When the Panache sports bra first came on the market in late 2011 it was seen by many as an answer to prayers. The underwired, molded cup bra that would give you no bounce while exercising was deemed as revolutionary by many.

There are several features of the sports bra that make it different from others on the market:

  • Relying on encapsulation instead of compression. Encapsulation (as opposed to compression) lifts and supports from all sides
  • Silicone wrapped wires that are sewn between the fabric for maximum support
  • Molded cups to reduce friction
  • Wide padded straps to reduce discomfort
  • J-hook to convert to racerback
  • Shown to reduce bounce by 83% when compared to exercising without a bra

Racerback straps of Panache Sports bra

I decided to order the Panache sports bra for several reasons. Firstly, it received starred reviews from blogs like Invest in Your Chest, Fuller Figure, Fuller Bust, and Undercover Lingerista. I was also looking for a sports bra to replace my Freya Active that is supportive, but a size too small. I found it on sale at Large Cup Lingerie and a few days later it arrived.

Upon first glance, you almost can’t tell that it’s a sports bra. It’s...pretty and functional.The molded cups of the bra give you a smooth rounded look unlike other cup sized sized bras. The Panache Sports Bra definitely receives major points on looks alone.

Front shot of Panache Pink Sports bra 34GG Clothed front shot wearing a Panache sports bra 34GG

Based on the bra’s measurements for the 34GG size I selected, it should have been a perfect fit. Unfortunately my experience was similar to that of Bras I Hate & Love. Great bra, just not for me.

When I first tried the bra on there was a good amount of room in the cup. Enough room so that I could easily put my hand inside the bra and pinch the excess material.

Pulling the fabric of a Panache Sports bra 34G

The band of the bra was not as firm as I was hoping; I didn’t feel secure in it. I was used to the band on my Freya Active, but more to come on that bra later.

After I did a small bounce test by running in place, I could feel my breasts still moving around in the bra. I will say that using the racerback hook on the bra helped to minimize the gap, it still wasn’t enough. I was a little disappointed but decided to ask for fitting help for this bra.

After putting this bra up for fitting help and receiving some suggestions, I have decided that this bra just isn’t for me :( I would have preferred it if the band was a bit more “true to size” than the other Panache bras I have tried and if the cups didn’t run large for me. If I were to try this bra again, I would be sizing down in the band.

If anyone is interested in owning this bra, it has been listed for sale.

The Freya Active Underwired Sports bra has also been a popular favorite with a lot of women. This bra comes up to a K cup in some colors and was recently reviewed by Bras and Body Image. In comparing this bra with my Freya active, I feel that the band of my Freya is more to my liking because of its firmness.

Front clothed picture wearing Freya sports bra 34F

The Freya active also relies on encapsulation as opposed to compression. The most common complaint with this bra is that it tends to give a pointy shape. As you can see, that does not occur with me, but my breasts aren't as uplifted as they are in the Panache.

Clothed side shot wearing Freya Active sports bra 34F Clothed side shot wearing Panache sports bra 34GG

Even if it did, I would not sacrifice function for fashion.

Do you have a favorite sports bra? Do you prefer the ideas of encapsulation or compression?