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Interview with Brastop

Pick your favorite bras

Another feature just landed on the site. The ability to mark bras as favorites.

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View your participation on

Last night a new screen landed under the "My bras" menu (don't get too used to this menu, cause it may change soon ;) ).

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A couple of features: Model filtering and Model Stretchines

Last night I added a couple of new visible features to the site

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Follow up to HerRoom UCS - Nordstrom

HerRoom - Universal Cup Sizing

Introducing Bra transfers

Help show manufacturers that there IS a market for 30 band and below

Thrill me, Tease me, Explain me

This is the long story about two of the bras from Curvy Kate that have been out there for quite a while, the Tease Me and the Thrill Me. If you just are looking for some sizing info you can scroll down to that part. :)

The History

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Staring in your bra!

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