After publishing my review on the SM Margot, a representative from Ewa Michalak reached out to us and generously offered to send me a few items to review! The only sizing questions that were asked of me were; what were my underbust measurements-both loose and tight. I assume that they gathered the cup size from the SM Margot review :) I wasn’t given any options to select from, but I was very curious to see what items they would select for me.

As stated on their website, shipping takes about 10 business days. Even through the holidays and a massive snow storm, I got my package right on time. I was sent the S Trapez in 80G (36G) and a CHP Gazeta in 80FF (36FF).

The S style bras from Ewa Michalak are padded with a higher bridge. For more on EM’s different styles, check out The Curves Have It and Curvy Wordy.

Band detail on Ewa Michalak S Trapez

The S Trapez is a deep plum color with a gray-blue grid-like pattern on the cups. The band is made from a plum colored lace near the cups and grid pattern continues on the the ends of the band. The center gore is overlaid with the lace material, and sports a gray-blue bow. One thing that I really like is that this color combination isn’t typical in lingerie and it is a striking combination. It’s not overtly girly and “feminine” which I like. Like Ewa Michalak’s other padded models, this bra comes with push up pads that also help correct any asymmetry.

bra padding inserts or chicken filets

I was interested in trying this bra because I usually do not get along with padded bras. My breasts tend to fall towards the center of the bra after wearing it for a few hours. I also feel like they make my breasts look larger than they are, and that’s not something that I prefer. Maybe it speaks to me being body shamed at a young age, but I tend to not put my breasts on display. But that’s a blog post for another time :) .

I had worries about trying another padded bra because the ever popular Freya Deco is a fail on me. When I wear the Deco (in 34G), my breasts eventually spill out towards the center. Not a good look. When comparing the S Trapez to the Deco, you can see the gore is higher, which helps to keep contain my breasts in their rightful positions :) .

Happily, I can report that the S Trapez behaves nothing like my Deco. I wore this bra out to dinner and my breasts stayed in place all night! I was impressed because I had to puddle jump in the rain quite a few times. I did have some slight impressions from the shoulder straps, but that is likely from over excited tightening.

Narrow cups on S Trapez 3 hooks back closing S Trapez

When I first put the bra on, I had a bit of a gap between my right breast and the cup. A quick strap adjustment helped to closed that gap. I will say that the band fits comfortably, but still firmly. For me, the wires on this bra aren’t quite perfect, but it is very much wearable. They are a bit too narrow for me by a couple of centimeters, but for me it doesn’t affect the fit of the bra. The band features 4 columns of hooks/closures. It is worth mentioning that the straps are made from stretchy material.

This bra is pretty versatile. It looks good underneath a scoop neck sweater, and underneath a v-neck top.

Overall, my experience with SM Trapez has been great. What is your favorite EM style of bra?


I want to assure any readers that the band on this bra is not too tight for me. For readers who are new to the Bratabase blog, my measurements are 41"/35" (104/89cm) bust/underbust.

Please see this bra's measurements and my Cleo Meg and Freya Totally Tartan reviews and accompanying measurements.

When comparing this bra's band to my other often worn brands of Cleo and Freya respectfully, it falls squarely in the middle. As you can see in the pictures, my shoulders are pushed backwards, which alters how the band appears on my body.



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