My favorite time of year is when the upcoming new collections are released. I visit a few of my favorite blogs to keep updated on the upcoming A/W and S/S offerings. Last July, I spotted the Cleo Millie on A Sophisticated Pair's blog and I fell in love. I really loved the aesthetics of the bra most of all.

Cleo Millie 34G Center gore detail Interior view

The Cleo Millie features a geometric pattern on a black base. The upper parts of the cups are made up of a black fabric in a scalloped shape. The bra closes with 3 sets of 2 hook and eye closures.

Millie back closing

One reason that I was so confident that Millie would be a sure fit on me was that it’s based on my favorite Cleo bra, Marcie. Marcie is also a three part cup construction with lacy material on the top. One of the things that I love about Marcie is the rounded profile that I get from it.

Cleo Marcie 34G

Early this Spring, I found a great deal on this bra from and finally decided to buy the set in my usual size (34G/Medium bottoms). After 6+ months of pining over the Millie, it would finally be mine! A little less than two weeks later, my package was waiting for me when I came home. I eagerly opened the box and hoisted my boobs into the bra. And. It. Didn’t. Fit.

Cleo Millie 34G Cleo Millie profile view

To say that I was disappointed would be an understatement.

Cleo Millie fit issues

I actually found this band to be tighter than that of my Marcie, and other Cleo brand bras that I have tried. The gore on this bra sits flush between my close set breasts. The one very odd thing about this bra is the way that which it fits me. I almost feel as if the straps are in the wrong place and are pulling/ putting pressure at the wrong point on me, which creates a bulging shape, especially when viewed from the side. Not so attractive and wearable.

Erica, of A Sophisticated Pair, also had the same fit problems with the Millie.

To really see how Marcie/Millie compare I wore them simultaneously. As you can tell, there are some differences between the two bras.

Cleo Millie and Marcie compared

Here are the measurements for this bra and my Cleo Marcie:

Alas, my love affair with Cleo has not ended :) . This fall/winter, I am looking forward to trying few new styles and an old favorite: Jolie, Izzy and the raspberry Marcie. The upcoming Spring/Summer 2015 line will (finally!) feature Marcie in black and beige colors.

Has there ever been a bra that you were looking forward to trying and turned out to be a disaster?