There are lots of features being worked on on the site currently, I'll be unveiling them one by one :)

Today, I'll talk about the new "Browse by size" charts that are available on the site. This should help answering many questions regarding brand sizing that are very common.

When you go to a brand's page you will see a link "Browse by size" below the logo. The button will only be available for those brands to which we know the size range :P

There you will be presented with a table showing the range of bands and cups this brand makes, it will highlight those sizes where we have information.

If the brand labels their bras in more than one sizing system, then you will have an option to convert the table to another country and witness the crazy cup conversion that goes on with some brands and answer what is going on with DDDD cups, I cups and so on.

When you click on any of the sizes you will see the list of models that carry that size so you can go directly to that. Think of this as browsing from brand and then to the size, instead of having to go through the models looking for size availability.

We are still fine tuning this, if you find any inconsistency please be sure to let us know. There are some cases that have been left behind, such as when a brand stops manufacturing a size, or they decide to use particular sizing for one model and not the rest.