Lunaire lingerie is a brand that has been around for over 25 years. Their goal as a brand is to make pretty bras at an affordable price. They do not market themselves to a specific demographic, only women who want pretty bras in the C-DDD range. Lunaire is brand that I used to wear when I was younger, pre-reduction. I really liked their bras because they weren't ugly...they were pretty and supportive!

Lunaire was kind enough to send me their Coolmax sports bra to try and review. This sports bra is underwired, seamless and has CoolMax technology to help wick sweat away from the body during a workout. Usually I am a bit skeptical of claims like these, but the CoolMax technology kept my breasts sweat free and dry during long walks.

34G Lunaire sports bra label

At first I was a bit wary of trying this bra since Lunaire uses US sizing: D, DD(E), DDD(F), DDDD(G); but the bra actually fits quite well. For a US G cup it matched my UK G cups. I have a wee bit of orange in a glass when I am scooped properly, but it isn't really noticeable. The band on the bra is firm and sits well on my back. I feel like the 34 was a good match for me.
Here are the measurements for this bra:

Beige underwired sports bra Lunaire Sports bra 4 hooks in the back Sports bra adjustable padded strap

As you can see, the bra color that I was sent was "nude". I would have preferred a black bra because then I wouldn't have to layer my clothing as much to hide that this bra is not "nude" on me. Although the bra is not as attractive as sports bras from Panache, it still excels in comfort. Fortunately, it is almost winter and working out outside requires layers :)

Model wearing 34G sports bra from Lunaire Side shot sports bra 34G clothed

This bra is very cost effective at around $35.00. One thing that I really like about this bra is that it does give a smooth appearance underneath shirts. I also like the gore of this bra actually sits flush against my chest; I have not had this happen in a sports bra before! My breasts did feel well encapsulated. I don’t feel that there was enough bounce control in this bra for me to do a run/ hard cardio in this. This could be because of the size of my breasts and their more full on bottom shape. I have been wearing this bra to go on walks and for other low impact exercise.

34G Beige sports bra boobs Side shot sports bra 34G boobs

If you read my review on Panache’s sports bra vs. the Freya active, you may remember that a distinct difference between the two was the shape. This bra falls into the Freya side of “roundness”. My breasts definitely take on a more natural shape in this bra, but that isn’t a top concern of mine when working out. I do feel that regarding bounce control, this bra might be better for fuller on top, or evenly full breasts. The very top part of bra comes up fairly high on me, and depending on the shirt that I am wearing, there is a chance of it being visible from the front.

Sports bra high neck line

On this picture you can see my beige Freya Active on top of the Lunaire Coolmax. Lunaire sports bra vs Freya sports bra

Where to buy: Lunaire can be found at US brick and mortar retailers like Belk, Dillards and Macy’s. They can also be found online at Bare Necessities, Fresh Pair, and Her Room.