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Freya Deco Vibe review

I first saw the Deco vibe on Miss Underpinnings AW 14 preview post. I was initially smitten due to the soft mocha color that was being modeled. Typically my breasts do not generally get along with the Deco because the gore is so low that my breasts spill towards the center. Freya recently redesigned the Deco's cup edging to prevent it from rolling. In doing so, the cup is now a bit more closed on top, which can cause sizing problems if your breasts are more full on top. I would recommend trying before buying if you are in between sizes or have more full on top breasts.

Cup edge difference between Deco vibe and regular Freya Deco

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Introducing the breast shapes gallery

First, I have to apologize for taking so long to do this, but we finally have an initial version of the promise made almost 2 years ago to make a gallery with picture submissions for the breast shapes.

We received a decent number of entries and after a couple of failed attempts I opted for a simple approach to get something out soon so we can work from this.

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Bra economics

Bras are not currency

This expands to say that goods and money have different properties and behave differently. This is an important point to make because given this, you cannot use bras as currency. This might seem pretty obvious, but when applied to the purchase and exchange of bras on Bratabase, we begin to think bras can retain a certain value we put on it based on what we paid for it.

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The one that wasn’t: A review of the Cleo Millie

My favorite time of year is when the upcoming new collections are released. I visit a few of my favorite blogs to keep updated on the upcoming A/W and S/S offerings. Last July, I spotted the Cleo Millie on A Sophisticated Pair's blog and I fell in love. I really loved the aesthetics of the bra most of all.

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Irrational attachments (or bras I should throw away but can't)

I must apologize for the delay in postings! I was pretty consumed by my new job, oh and I got married a month ago! It's really great to be writing again. I can't wait to share my experiences with you all :)

As I started my proper fitting bra journey, one of the rules that I often heard was the importance of getting rid of bras that didn't serve any purpose to you. Makes sense right? Why let an old or ill fitting bra take up precious space in your bra-drobe? I totally get it...but I cannot get myself to throw out my Freya Adele and Chantelle Rive Gauche bras.

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A few additions to the listings

Given the increasing popularity of the listings on the site, a lot of new users are joining to get them which is great!

With the rising number of transactions happening, good and bad things increase so we've added a handful of features to make it more useful to keep on track and to honor the buyer's agreement ;)

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A few small recent changes

The last month I've been traveling a bit, so did not manage to focus much on big features, such as the much delayed breast shapes. There is some work on that done, but lots of image editing is pending.

Anyway, here are some of the changes that happened recently, you may have noted some and others may be new:

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Log in to Bratabase using your Reddit account

So yeah... that.

Just like you can log in to the site using a Google or Yahoo account (or a bunch of others) now you can log in using your Reddit account (if you have one and want to).

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New way of identifying bras

In the last couple of years we've seen an increase in brands getting away with sneaking in changes in their models secretly without telling anybody.

This has caused a huge problem for us trying to organize bras measurements, since it becomes impossible for us, and for any of their customers to tell if a bra will fit them or not since the seasonal information is not available anywhere. They expect clients to remember which colorway came out on which date to then realize if they have some cup width change or not.

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Introducing Cup indexes

Have you ever found yourself counting cups so you can go to another brand to find the nth cup?

So that is what we're doing for you now. We're calling it Cup Index.

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