When I first started my bra blogging adventures there was one brand whose name was often spoken: Ewa Michalak (EM). Ewa's bras are well known for being padded and the high, round shape they give. Although I appreciate the look that these bras give one's breasts, trying EM was never a high priority of mine. I had the opportunity to try an Ewa Michalak bra when I won a gift voucher through the anniversary giveaway for Becky’s Boudoir.

I first saw the SM Margot when CurvyWordy posted a preview picture of the detailing. I fell in love because it reminded me of my dearly discontinued Freya Lyla.When her review came out a few months later, I decided that I had to have it. Based on her review and bugging her a bit (thanks Caroline!) I decided to go for my sister size of 80FF (36FF) instead of my usual 34G in Freya and Cleo.

Upon taking it out of the package, my first thoughts how incredibly pretty it was. I'm a sucker for pretty details, and the rose-like embroidery was just what I liked. It reminded me even more of Lyla once I had it in my hands.

I didn’t care for the fit at first. I felt like there was too much boob/cleavage. Can one even have too much cleavage?? But my opinion on that changed as I wore the bra around for a little while.

The center gore doesn't tack as tightly as I would have liked, but it will do. EM bras are known for their narrow wires, but I didn't find them to fit any more narrow than Freya and Cleo's wires. The back band fits like a dream. Although the bra's band measures about the same as my Freya bras, the fit is different because the Ewa Michalak has more stretch.

What I really love about this bra is the appearance that it gives under clothing. I didn't appreciate how much uplift it really gave until I tried a shirt on with it. Here is the Margot compared with my Lyla under two shirts.

Grey shirt:



Uryke Kopertówka:



The distinction can really be seen from the profile shots. The Margot really gives a round and uplifted look, which is always appreciated.

After my initial day of being underwhelmed with the SM Margot, I feel lucky that my first EM purchase was successful. This bra provides great uplift and cleavage ;)

The bra’s aesthetics are what drew me to purchase it and I am very happy with its overall look. I would love to try more of EM’s bras, especially any of their unpadded models.

Check out Miss Underpinnings and CurvyWordy’s reviews on the SM Margot!

Grey shirt can be purchased from LOFT and the Urkye Kopertowka can be purchased from Urkye.