This is always fun!

Some of these features have been rolling out for a few days, but I'll list some important ones.

New bra recommendations engine

At last, the Bradar is gone. It was starting to provide bad recommendations and was not making use of many other bits of data laying around.

It has been fully replaced with a new bra recommendations engine. While not perfect, this is now able to grade the recommendations found and tell you which ones are more likely than others. It is also extensible in order to keep adding more and more sources of information as we find them.

Measurements for sizes with no bras

This one is pretty interesting, originally all the measurements on the site were direct product of the bras measured for that specific size.

Now, we are interpolating measurements from sizes around each in order to provide estimates on what those measurements must be even before there are any bras added! This suddenly makes the site believe that there is much more information available to do recommendations and other interesting bits.

For example, this Panache Andorra 36G does not have any bras added as of right now, but it still shows estimated numbers and is able to find other bras with similar measurements.

There are still some more improvements to make here, specially in order to show which values are from calculated bras and which are estimated.

No authors for anon users

This has been around for some weeks, but the author snippets on listings, fit requests, and bra reviews are only visible to logged users, this means that your Bratabase username does not get indexed by search engines keeping you a bit more secure :).

There is currently an exception for bloggers, in that case the profiles is still visible, so your Bratabase profile is linked to your blog and visible by visitors.

More privacy improvements to come soon.

Notifications digest

If you're a heavy user of the site, you've probably started to get lots of notifications for all the activity going on on the site where you're involved. All those emails can be a bit annoying, so now you can decide to have some notifications sent immediately or have them all sent in one digest every 3 hours.

You can configure that on your notification settings.

Navigate to near sizes

I added this one last week, but I've been longing for it for ages!

When you're seeing a specific bra size, you can now navigate to adjacent sizes from that same page! It seems totally obvious but it was not there.

This is possible thanks that we now have bra size charts for brands, since it needs to know how does each brand handle cup sizing in order to display this.

Fixed many bugs

Of course these are not the only things that have gotten fixed, there has been hundreds of small improvements on the site, typos fixed, options added and constant improvement on the existing features, which are always evolving :)