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Introducing the Bratabase API

For last few months this has been all I've been working on and it is finally on a state that it can start to be used by other people.

This is going to be a slightly technical post, since the very concept of an API is technical, but for those that are not familiar with the term this means that now the Bratabase information is accessible by third parties so they can build services.

This API lives on and is a JSON web API. I created a parallel site dedicated to its documentation and other technical details. It is, so that should be your first stop to get your feet wet (You must have previous web programming knowledge).

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Paradise found: Curvy Kate’s Paradise tankini reviewed

Trying out a different brand, Gemm

Last month we were approached by the people behind Wholesale bras and they offered a couple of their bras to try. I never heard of their bras before, they are a supplier that manufactures their own brands, Gemm and Dipti bras. So hey!, we agreed to gave them a shot :)

They were kind enough to send me two bras in 34G, a white one (lg 100) and a black one (lg 900)

This company has been around for 30 years designing bras!, but on 2008 they launched their own Gemm brand and started to manufacture them. They are UK based and mostly do whole sales to retailers, mostly online.

A great thing on their favor is that their bras have quite a wide range and are very reasonably priced! Between $20 and $30. Their bras do start at band 34 but they go up to J cups and 46 on band sizes.

You can find their bras on or on some eBay resellers. I do wish they had a better way to be found though.

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New site rules and privacy information

For quite a while we had a very lame terms of use page with outdated and useless information. As the site has grown in the last year we've found the need to have mechanism and parameters to guide ourselves when found on situations that are tricky to handle.

So far, I have been quite impressed that the site grew a small community and how that the number of conflicts has been small in comparison with the number of entries.

Behavior rules

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Veinte mil

Fashionably different: Mia from Miss Mandalay

A few months ago, I won an anniversary giveaway from Invest in Your Chest. I had won a set of my choice from UK brand Miss Mandalay. Miss Mandalay bills their brand as “fashionably different”, and I had no problem finding a lingerie set that I would love. Their products come in C-HH cups, and like other leading lingerie brands they also sell swimwear.

Miss Mandalay box

After consulting with a Miss Mandalay rep about sizing, I decided to go with a 36FF instead of my typical 34G size. I picked the Mia because I have been looking for a simple, but beautiful black lingerie set. Mia is available in sizes 30-36 DD-GG.

This bra has a classic look and shape, but the details make it stand out. The velvet detailing along the cups and the bow on the gore take what could be a basic bra up a notch. The lacy pattern also makes this bra anything but a boring basic.

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New search engine

I've been meaning to make this change on the site for the longest time! I had to wait for the site to break in order to give this a tackle :)

For the geeks reading this, we're now using Elasticsearch as the search engine, and we now have drill down possibilities to narrow searches.

For example I can start a search for "Bikini padded":

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Exploring nearby sizes by measurement and others

Did you ever wanted to find a bra very similar to one you have but with a narrower wire? or a deeper cup? This has been an option that's been possible since day 0. Searching by measurements.

It took me over 6 years to realize that we needed a better way to do it >_<!

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About all the marked bras and the Cup Width

Many of you may have received those annoying emails that are being sent through the site explaining that your bra has been taken out of calculations and please check a measurement.

The biggest part of these emails is regarding the cup width measurement, and this is happening because a mistake I made when I created the site. I deliberately did not specify whether or not you should include the wire channels on this measurement. My thinking was that some will measure with, some without and some in between, and the average at the end will contain the same error for all bras. Well, 16000 bras later, I was wrong.

We've decided now that the cup width measurement should not include the underwires, and we’re marking off all the bras that did consider it (most bras).

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Fashion over function? A review of Panache sports bra and Freya active

When the Panache sports bra first came on the market in late 2011 it was seen by many as an answer to prayers. The underwired, molded cup bra that would give you no bounce while exercising was deemed as revolutionary by many.

There are several features of the sports bra that make it different from others on the market:

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