I first saw the Deco vibe on Miss Underpinnings AW 14 preview post. I was initially smitten due to the soft mocha color that was being modeled. Typically my breasts do not generally get along with the Deco because the gore is so low that my breasts spill towards the center. Freya recently redesigned the Deco's cup edging to prevent it from rolling. In doing so, the cup is now a bit more closed on top, which can cause sizing problems if your breasts are more full on top. I would recommend trying before buying if you are in between sizes or have more full on top breasts.

Cup edge difference between Deco vibe and regular Freya Deco

I really wanted to give this new Deco a try! I went to my local Nordstrom to see what was in stock. I was so sure that I would need my starter size of a 34G. Unfortunately, the mocha color wasn't available yet so I grabbed the gorgeous blush color. This is how that turned out:

Too small cups. It is not very visible, but the gore is half an inch away from my sternum, and pressing it would quad boob like crazy.

Compare to the 34G on the old style Deco that used to fit:

Freya Deco 34G

Because I wasn't convinced that it was too small in the cup for me, here it is with the j-hook attached. Clearly the cups are too small.

Freya Deco Vibe 34G with J hook

I had the associate get me the next cup up, a 34GG. Initially there was some gaping along the top of the cup, but after I tightened the straps, I filled the cup out fairly nicely. Although I was really fond of the blush colorway, I decided to order the Deco Vibe in black. Two days later, my new Deco vibe arrived.

My first impressions were very positive. I'm a sucker for details and I really love the small Art Deco-esque details on the gore and the band. I also liked the blush colorway; not too pale or too pink. I also really liked the crimped effect on the straps. I also thought that this band was very firm. After my first wear of this bra, i had some band imprint on my body at the end of the day. That did not happen after the second wear. Even more so, I thought that the band was a good deal smaller than original Deco. Upon measuring, this band is no more smaller than original Deco. Well played, Freya. Well played.

I think that the Deco Vibe is a success. It’s a basic that has a few details to not make it feel boring. I especially like that Freya came out with 3 great neutral colors for this bra’s first season. The J-hook is also a great feature that can be used for added oomph when wearing different styles of dresses and tops. Lastly, I feel like the cup’s edging helps to reinforce the cup to prevent it from folding and helping to keep my breasts from falling towards the center.

Unfortunately, the top edging of the cups might size out those with more full on top breasts and those who formerly were at the higher end of the Deco range.

The back band of the Deco Vibe feels firmer, but in fact measures the same as original Deco. I think that Freya has done a great job of transforming the Deco model, but still staying true to the original.

Under clothes

The following are with the J hook on.

Final thoughts

I think that the Deco Vibe, as well as the other new Deco versions are a great addition to the Deco line. Although the top cup edging may size some out of the range, it could be beneficial to others.

Are you looking forward the new Deco styles? Do you think the new cups will be a problem for you?