When there aren't many updates on the site it is because there is probably something a bit complicated that's being worked on.

I'm going to talk about a few recent updates on the site.

You can now filter listings by keyword

This was a long asked for, in the listings page you can make a few filters with the options given but you could not search for "Deco" or other models, well. not you can ;)

Inline votes and comments

When voting or commenting on an entry, you'd get a full page refresh which made things a bit jerky as sometimes you'd loose the position were you were at.

Well now, when you vote or make a comment, it will get added inline without a refresh.

Delete adventure entries and comments

You can now delete an adventure entry and a comment for it, but only under certain conditions.

For an adventure you can only delete it as long as nobody has either commented or voted on it.

For comments, you can delete them only if you are the last comment on the thread.

Reserving listings

When dealing with listings, there is a moment when a user asks you for the bra but cannot close the deal or confirm for a few days, it is a bit of a problem if you keep getting more requests for the bra.

You can now mark your listing as "Reserved" so it will be publicly displayed. Of course anybody is free to keep asking for your bra, but now they know :)


This one is the exciting one! When sharing a bra adventure, you can now make reference to other users, brands or bra models from them, when you do they will get automatically linked and the users referred will get notified that you were talking about them!

This works like it does on Twitter and Facebook, by first typing @ and then typing the name you want, and you are able to make a selection from the suggestions.

Right now this exists only when you share a bra adventure, but will soon be arriving to all other places, comments, reviews, etc.

Non editable measurements

Among other changes, now the profile measurements can only be edited within a week from creating them.

This is very important so every time you want to measure yourself you do it as a new entry and not altering the previous entry. This is useful because we can individual fit information for each of your measurements and you can also use them to keep track of your size fluctuations.