The CHP Gazeta was the second bra that I was sent to try by Polish brand Ewa Michalak. I was sent this bra in an 80/36FF.

As you may recall, the CHP style is a blend between Ewa Michalak’s CH and HP styles. The CHP style combines the vertical seaming of the HP style with the cup shape of the CH style. For more on Ewa Michalak’s differing styles, please visit CurvyWordy and The Curves Have It.

One of the things that I have come to love about the Ewa Michalak brand is that they continuously choose fabric patterns that set them apart from others.

Honestly, when I first saw this bra online I was pretty neutral about it. This bra definitely is more beautiful in person . The main fabric for the bra is an antique-white colored newspaper print. It’s very subtle, but the fabric also features a smattering of clear circles, similar to 2-D sequins. The half cup shape is defined by the two vertical seams on the cup. The CHP also features fully adjustable non-stretch straps.

I love a bra with charming detailing and the CHP Gazeta is long on details. The top of the cups and bottom of the band are finished off with sheer black ruffled fabric. A red satin bow sits in the center of the gore. I do have to say that my favorite detail is the little red hearts that total 6 in number; two on top of the straps, two on either side of the cups and two on each end of the band. I’m obsessed with them, to be honest :)

After wearing this bra for a day, I had no breast spillage or band discomfort. In fact, I found the band to be comfortably firm. Although the gore doesn’t sit perfectly flat on me (it lifts by less than .5 cm), I would consider this bra to be a relative success. I feel like going up a cup in order to make the gore tack would have made the cups too large for me.The wires on this style sit perfectly on me; not too wide or too narrow. A larger cup bra also would make the wires wider on my frame.

Relative to size, I would say that the band runs a bit small and is on the firmer side. I typically wear a 34 band in UK sizing; I measure 35” normal tight and 33” super tight. I prefer the shape of this bra to that of the S Trapez. The half cups give a nice rounded shape without overwhelming my frame. This bra is also great for winter time because I tend to wear a lot of scoopneck and v-neck sweaters. This bra also looks great under lighter, warm weather shirts.

I like that this band is firmer than the one on my 80/36G S Trapez. I prefer firmer bands because I feel that they hold my squishy bits in more and give me a smoother shape underneath clothes. As previously mentioned, I like the half cup shape because it gives a great lift while not overwhelming my body. I also feel like the CHP shapes my breasts better than the S style.

The band of the S Trapez and the CHP Gazeta are similar in measurement, but the true difference is the amount of stretch in each bra band.

Overall I really like the CHP Gazeta. I think that it will become a favorite of mine. If you are familiar with the blog, you know that I am not fond of padded bras. This bra is different because the padding isn't made of a thick foam. I like that I get a rounded, lifted profile without a lot of cleavage. Other bras that give me a similar shape are Cleo's Marcie and Chloe. If you like Marcie (and some sister models) and are below a K cup, the CHP Gazeta may be for you.

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