I've been meaning to get this ready for a while (like many other things) but this is on a good stage to go live.

As we learn more about bra fitting and read how recommendations are given, we have found that the current set of breast measurements we capture may not be enough to discriminate between some bras that might and might not fit you, making it hard to provide good recommendations.

So we've added a set of new measurements on the body measurements page to keep track of these. All these new fields are optional and we will soon be showing benefits of keeping track of them, but for now we are in data gathering mode and outcome will start to show once enough people have added data.

This information is to be used mainly on the recommendations and to do calculations when a bra fits someone.

The next time you go to edit or add measurements you should find a "Extended measurements" section with the new fields, which are:

Breast base height

Vertical breast perimeter

Lying down breast perimeter

Frame width

You can read more about how these measurements are taken and why we're considering them on the related help page.

Body measurements

And now we're also collecting information not directly related to your bras, but having this data can make it easily available for any other site that decides to connect with Bratabase allowing you to carry your profile information not having to enter it over and over on each webpage ;)

  • Waist
  • Hips
  • Inseam
  • Bust perimeter