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When your bra is too big and going down a cup won't fix it

There are a number of reasons why a bra won’t fit you and it is important to distinguish exactly what is that reason in order to address it on the next fitting attempt.

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Ahh bra review from a 28HH perspective

When I first heard about the Ahh Bra, I was quite doubtful about it and how it would fit and be able to support me. I usually wear something like a 28HH to 30GG, which means I need a lot of support and there is a big difference between my full bust and underbust measurements. The Ahh Bra doesn’t come in cup sizes, but just shirt sizes, which is usually a complete knock-out criterion for me. Based on my measurements and usual shirt size, I got to try four different Ahh Bra models in Small and Medium.

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New social features

I just installed new features on the site that allow you to follow other users (if they want to) and have more up to date information on what is going on with the site.

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Hello birdie! A review of Meg from Cleo by Panache

I’m really excited to bring you all this review. I bought my first Cleo by Panache brand bra and it’s a stunner. I knew that I wanted to try a Cleo because I’ve heard nothing but good things about the support, patterns and styles. I’ve also wanted to try new bra brands as well. I did a little online shopping with Nordstrom and lo and behold they had a few new Cleo options for me to try. I fell in love with the pattern on a balconette instantly and decided to get my usual 34G size.

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Introducing Bra Adventures

Sports bras make me want to jump!

I was one of the “I hate sports” kind of women. And I did hate sports. I hated everything about it. And every kind of it. Even watching other people do it.

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Why you shouldn’t go to Victoria’s Secret for a bra fitting

Bra sizing systems blues

I've been working this weekend on adding proper support for multiple sizing systems on the site. So far it's shaping up nicely, but I can't help to get surprised on how different all charts are.

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Watermarking images

In order to protect your images from being used in other sites, I've just added more intrusive watermarking for all the pictures you submit to the site.

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Upgrade to login system

I just made an important upgrade to the log in system. Migrated form an old tool to a new one that will allow for more possibilities to create an account (Twitter, Facebook, others).

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