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Ewa Michalak - CHP Gazeta Review

Ewa Michalak S Trapez review

After publishing my review on the SM Margot, a representative from Ewa Michalak reached out to us and generously offered to send me a few items to review! The only sizing questions that were asked of me were; what were my underbust measurements-both loose and tight. I assume that they gathered the cup size from the SM Margot review :) I wasn’t given any options to select from, but I was very curious to see what items they would select for me.

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Look what's on the mail! Ewa Michalak

Meet Marvel: A review of Freya’s new model

Upcoming: Marveled so much?

Affordable and comfortable: A review of the Lunaire Coolmax sportsbra

Lunaire lingerie is a brand that has been around for over 25 years. Their goal as a brand is to make pretty bras at an affordable price. They do not market themselves to a specific demographic, only women who want pretty bras in the C-DDD range. Lunaire is brand that I used to wear when I was younger, pre-reduction. I really liked their bras because they weren't ugly...they were pretty and supportive!

Lunaire was kind enough to send me their Coolmax sports bra to try and review. This sports bra is underwired, seamless and has CoolMax technology to help wick sweat away from the body during a workout. Usually I am a bit skeptical of claims like these, but the CoolMax technology kept my breasts sweat free and dry during long walks.

34G Lunaire sports bra label

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Extended body measurements

I've been meaning to get this ready for a while (like many other things) but this is on a good stage to go live.

As we learn more about bra fitting and read how recommendations are given, we have found that the current set of breast measurements we capture may not be enough to discriminate between some bras that might and might not fit you, making it hard to provide good recommendations.

So we've added a set of new measurements on the body measurements page to keep track of these. All these new fields are optional and we will soon be showing benefits of keeping track of them, but for now we are in data gathering mode and outcome will start to show once enough people have added data.

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Ewa Michalak SM Margot review

When I first started my bra blogging adventures there was one brand whose name was often spoken: Ewa Michalak (EM). Ewa's bras are well known for being padded and the high, round shape they give. Although I appreciate the look that these bras give one's breasts, trying EM was never a high priority of mine. I had the opportunity to try an Ewa Michalak bra when I won a gift voucher through the anniversary giveaway for Becky’s Boudoir.

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Analysis of the Bratabase listings

The first listing on Bratabase was on January 2011, since then there's been 4102 listed bras. Here's what has happened so far.

General stats

Out of the bras listed for sale, a 74% of them were closed thanks to Bratabase! :) The rest were closed by other means.

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Love again: Freya Totally Tartan reviewed

When I first started my correct fitting bra adventure, Freya was my go to brand. Freya and I kind of had a breakup because I wasn't fond of their latest offerings; I hadn't bought a Freya bra since my Luisa last fall. I recently had the opportunity to buy the Totally Tartan from a user and snapped it up, eager to rekindle my Freya love affair.

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