The first listing on Bratabase was on January 2011, since then there's been 4102 listed bras. Here's what has happened so far.

General stats

Out of the bras listed for sale, a 74% of them were closed thanks to Bratabase! :) The rest were closed by other means.

Bra selling success on Bratabase 74%

When listing your bra you can also list it on other places to increase your chances.

Out of all the listings, you can see that sales make up for over 85% of all listings placed.


The most popular brand is Freya by far. Followed by Curvy Kate and a technical triple tie on the third place by Cleo, Ewa Michalak and Panache. This distribution corresponds with the numbers of bras on the site.

Freya is the most sold bra on Bratabase

The options are quite varied though, since all the brands that had <1% individually added up to 28% of the total listings.


As for sizes, the distribution of listings is quite close to the distribution of sizes on the site. The most popular band being 30 and the most popular cup being G.

Most common band is 30 Most common cup is G

Please keep in mind that these are not normalized cups, they are just extracted from what the bra was labeled as. Bands were all converted to their inches(UK/US) equivalent.

The combined size distribution is almost a faithful product of both independent metrics, not included for sanity and little discovery.


The prices distribution resembles a log-normal distribution. Here I'm considering only sale listings.

40% of the listings are $15 or less. Another 45% fills the gap between $15 and $30. And there is one bra that sells for $95.

Listings success

I was surprised to see how fast were most of the listings closed (again, looking at sales only). The distribution showed that most of the listings were closed pretty quickly, there is a bit of skew in the graph because there are some listings that got sold after 600 days! but close to 65% of the listings closed within the month. and 32% on the first 5 days.

Sadly, this is bound to some error, as I've noticed a few times that users forget to come back and update the status of their listings after they've been sold :(.

Next time

Next time I would like to see how factors correlate, which brands sell faster, how price affects listing time, and so on. Stay tuned ;)