Given the increasing popularity of the listings on the site, a lot of new users are joining to get them which is great!

With the rising number of transactions happening, good and bad things increase so we've added a handful of features to make it more useful to keep on track and to honor the buyer's agreement ;)

Listings profile

Now you can see what is a users' behavior regarding listings. Please use use this to assess who to give a bra to, especially giveaways, since we want to make sure that the bra benefits the best possible user and helps give back to the site as well.

You can find this by looking at the listings section for every users' profile.

There are a few sections on the profile. They're described on the related help page but here are some important bits:

  • You can tell how diligent a user is about adding back her bras to the site in the graph on the left "How she is adding her bras". This is a tally of the completeness % of her bras, we want as many 100%s as possible right?
  • "Sizes she's getting" will tell you how all over the place her sizing is, and if she's getting bras for herself or just for fun. You want a tight table here, a huge spread might require further analysis.

Of course, we have to be flexible with this as it takes time to build this reputation, new users will have this empty but existing users can use this to demonstrate why they are best fit for whichever bra, even if they were not first to ask for it.

Bra listing history

If you are to re-list a bra that you got through the site, you will see the bra's past listing history when you prepare yours. This is to help in case you forget how much you paid or how you got this bra.

Also, for all listings there will be a history section where you can see if bras have been re-listed in the past. This is all built thanks to the bra transfers.

Listings compared to your bras

As some of you may have noticed, now there's a section "Compared to your bras" next to the listing's measurements table.

That section will find which of your currently owned bras are most similar to this listing by band length, cup width and cup depth. Hopefully that will be a good reference when deciding on the listing.

Compare your bra to any other bra

Alternatively, you can choose to compare this bra with any of your bras. You will be asked to select any of your bras from a list (or enter the URL of any other bra) and then you'll see a table comparing both individual bra's measurements.

Please keep in mind that this is different from the previously existing comparisons on the site that compare averages. This new option is to compare two specific bras.

You can also compare any bra by looking at the individual bra's page and on the "measurements" section you'll see a link "Compare to your bras" that will prompt the same screen.

Improved buyer's agreement

The buyer's agreement was just one more "I agree" lie on the Internet. I changed that so you have to enter a pass phrase to accept it. That pass phrase is hidden in the text, so if you go through it and read it, then you'll be just fine.

I try to keep it short and clear so it is easy to read. So if anybody asks you for the pass phrase it means they didn't bother to read it.