2012 was a great year for Bratabase. A lot of effort has been put on making it better and we've seen a lot of growth. The graph above is the number of visits monthly, which has increased over 8 times to what we started the year with.

The number of bras is now very close to 10,000 which is 4x what we had starting January and the number of users triplicated this year.

The beginning of the year was a bit slow, but in April things started to get better and towards the end of the year the site has started to get a steady growth :).

The site has also grown in features, a number of things happened in 2012:

And that is only what's been big and published, every week I've made a number of fixes and improvements on the site! I just don't want to spend the whole night making more bullets ;).

Other areas that have seen lots of growth:

Pieces that are not doing very well:

  • The Bradar and recommendations. Hands down it's started to see lots of growing pains and while it served for the last few years, we are now in need for something better, look for its replacement this week ;).
  • The favorite bras has been an incomplete feature with nothing to add, it lead to very poor usage. We now have a good indication of why that happened and there are precise plans to fix that.
  • Layout, navigation and theme. Even though I've been meaning to address this issue I have not been able to come up with enough time and ideas to fix this. The site remains a bit confusing, weird to use and navigate which leads to many users not being quite sure on what the next steps are. I certainly expect 2013 to be the year where this gets solved and make the site better suited to mobile users which are now 25% of our visitors!
  • Search. The search engine has also proved to be very limited for the growing number of information on the site. There is now some code already that will replace the current engine with a more professional one with much more features and more make it more comprehensive.
  • Site load, on December 2011 I switched to a bigger and dedicated server for the site, one year later it is now starting to be increasingly small needing to grow the sites into a multi server system, this will leverage the number of things we can calculate and be much more intensive when dong clever things with all our data.

By far the best decision I made this year was structure the new features, bugs and tasks I'm working on (Thanks to Trello) and incorporate a handful of power users that help me with valuable advice and help me with ideas when I am stuck. I cannot express my gratitude to those girls enough!

Also my infinite gratitude to all the users and their contributions, their bras, and the time spent to measure their bras! I know that taking your top off is not part of your regular Internet routine but those that spend some minutes on it are certainly making a change and helping hundreds of other women with their invested time.

2013 should be quite interesting!