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Embeding your bras' measurments in your blog

This one is for the bloggers here at Bratabase :) or users in general that want to share their bras :D

I've noticed t hat many of you are religiously adding your bras to the site! Which is superawesome (seriously, that is great!) and then you're writing a review for your bra in your blog and want to include your measurements, but it becomes a pain to have to type the measurements you just entered here or link to the bra distracting your readers.

Now I've added the ability to embed your specific bra's measurements in your blog.

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Follow more things!

Well... Brands only for now, but you can follow brands now!

This weekend, other than fixing a good number of bugs, Nesoa helped me shape the path into following brands, and we managed to come with a good start for what will be a bigger merge between different parts of the site. HUGE thanks to her!

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A few new features

When there aren't many updates on the site it is because there is probably something a bit complicated that's being worked on.

I'm going to talk about a few recent updates on the site.

You can now filter listings by keyword

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Listing coverage taking a step back

All good things have to come to an end :(

It breaks my heart to have to take this decision but things are getting too good for my own good :(

The $10 shipping coverage for shipping will be no more. It has been 586 days, that is over a year and a half that we've been doing this since it launched.

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Introducing Bra lists, or Lists of bras

On the analysis made for 2012 I mentioned how the Favorites feature on the site never really took off and talked about how there was a better idea for this.

So this is it, I upgraded the Favorite bras into Bra lists, where your favorites is just one of the lists you can make.

Why is this cool?

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Insight – The Braologie bra

Vee got a free sample from Braologie and was kind enough to write an in depth analysis of the bra.

Please keep in mind that this is a very experimentally designed bra and many of the standard bra fitting rules seem a but bent in order to understand how it was expected to work.

In depth analysis of the Braologie bra

A little while a go Braologie, a new company in the bra manufacturing market, contacted me and asked if I would test their products.

It was after this heated debate in the fitting section (yes, I know how funny this sounds) where I disagreed with some points they were making and they were determined to prove me wrong.

I didn't agree with their claim that breasts should be pushed as high up and together as possible and remain concentrated on chest.

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10K bras added

New features!

Looking back at 2012

2012 was a great year for Bratabase. A lot of effort has been put on making it better and we've seen a lot of growth. The graph above is the number of visits monthly, which has increased over 8 times to what we started the year with.

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Bra size charts by brand

There are lots of features being worked on on the site currently, I'll be unveiling them one by one :)

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