ve updated the gallery with new pics from today. I’m high tide and possibly still a little larger than when I got the bra. The bit on the sides and under arm area is still bothering me, but as one of the few better fitting bras I own, I am just dealing with it.

  • 1

    It looks like a wonderful fit now. Sorry it's still bothering you on the sides. :-(

  • 1

    Thanks MamaPagan. It’s definitely a better fit right now than when I got it. Small side does wrinkle a bit still, but super minimally. I’m not sure if I have more tissue than before or if it is just high tide. I have to see how it goes with low tide.

  • Keep us informed! :-)

  • 1

    Will do. I have a little bit of loose lace on my small side but it is not gaping as much as it is in my original pictures.

  • 1

    A bit of gaping on the small side is better than a lot of quadding on the larger side though!

  • 1


  • True.

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On Dec 2018 It fit her! View measurements

Slight gapping at the top due to fot shape on e/fob breasts; straps are slightly too wide and dig into tail of spence

On Aug 2018 It fit her! View measurements

Slight gapping at the top due to fot shape on e/fob breasts; straps are slightly too wide and dig into tail of spence

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