The last month I've been traveling a bit, so did not manage to focus much on big features, such as the much delayed breast shapes. There is some work on that done, but lots of image editing is pending.

Anyway, here are some of the changes that happened recently, you may have noted some and others may be new:

Slight different design in listings page

It isn't much of a big deal, just that it looks different. The most important change is that we're slowly changing to using bigger pictures everywhere.

What I like to note here is that the index sizes are much more visible. They will slowly start appearing more on the site. I've found this very helpful on searches by size.

Pictures on profile bras

If you check any user profile page and look at her bras you'll see that pictures are now shown next to each entry. This makes a world of difference understanding which bras she has.

The pictures shown here use the following rule: If you've set your pictures to be shown next to your bra then this will show the main picture you chose, otherwise it will show the model's stock picture we have on file, otherwise just a placeholder.

We're making use of index sizes here as well. The summary to filter bras is now grouped by index size which has simplified the list tremendously! All those 75H, 34G, 12FF can now be grouped all under one same entry.

Show one of your lists on your profile

I noticed many of you always typed in a list of bras that you want to try, hate, love etc. Now you can add those bras to a list and choose to show that list on your profile. It will be prettier and with proper links.

Changes in policy about pictures of panties

We noticed that a good number of listings also include the matching panties for the bras. Originally we did not have a good decision about how to include the panties. Then we decided that you needed to have a picture of the complete set if you wanted to include the panties.

Now we've changed the policy, so you can include pictures of the panties alone, closeups or whatever. This is by using the new classification for pictures "Not the bra" which can be used to show related photos. These pics get special treatment as they are not displayed on general pictures of the bra but only on your particular bra detail page, listing or fit request.

Small improvements on the browse by size page

It will now show correct counts, which I find very nice as I can see which is the brand with most entries per size opposed to the absolute counts it showed before.

For instance, we have more Cleo bras in 28:4 size than Freya, but we have more Freya in 34:7 than Cleo (as of today).

A small annoyance of mine was fixed and now it is clear that you've selected a brand to filter. We increased the picture size here too.

Sharing listing notifications

I made an adventure about this. The objective is that now you can share the listings notifications you've created to others with a URL.

When other user click's that URL they will have the listings notifications screen with the same parameters as yours, so you can share that to tell other users what listings to get notified for.

For example, this link will prompt you to set up notifications for listings for Freya Decos in 34F. You will see a "Share" link that you can copy next to each of your listing notifications.

Internal improvements

Many improvements for internal management so it's nicer and easier for us to do picture approvals, rotations, keep track of wrong entries, etc.

Also, constantly working on speeding things up, dozens of bug fixes, tinier improvements.

Again, I cannot thank enough Nesoa for her endless help with the keeping of the site's data and insightful suggestions when making many of the features.

Down the road

  • Of course, the breast shapes, as mentioned before we'll launch with only a small size range.
  • Will do work on the help pages, will add search and make them more visible. Write many that are not present.
  • You may have noticed the ugly flux state of the design, and how inconsistent it is. I will keep working on that making more inconsistent changes slowly working to a new more mobile friendly design one page at the time.
  • More use of the API, will make a couple of sample sites with public code so there are examples on what can be done.