Well... Brands only for now, but you can follow brands now!

This weekend, other than fixing a good number of bugs, Nesoa helped me shape the path into following brands, and we managed to come with a good start for what will be a bigger merge between different parts of the site. HUGE thanks to her!

How to follow a brand?

To follow a brand, you simply have to go to their page and click the big "Follow" button, and you'll start seeing in your home activity new things that happen with this brand.

What should I follow a brand for?

Right now a brand will register activity whenever it is mentioned or it has new models added. You will see this updates on your home activity when following.

How can I see what a brand has been up to?

Right under the follow button there's an "Activity" link, it will show you all the activity for a brand

Who is following what?

Just like with normal followers, you can see which brands a user is following from her profile.