For quite a while we had a very lame terms of use page with outdated and useless information. As the site has grown in the last year we've found the need to have mechanism and parameters to guide ourselves when found on situations that are tricky to handle.

So far, I have been quite impressed that the site grew a small community and how that the number of conflicts has been small in comparison with the number of entries.

Behavior rules

For a few months, a small group of users have helped me to tailor a document that should help guide the behavior we expect from users on the site to ensure that we can all get along.

We expect this to be a living document, where we will find ourselves adding more guidelines as we see fit, and adjusting text to make it clear or more broad when needed.

We try not to be overly specific on it, and we will not be able to be ever policing all the content generated on the site, nor will be be equally strict to all the possible violations or bending of these rules. We expect them to be used as guides and we will act depending on each situation as we see fit.

Rules - expected behavior

User privacy

User privacy has always been an important factor on the site and is ever present with any new feature added, to communicate the measures we take to protect the users, we've also tailored a document detailing what the site does and how you can further help protect yourself without affecting the site's goal which is to provide bra information to the Internet/world.

About your privacy

Flagging user content

We've added an option to report user generated content so it can be easier to let us know about potentially problematic entries.

We may not immediately act up on all reports, and not all course of actions may be public or end up in the desired way. This is a double edge sword but it is becoming a necessary tool to have. In most cases a minimum number of reports should exist for us to take strict action, and in some cases the situation may not require intervention and solve itself or be minor enough to fade within time.

Please make sure you've read the rules before flagging any content.