In the last couple of years we've seen an increase in brands getting away with sneaking in changes in their models secretly without telling anybody.

This has caused a huge problem for us trying to organize bras measurements, since it becomes impossible for us, and for any of their customers to tell if a bra will fit them or not since the seasonal information is not available anywhere. They expect clients to remember which colorway came out on which date to then realize if they have some cup width change or not.

This nightmare cause lots of problems when collecting measurements information since we cannot identify the batch this bra came from and attempt to group their numbers together and help you decide what to get.

So after examining several hundreds bras, we've come to a characteristic that can help us group these bras together, it is not enough to tell us exactly which season or what fix this one bra has but it can help us to put them together and have better numbers for you.

We have found that the smell of the bra can help us do that grouping. So we've added a few options to the site that correspond to the smell main bra factories so we can tell their origin.

When adding a new bra

You will see a new field right after the size entry where you can select from any of the options we've found are best fit.

This will help us properly categorize the bra in the right smell group for the calculations.

When and how to smell a bra

We recommend to give the first smell as soon as you try the bra, before wearing it for too long, specially if the day is too warm.

We found it is best to first exhale all the air from your lungs, then hold the inside of the cup near your face so your nose is close to the deepest part of the cup and take a slow and breath.

If your bra is brand new, we recommend taking a sniff while opening the package since you will find a higher scent concentration in it.

Browsing by smell

After the bras have been sorted, you will see a new option on the Browse section, a "Browse by smell". Here you will see the list of smells and how many bras are added so far for each one.

What did you find your bra smells like?

Update Apr-2

This was an April's fools joke.