On the analysis made for 2012 I mentioned how the Favorites feature on the site never really took off and talked about how there was a better idea for this.

So this is it, I upgraded the Favorite bras into Bra lists, where your favorites is just one of the lists you can make.

Why is this cool?

These lists contain a group of bras under an arbitrary criteria that can be shared anywhere you want to refer to them.

For example, a list of molded bras, or a list of bras with polka dots, or bras I want for my birthday

How to make a list

Whenever you see a bra you will see a "Add to Favorites" option below the picture, mouse over that and it will expand to allow you to create a new list.

You can choose to add that bra to your favorites list or to a new one. Next time you visit another bra you can pick on which list you want it.

Managing your lists

You will see that the "My favorites" menu is gone in favor of a "My lists" option, here you will see all your lists and will be able to manage them, add notes to them, edit, etc.

How to find them

You can find all the lists made by a user on their profiles, you can see the lists that they've decided to share.

Alternatively you can see on which lists any given bra is, and not only that but also have a look at which other bras is it mostly grouped with ;)

More to come

This is the first iteration of the lists, some improvements will follow.

Share them!

The idea of lists is to be able to easily express and point to any set of bras you want, just copy the address on the address bar and you're done! ;)