This one is for the bloggers here at Bratabase :) or users in general that want to share their bras :D

I've noticed t hat many of you are religiously adding your bras to the site! Which is superawesome (seriously, that is great!) and then you're writing a review for your bra in your blog and want to include your measurements, but it becomes a pain to have to type the measurements you just entered here or link to the bra distracting your readers.

Now I've added the ability to embed your specific bra's measurements in your blog.

On your bra's page you will see a link:

Share or embed this bra in your blog

You will find yourself with a screen that has two sections

One that contains the link to your specific bra. Sharing this link will lead users to the specific entry of your bra with your measurements and your review and pictures (if shared)

The other section will provide you with a number of code snippets that you can use on different places to embed a table with this bra's measurements:

Depending on your platform you will be able to select the snippet that works best for you :)

Here's a sample on how it will look:

Hope you guys find this useful!