Summer may be officially over in my part of the world, but that doesn't mean that it's too late to explore one of Curvy Kate's latest swim options, the Paradise tankini in blue.

Curvy Kate tankini top 34G blue

As a woman who has grown up with having large breasts, swimsuit shopping has always been a pain. I usually would buy a top at least two sizes larger than my bottoms and tie the halter as tight as it would go. Not only was it uncomfortable, there was never enough room for my boobs. Here, you can see just that.

Swimsuit with no support for large breasts

It wasn't until a few years ago when I discovered the wonderful world of bra sized swimwear and realized that my boobs could be happy. I saw this on sale at Zulily and snapped it up. I decided to order this in my usual 34G size. I figured if it came up a touch small that I wouldn't mind the extra cleavage ;)

Happy boobs in Curvy Kate Tankini - 34G

When I first opened the package, I couldn't get over how beautiful the color was. Pictures do not do the vibrant blue any justice. I also liked that the fabric felt nice and smooth which I feel is indicative of quality. The inside “bra” portion of the swimsuit is a white 3 part cup bra with 3 hooks.

Built in bra in tankini Inner bra of Curvy Kate tankini

I believe that this bra is modeled after the Curvy Kate Princess balconette. As I predicted, the cup is just a bit small, but I think that going up a size would have made it too big for me.

When I was first looking for swimwear, I looked at Freya’s site and found that all of their options were too dated for me. It was hard finding a tankini top that was aesthetically pleasing and didn’t seem too “dated” or “old” for me. I do wish that more brands would make note that not all women with full busts feel comfortable wearing a bikini. The length of the CK tankini is also perfect for me, as tankinis are often too long for my 5’3 frame. The fabric is also body hugging, which is a definite plus to me. All of that combined with the beautiful shade of blue is near perfection. I really love this tankini because it is youthful and attractive.

Front shot Behind shot (Note: the bottoms that I am wearing in these pics are from Target!)

I do wish that the bra portion of this swimsuit was a different color than white. As you can see in Fuller Figure Fuller Bust’s review of the Caribbean Curves tankini, the bra is in a coordinating color. I would even have preferred the “nude” color over the stark white color.

At times when I was swimming, the inner lining would show and the bright white color made it really obvious. The bra itself was hard to hook together; I’m sure that I lost some weight every time I had to shimmy myself into it :) It is highly likely that this problem is not unique to this specific top from Curvy Kate.

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