I must apologize for the delay in postings! I was pretty consumed by my new job, oh and I got married a month ago! It's really great to be writing again. I can't wait to share my experiences with you all :)

As I started my proper fitting bra journey, one of the rules that I often heard was the importance of getting rid of bras that didn't serve any purpose to you. Makes sense right? Why let an old or ill fitting bra take up precious space in your bra-drobe? I totally get it...but I cannot get myself to throw out my Freya Adele and Chantelle Rive Gauche bras.

Chantelle Rive gauche 75F Freya Adele 34F

They both are two cups too small and the bands are both stretched to hell, but I still hold on to them.

For me, this attachment is a sentimental one. They were the bras that I was fit into way back in 2011 when I stopped into my local Intimacy for a bra fitting.

As many of you know, the first time wearing a bra that actually fits can be a lightbulb moment. I suppose my mind just goes back to that happy place whenever I come across these bras in my bra-drobe.

Box of bras

If you have bras that are in wearable condition you could donate them to women's shelters. Alternatively, you could list them for sale here on Bratabase :)

Do you have bras or items of clothing that you are holding on to... just because?