Did you ever wanted to find a bra very similar to one you have but with a narrower wire? or a deeper cup? This has been an option that's been possible since day 0. Searching by measurements.

It took me over 6 years to realize that we needed a better way to do it >_<!

Anyway, now whenever you are looking at a specific bra size you will be able to further check what other bras have nearby measurements to this one. You will find a Explore by measurements link underneath the adjacent sizes table on each bra size.

Once there you will be able to tune the measurements and see which bras match.

This is version 1 of this feature, there is more stuff to come like enabling, disabling measurements, gore and wing height filtering and type filtering, but I just wanted to put this out there so you can start using it.

Some other features that were added recently

If you've been using the site the last month you would have noticed that the bra adventures now can be categorized, and you can browse through those categories.

But another small improvement that went unnoticed is the bookmarking of adventures!

This has been around for a while, when you comment or vote on an adventure you automatically subscribe to it, but now you can pick to subscribe or bookmark them without having to vote or comment.

You can see all your bookmarked adventures from the bookmarked adventures link on the adventures section.

Other than that, there's been some work done lately on speeding up the site a little bit, it may not be very noticeable with most pages, but some that were very slow will be more decent now, if you ever got a 404 error.. we addressed most of those with some smarts, and rewrote a couple of important bits of the site that were getting on the way of making improvements.

And we've actively started to work on the Breast Shapes project, so please keep up with your submissions, it will start with a very small size range as we've noticed that we cannot launch certain ranges until they have enough data to protect users and to browse effectively.