First, I have to apologize for taking so long to do this, but we finally have an initial version of the promise made almost 2 years ago to make a gallery with picture submissions for the breast shapes.

We received a decent number of entries and after a couple of failed attempts I opted for a simple approach to get something out soon so we can work from this.

The breast shapes gallery is now live and free for anybody to start browsing and using.

The goal is to help better describe breasts, other than just saying that you are "full on top", "bottom" or "wide". You can now also accompany that with a set of shapes that you feel resemble you best.

The good thing of this is that it embraces the wide ranges of fullness, wideness, etc that breasts can have and the variety on which breasts come.

It is very difficult for most women to tell whether or not your breasts are “wide?”, “narrow?”

Without having experience looking at various boobs it is hard to tell if one's body parts are wide, round, narrow, tall? We hope that now you don't have to worry much about putting labels to your body and just point with a finger "like this".

There is a help page that I hope can answer some of your questions.

The pictures you see today contains only the submissions of the most size range with more entries. This was a deliberate decision not to leave outliers that aren't very helpful.

So, let's get started.

Visit the breast shapes gallery

How can I help?

I'm glad you ask! The best way to help is either by spreading the word or by considering submitting an entry for the gallery. As you may have noted, we are short on ranges so we need to get as much variety as we can get! If you have any doubts about privacy or how it works, you will find instructions on the submit page or you can always contact us with questions :)