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Sports Bra (5021)


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  1. 8



    This is the second Panache sports bra that I own and the third one I have tried. I originally tried the 32DD and was a bit squished. The next one was the 32F which was fine but a little bit too wide and tall. This one is in between.

    The cups do fit a bit better than the 32F and compress me a little more. The 32F is a very round shape, but due to the taller cups, I do have a little bit of empty space in the cups at the top as I’m soft tissue and functionally fob. The 30F is better at containing me evenly ... in this respect. That said, the cup height difference is actually pretty minimal. With so little difference I don’t think it made a huge difference in sizing down.

    The band on this one is definitely tighter than the 32F which is to be expected from a band size down. I can do it up but it’s a bit more challenging. If I was using this bra for running or jumping and other high impact sports, I would say that the 30 band of this one (with this level of wear) is perfect but, I am doing none of those things. I’m wearing it for Pilates which is a lot more gentle and flowy with the majority of my lessons on my back and I think it’s going to be too tight for me this way.

    There is a small snag in one cup which I was aware of when I bought it (it was already discounted) although I accidentally added a small slit with the scissors as I was opening the package. The slit is pretty small but it is in the mesh portion so I hope it won’t get bigger with wear.

    Ultimately I think a 32E would fit me better but I’m not sure if it’s the right sports bra for me. I like the rounded and separated profile vs the uniboob look but I am not a fan of the cup height. That said, as long as it is under a top, it probably won’t be a problem. The 32F looks freaking amazing underneath my thermal zip top and my snug shirts even though it is a little bit of overkill for a bra for my needs. I have not tried the 30F underneath a top yet, so I might keep it and find an extender or I might just relist it and keep the 32F which I have grown fonder of since I got it.

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    • It's funny because from the sides, it looks like a perfect fit, but from the front, I can see that it's a bit tall on you. I just acquired one of these too, so hopefully I can compare it tomorrow. I haven't even tried it on, as I have a million things going on right now and haven't had time. Thanks for all your reviews of different sizes/fits.

    • 1

      Yeah, and I don’t think another cup size down will fix the the tallness either. A 32E is probably the best fit but honestly, between the two, I like my 32F better, I think. Even though it is taller. It’s not that much taller.

    • 1

      Try Chantelle's sports bra. It's structured almost exactly like panache, but the cups are shorter AND the j-hook is adjustable.

      Just be careful that you're getting your correct size (Chantelle uses EU sizing).

    • Yeah I have tried the Chantelle. Maybe I should pop over to the shop here that carries them to compare.

    • What a lovely colour I think the one cup up is better.did you try 30 FF??

    • maraki no, as the 30 is too tight. I prefer my 32F to this even though the cup is a bit big and tall. I’d rather try a 32E than a 30FF.

    • So stay in 32F it’s better in fit I say 30 band because it’s fits different

    • Yeah 32 is better for me than 30 for my needs. If I was running or going to be doing higher impact activity, I could probably do a 30. For Pilates and being on my back a lot, I need a little bit looser for comfort. The 32 is still supportive and more comfortable.

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  2. I received this as a gift from a friend as a pay it forward pay it back sort of thing. I had been looking at the 30FF of this but been concerned about it being too tight. This was a perfect option to try. She sent it to me as we’ve been talking about fitness a little bit and she knows that I have been going to one on one Pilates sessions locally for a few months and have been looking for something to wear. I need something comfortable but with some support. Pilates is not high intensity or anything, and I spend quite a bit of the ... time on my back. So it’s got to be comfortable on my back...this is why I opted to go with the 32 band.

    While it is not really my colour aesthetic (with the fuschia, electric purple, and neon green/yellow), it does seem to be ok with my skin tone and I don’t mind it as much as I had thought I would. I can probably get used to it but, I would probably prefer to have something that is a bit more subdued and understated.

    The fit was a little bit of concern because the Chantelle sports bras that I have tried were closer to 9” although I usually stick with about 9.5-10” for regular bras. I got the 9.5-10” cup depth for this one. The cups fit. But they don’t. Confused? Me too! So this is what I think. The cup depth is perfect, but it’s the cup height and the fact that I have softer tissue that leans more towards full on bottom and short rooted, functionally. I’m actually a bit more even with only a nod to fob, and my roots are actually tallish, but shallow and deflated. If the cup volume and depth was the same but the cups were like an inch shorter, it would totally be a good fit. I added a few pictures with a basic ribbed tank that is semi racer back and you can see how it is poking out the top of the front some from the tall height.

    The band on this one is good. It’s a little bit looser on the last hooks than I would prefer for support to do some activities and it feels secure with the next level of hooks in, however, when I am on my back or doing curl ups and such, I feel as though the band tension changes and the loosest hooks is quite adequate and comfortable. Not sure if that’s making any sense. I going to have to test it out more on my back with my home program exercises to see what feels best.

    However...and this is a big HOWEVER, when I get on my back, my boobs soften and shift quite a bit to the sides and I have a fairly large pocket of space at the apex. While it is not a problem, visually, it does have a little bit of a strange feeling and one that is somewhat distracting. I will have to see if I can get over it. I’m going to my lesson tomorrow and will be wearing this to test out.

    I do want to try the 32E (or a 30F if it’s a stretchy enough band). I think that even if the cup depth is a bit smaller than I need in a regular bra, the taller cups will have the room to contain my boobs vertically and give me a little bit of compression. The hyba sports bra top that I have in a small that I’ve been using is supposed to fit a bust of 35.5” per the website size guide. I originally bought it in a size medium (37.5”) was a great fit in the cups but, a little bit too large for the over shirt part. As it is a high neck bra top, the small works a little better as I’m a little bit more compressed and the tissue has room to fill vertically without it showing as too small. So...I think that this theory might also be able to be applied to the Panache sport bra if I size down in the cup.

    The straps are pretty cushioned and comfortable. I have not really adjusted the straps length in order to use the j hook but I’m not sure if I really want to use the j hook. In the past, it was cutting into my shoulder blades and not comfortable. The underwire is also extremely padded and pretty comfortable. The wire is a bit wide for me, but only just so. The gore seems to be ok (my measurements are only for the wire portion, not the whole height of the center section, btw).

    I think that a cup size down is going to be a perfect fit. I have my eye on a 30F so I will be sure to share that with you if I get it.

    Update Jan 29/21: I wore this today under my new thermal top and it was fine! Is it the best or most ideal size for me? I don’t know for sure yet. I *am* still interested in trying the cup size down though, so I’ve removed my listing for this for now until I can try a 30F or 32E for comparison. I also added more pictures in my thermal top today.

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    • 1

      I'm glad you found something good "for now"! I definitely think that one cup down is the way to go, that way you won't have any gaping when you're on your back. I would strongly advise you to stick with the 32 band, I'm a true 28 with no sensory issues and a preference for a snug band and my 30 band wired sport works well for me. Unless the 30F is really used and stretched out, I truly think that a 32E will be your best match. Thanks for such an in depth review as always!

    • 1

      The measurements of the 30F indicate that it should be good. She said that she had others in the same size but not added, so I assume that they’re all used at this point. I’m just waiting on a reply to my message. I think I will list this one as an exchange but continue to use it in the meantime. I didn’t actually use it today and just stuck with my current tried and true outfit since I had a bit of a rough night and didn’t feel like experimenting with it today. In other news, my lesson was amazing and I seem keep surprising my instructor without realizing it. Lol.

    • It’s very nice on you I don’t think you must go down cup size because if put all your bust into the cups the small cup doesn’t fit .and I find that if you measure 30 stay there because it stretch out quickly.believe me I know that from me

    • It’s a close fit. The wires are a little bit wider than I need (but doable) and the cup height is too tall. If you could see my shape inside the bra, you’d see that I have a little bit of room at the top where the purple is because I have functionally short roots. The one size down will probably fit better.

    • I think try 30 FF and if you can try one cup down and Scoop and Swoop the cups on me 30 J fits better than 32HH

    • Read brastop fit quide it’s help

    • I am swooping and scooping. A 30FF is the same volume as this but I can try to see if it is narrower wires and shorter cup height. But... I do fit between 30F and 30FF. I will have to see what brastop says.

    • Did you try 30 E

    • 1

      No. A 30E will definitely be too small. I’m going to try a 32E or a 30F. The 30F I have my eye on is used so it’s a looser band.

    • I confused I mean 30 FF orG ?the used is stretching and the fit isn’t ok

    • A 30FF has the same cup height and width as this 32F so I can imagine that the fit is similar in the cups.

    • The band when it’s tight the cup changed the fit

    • Calluna I hope the 30F fits! I'm so happy to hear that you're impressing your instructor!

    • Did you try the new size 30 f

    • Not yet. I’m waiting to hear back from the seller.

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  3. 7



    This review is for the Cosmic print colorway, ordered from Figleaves (I'm in the US but ordered from the UK site which saved me a good 10 bucks!). Like the black colorway in the same size and model, this one fits my narrow FOB projected breasts well with minor gapping at the top that is totally not an issue for me at all. It wicks sweat, is bounce-free, supportive, yada yada, but let's be honest, I got it for the space print, which is straight. up. GORGEOUS! The print is a pink, coral, red, navy, and white galaxy print (with shades of cranberry and purple) with navy trim ... and hot pink rings, sliders, J-hook, and piping. It was really hard to tell online if the trim was navy or black, and while the navy is super cute, I almost wish it had been black as it would match more of my workout bottoms. Minor complaint. That said, I think it would pair well with either a navy short or a plain black workout legging. I bet it would look fabulous with a dark purple or gray workout short as well. I can't stop staring at the fabric and it made me feel great wearing it. Space boobs...what's not to love??
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    Cosmic colorway

    Updated on Jul 26, 2017 Flag this

    • 1

      This print is awesome! Thanks for the photos!

    • 1

      Thanks, it definitely is!! The colorway is so new, I couldn't find reviews of it anywhere, so I thought I'd share my own!

    • That is beautiful, I might just have to get one...

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  4. 6


    Didn't fit

    The bra I purchased was actually the Grey version of the Panache Sport. However, I dyed it using Jacquard iDye Poly Pink, and the pink dye + original blue/grey color resulted in purple! The pink trim also turned into a more vibrant magenta. Unfortunately, the inside of the cups and the thread are made of a different material and did not change due to the dye, but I am still pleased with the overall result of my dye experiment." alt=":)" /> So yes, you CAN dye the Panache Sport -- just make sure to get dye for polyester fabrics and be aware the thread and the inside of the cups will likely stay the original color. Jacquard iDye Poly can be found on Amazon if it's not available in your local fabric store.

    For a review of the fit of this bra, you can see what I wrote for the Raspberry colorway here: 34GG - Panache Sport » Sports Bra (5021)

    Grey (dyed purple) colorway

    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Dec 10, 2015 Flag this

    • 1


    • 1

      Oh love this!! Great idea :)

    • 1

      Great job, it's beautiful!

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  5. 5


    Didn't fit

    Panache Underwired Sports bra

    It's a very comfortable bra. The padding is rather thick but it adds only 2 cm to my breast perimeter compared to a regular bra. The wires are rather wide and the cups come up rather shallow. The bra is made to push the boobs close to chest and seperate them at the same time. The gore is very wide in this bra, so it does not tack. If I would made the gore tack, then I had some light overspill because the cups are rather shallow and not tall enough for my boobs.

    I think in my size and with my shape the bra is ... not supportive enough for heavy exercise. (I would not run in it, but then I never was into running, I would rather need the bra to do light exercise and for that it will be good.)

    The straps are very thick and comfortable. The whole bra is rather nice feeling, I don't have anything to complain for now. The band runs tight and fits me just a little snug but not too tight (I can fit 2 fingers under the band but not a whole hand) I don't think I would have to size up to a 34 band. I also don't recommend sizing down, If you are between band sizes, always choose the bigger in this bra.

    It's said that the cups come up big in this bra. I agree if you have short boobs that are not very full on top it could be that you need to size down. For me it's not the case and I think that a 32JJ would be the best size for me in this bra. (I usually wear 32J or 32JJ)

    A note on the appearance and shape. The shape from the side is very round and uplifted. From the front the shape is a bit wide. My boobs look 1-2 sizes bigger in this bra. But they look very nice and round. I would feel confident in this bra. Looking good while exercising is motivation too and this bra will look very good.

    I will update here once I decided if I keep the bra and how it held up with some exercise.

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    This bra is not owned any more

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    • 1

      Yes I have pretty much the same experience with this bra. However on me, even though I'm a lot more FoB, sizing down to 30G didn't work either. So 30GG was slightly too large, 30G too small... overall couldn't find a right fit for me.

    • 1

      brasaremean I'm really surprised at that. I got the advice to size down also, but since my boobs are firm they aren't going to move up to fill in the space like everyone thinks. Smaller doesn't work for me either.

    • 1

      Oh mine moved up and are busting out of the bra. I was lazy to make another return so I just sort of let it go.

    • brasaremean does it work for you despite the issue?

    • 2

      I tried my bra on again today, now that my boobs are at their "normal" size again. I noticed that my regular bras gape a bit on top and don't fit as well as on my PMS-boobs.

      So there is a size difference between my PMS boobs and "normal" boobs maybe 1/2 cup size... But in this sports bra… the fit does not change. So either the bra is really 1 full cup size too small or just too shallow for my boobs and pushed them up no matter what. I think this happens with soft boobs.

      I think about keeping it. I want to start exercise ! Just light since I'm a beginner and for that it will do.

    • It does not alisa
      It's actually pretty painful, the cutting in gets worse as I move. So I gave up on it.

    • It looks a good fit other than the cleavage issue.

      But for jogging or running, try @Enell again, but you’ll have to order a custom size. That’s what I wear, a custom size, for jogging — total motion control. It is amazing.

      The woman who customizes for Enell is great. She can make straps longer or shorter, according to your need. She will customize the front and back, like for you maybe a size 1 back and size 5 front. (Mine is 5 back, 7 front.) It is fantastic. Costs about $80 US

    • 1

      alisa So sorry that this did not end up fitting you well. It does look a bit small, I agree that there should be no cleavage and it sucks that they don't have any bigger sizes that you can try.

      Maybe this bra can still be useful for lower impact exercise (if it's still comfortable?) if the returns process/shipping is too much? Or you might be able to sell it locally?

      I think you are right that these cups are shallow and wide... I think people with short roots may be able to size down, but if you're full all over or have tall roots it's not doable like you said. I also felt like the size down I tried pushed my breasts up and out because there wasn't enough "space" in the cups for them...

    • 1

      I have not returned it yet… I would have to hurry up. but I think I make it work. If I do light exercise it will do.

      brasaremean Oh no :/ I hope mine does not get painful once I start to really wear it.

      dfe98we I once had an Enell. It was a faulty size from ebay that was somewhat smaller in band than it would have been for the "bust" size. It was still pretty small and pushed my boobs flat. I don't know if I want to risk ordering for the full price if there are other options. It will cost me over 100$ because custom fees and shipping...

      braluv I keep the bra for now. I'm just starting to get into exercise so it will do and it's better than nothing.

    • brasaremean I just posted this on my sports bra adventure but it also fits here:
      "Guys I'm returning the Panache bra! Yesterday I decided to wear the bra for 30 mins after a shower. Just doing not much sitting round. It was NOT nice. I felt constricted and even a bit… out of breath and it was a relief to remove the bra!!!

      So that means that the bra is too shallow and or just too small? Or not the right bra for me! The padding felt so heavy on my chest and it just wasn't comfortable. "

      Is this how your bra felt too?

      I'm glad I have 30 days return. Bra is going back. I don't know if I am "too weak" to tolerate a compressive sports bra or the fit was bad??? I ask these weird questions but remember I never had a really really good sports bra in my life yet!

    • 1

      Yes very constricting, very difficult to breathe, but to me there was legit pain where the cups were cutting off my breasts because of the chafing, I even got some bruising.

    • brasaremean Omg that sounds horrible! :/ I felt so constricted even when I was just sitting around doing nothing. Did you find another sports bra that works for you?

    • 1

      I sorta get by with a Freya Active Sonic, it is quite tall (not ideal but....) I ordered 30GG and have no issues like the Panache one. I will add it one of these days.

    • 1

      So many sports bras stop at H-cup :/

    • 1

      Sports bra manufacturers are so lazy 😑

    • Did you try the Kris Line one

    • Sovavosi yeah. Back in the day Panache Sports only went to H. And I remember how excited we were when Freya Active and Elomi Energise expanded to K-cup!
      Bravissimo did good, their Sports bra comes up to L-cup!

      brasaremean No I have not tried any Kris Line bra.

    • 1

      The 28 band still only goes to an H. Hey thanks Panache, I don't need to exercise. Just loose weight off my boobs and put it on my underbust, apparently.

    • 1

      Ugh I hate that. 30J is also missing for some reason, why? And it stops again at H from 36 bands...

    • 2

      Imagine one brand would just design some really amazing sports bra and then offers it in all sizes 26-44 bands A-L cup??? Of course they would stock less of the "more uncommon" sizes but when they are the only ones who offer them, they would still sell.

    • 1

      alisa That would be amazing to have a really expansive and inclusive siza range that was well made! I think (one reason) a lot of uncommon sizes don't end up selling well because lots of folks just down know what their size is or what to look for in a bra.

    • Uncommon sizes could be "on request" if they are not profitable enough... I often noticed that on Bravissimo the sizes above K-cup sold out very quickly. I hardly could ever find a 34L on sale. So I wondered if they just made fewer of those or if the demand is actually there and since many brands don't carry these sizes, they sold very well.

    • Hello I saw in panache page that they made it in small band and up to HH and J cup it’s gorgeous Iam very happy 😃 tell it please everybody

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  6. 5


    Didn't fit

    I had a bad feeling sizing down in this but I read a bunch of reviews that FOBs should size down, and the way my 30GG - Panache Sport » Sports Bra (5021) fit I felt like that had some merit so... I sent back my 30GG and got a 30G instead.

    Bad idea. If you are extremely FOB, with zero upper fullness, size down. If you are like me, FOB but with tall shallow roots, do not do it. As is obvious from the one angle photo, this bra is cutting into my chest at the collarbone fiercely. On my larger side it's pretty extreme, on ... my smaller side not as much but it's still happening.
    In some photos it doesn't look like it's happening but the thing about (any, not just sports, but sports especially) bras is, you're not stationary when you wear your bra. You move around, you raise your arms up, you pull them back, you lean forward, you lean backwards, et cetera, et cetera.
    So, moving around with this bra cutting in gets pretty damn uncomfortable at some point.

    The band is comfortably snug, and the gore is a soft tack, being pretty tall it gets to be a bit too much cause the cups are having that push up effect so I get some buttcrack cleavage into which the gore cuts in as well.

    Overall, a disaster. Maybe this bra is just not for me?

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    130 more words

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    • 1

      The pattern on this one is gorgeous! Sorry it didn't fit well.

    • Yes, absolutely beautiful. I guess my shrinkage just didn't shrink enough heh

    • 1

      Yeah, I can't size down either. It's too tall but as soon as I size down or take the wires out it cuts in something fierce. IMO the wired style holds it open more than the wireless.

    • 1

      Yeah, I'm hoping it will fit at some point.... tho I don't have hope. These tall roots are annoying lol

    • I really want this color too! I really appreciate your review, because I also have tall roots but FOB, and I was thinking I might need a cup size down to provide more stability/ support, but now Im not so sure, because I don't want cutting in. I just feel like the cups are a little empty on top and that will give my boobs more room to bounce in them. Not quite sure how to get it just right. Overall these panache sports bras are tge best I have found, and I really find it amazing what a nice profile they provide under shirts.

    • Yeah unfortunately the cutting in is really uncomfortable and the size is rly restricting too

    • 2

      IMO if you want to protect against bounce, compression sports bras are probably your best bet.

    • I have the same issue ihzve 32H and I think I must go for 32GG I don’t know I confuse what did you do ? Did you keep it

    • I kept it because sending it back again was very expensive and I didn't care to do it. I'm hoping it will fit at some point.
      Honestly for me sizing down didn't work because I have a lot of side issue and really tall roots and the cups on this are just too short for that.
      If your shape is different it might work for you.

    • I post pics to 32H iam waiting to try the GG cups and I made a review

    • You should request fitting help for that one, more people would see it and help you :)

    • From where ? And if you can see and tell me thanks

    • 1

      When you go to edit your bra it will give you an option at the bottom to request fitting help.

      Like here:

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  7. 5



    Best sports bra I have tried yet! The band is really firm on this one which does give after a wear so if it feels too snug on first wear give it a chance. After all, snug is better when exercising. I totally appreciate the underwires and them being padded enough for moving around without wires digging in. The back also has a hook to allow you to have a racer back if needed. The fabric at the front between the cups is also vented for breathability. I probably could have gone down one more cup size but if you're like me I am always fitting my larger side which means some room on my smaller side. Made by Panache Sport and highly recommended! 👍👊👌

    Black colorway

    Updated on Jan 02, 2017 Flag this

    • 3

      Looks great! :) I love it too - I have three of them now!

    • 2

      I was just looking at another color myself! I will get another!

    • You can see the underwire in side view, roxannelovesbras , but not in the center. So does the center tack properly?

    • 2

      dfe98we It does. It is a little hard to find as the wires are nicely padded then the middle mesh material covers between and sits up so I had to feel to make sure.

    • 2

      Excellent, roxannelovesbras !

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  8. 5


    Didn't fit

    First, a bit about me: I have even fullness, short/narrow roots, very soft tissue, and am fairly high set and close set. I wear between 70J-70K in Ewa Michalak (depending on style), and 32HH in Cleo Marcie. My UK size for brands other than Cleo is probably 32J.

    Knowing that, it probably doesn't make much sense that I am wearing a 34GG in this bra, right? Well, I've found the Panache Sport runs a bit differently than a *regular* bra. I tried it in 34H (last year before the HH & J cups were introduced), but the cups were WAY too tall and the wings were incredibly uncomfortable ... under my arms. I had empty space at the top of the cups and my underarms were being rubbed raw, so that's no good! The cup and wing height in the 34GG are much more comfortable for my somewhat high-set boobs with short roots. And honestly, the cup depth isn't off by that much. Sure, I could use a tiny bit more room, but it's not a deal breaker. I mean, this is a sports bra after all. I don't expect a perfectly flat sitting gore (which would be impossible since it's 2.5 cm wide and I am super close set!) I think if I were to actually try this bra in my actual UK size, which is around 32HH or 32J, it would be much too large. With that being said, if your boobs are anything like mine, I strongly suggest sizing down 1-2 cups if you find your actual UK size doesn't work.

    The store I got this from didn't have any 32H in stock, which is why I went with sister size 34GG. It actually worked out okay because I got this bra more for comfort daily wear rather than exercise. I was able to wear it on the loosest set of hooks for the first couple of weeks, but now I am wearing it on the 2nd and 3rd rows. Of course, I normally wear 32 bands, so this isn't a result of the band being too stretchy or anything. Some days I will still wear it on the loosest set of hooks because I DO NOT like tight bands at all, and some days I don't feel well and need a very loose band. Since I bought this bra pretty cheap, the 34 band is totally fine for now until the 3rd row of hooks is too large; however, if I do buy another one, I think ultimately 32H would be the best size for me (so I need the same band + 2 cups smaller than my UK size in this bra.)

    As I mentioned above, the cup depth is a little too small, but not so much so that I have massive amounts of quadboob or anything. It helps that the band is not super snug on me, which can exaggerate too-small cups sometimes. This bra does not fit anything like a typical balconette, so I believe it's unrealistic to expect the same measurements and fit criteria to apply. Also, as I previously mentioned, the gore is quite wide. However, the wire channels are heavily padded and are OH SO COMFY, so I don't mind at all. The gore doesn't lie flat and floats away from my chest quite a bit, but I still get enough separation to feel comfortable. No major problems with boob sweat here. I'd say this bra, at this size, fits more as a combination compression/encapsulation bra. My boobs aren't completely separate as they would be in an encapsulation bra, but they're not completely smooshed flat as they would be in a compression bra. Sure, my boobs would be completely separated if I got it in my proper size, but then the cups would be obscenely tall and would kill me under the arms. I'll gladly sacrifice a bit of cup depth for the rest of the bra to fit better. **Edit: One thing I forgot to mention -- the wires in the gore only go up about 2/3 of the way; there is no wire at the very top of the "gore" section, so that adds to what I think is an unrealistic expectation to have the gore lie completely flat. I just don't think it's *supposed* to! I've seen several people disregard this bra because the gore doesn't lie flat, but I think their expectations are just not in line for the functionality of this bra.

    The best thing about this bra is the straps. I LOVE the strap placement. It's much closer to my neck rather than towards the edge of my shoulders, so I find the straps very comfortable (plus they are padded). There's a j-hook on the back to make it into a racerback, and I use this feature occasionally when I want more support. I like how the wires/wings are lower under the arms as well, so I find I wear this bra in rotation just to help relieve any discomfort I have been feeling from underwires that are too high under my arms. I love my EMs, but they rub me raw under the arms sometimes!

    The shape the bra gives is quite nice as well. I've added pics of myself wearing just the bra itself and also with a t-shirt. The shape is nicely rounded and uplifted. I find this bra to be a great t-shirt bra, so I tend to wear it when I'm just wearing a t-shirt, if I want to be comfortable on the evenings/weekends, or if I'm doing active work and don't want to wear one of my nicer Ewa Michalak bras. All in all, it's one of my favorite bras of all-time." alt=":)" />

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    Raspberry colorway

    This bra is not owned any more

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      I'm surprised the band is so loose on you! I tried a wireless 34 band when I was still primarily wearing 32 bands, and it was still SO tight! I wonder if it's different with different colorways? The one I tried was black banded, so maybe the dye make it shrink. Either way, your review is really making me jones to try this one again. I have been favoring comfort these days, and the padded straps look dreamy.

    • ginganinja Well, to be fair, my tight underbust measurement is around 29", so I could probably wear 30 bands if I wanted to. I really, really, REALLY don't like firm/tight bands, which is why I stick to 32. Hopefully that helps explain it! :)

    • ginganinja Actually, I went back and looked at some of my other measurements, and I think you might be right about the black ones being much tighter. I've had a few black ones before in a couple different sizes (I was a Panache Sport addict a year or two ago lol) and the band measurement was in fact smaller than the other colorways. I have (2) in 34GG right now, and they both stretch to about 35". One is the raspberry color seen here, and the other one is a grey one that I dyed pink. I figured that one would shrink since I soaked it in very hot water for about an hour for the dye process, but it didn't seem to affect it much.

    • *dyed purple with pink dye is what I meant to say: 34GG - Panache Sport » Sports Bra (5021)

    • Agh, I can't edit my comments, so I apologize for the incorrect link (and SO MANY responses! :) The window isn't large enough for me to see which colorway I am selecting, so I'll just leave it alone. It's in the list of bras if you want to see.

    • haha it's ok! I appreciate the information! It makes sense if your underbust is that small, and you're in a 34 band, then it'd be on the looser side. Also makes sense about the black dye. I'm always surprised at how much a difference that one factor makes in fit.

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  9. I love this bra! I've spent years in ill-fitting compression-style bralettes from various places but, after reading numerous rave reviews, I finally picked one of these up, and I'm so glad I did. I purchased it in black from Breakout Bras (via Amazon). The pros first:

    The good:

    -The band is veeeery comfortable. I've read many people saying it runs really tight but, as I measure under 26" comfortably and most 28's feel big on me, this one feels great. It's also a sports bra, so it should be pretty snug and secure, right? There are three hooks, and they're a little padded, so it adds an extra feeling ... of stability and comfort.

    -There is a racerback option. It cuts into my shoulders near my neck a bit, but it does feel like it might be a good option for higher impact activities.

    -It actually looks great under clothing! It could easily be worn under normal shirts and would never be suspected of being a sports bra. It does have a bit of a minimizing effect, but there is also still good definition.

    The bad(ish):

    -The F is a bit small, but I really think the FF would have too much extra room, especially at the top. The wires could be a little higher on the sides as well. The fit is close enough I don't think sizing up is necessary.

    -The center gore is a little wide, but I think I might be more close-set than I realized previously. It requires a little adjustment to get things situated properly. It doesn't really detract from the feel of the fit too much, but would be better if it were more narrow.

    Overall, I'm very happy with this bra, and would definitely consider getting a second one.

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  10. 4


    Didn't fit

    A few months ago, I tried the Panache 28F wired sports bra and the fit was insanely bad. However, I keep having trouble finding sports bras and finding people who recommend the Panache's - so I gave this style another shot, in my 30E sister size.

    Result: Shocker... 30E is the exact same wrong fit as 28F was. The wire is still crazy wide. It just doesn't hurt in a 30. But what is it accomplishing?

    The gore doesn't tack - at all. This is basically a compression/uniboob fit for me. Might be my fault as I'm more like 28FF than 28F these days, so 30E might have been ... pushing it. But 28F back in January didn't tack either and I was much smaller then.

    I just don't understand this style and I feel like there's something I'm missing about how it "works". It's frustrating because the construction quality of this bra feels so much nicer than the other sports bras with wires I've tried, and I want there to be a magical size that works.

    Or is this just... wildly a bad style on me? What other sports bra models could I consider?

    Last note: I tried the unwired version of this bra too and while it wasn't a fail, it was just a generic compression uniboob bra-- certainly not worth Panache's retail price.

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    • there are some cheaper priced Syrokan sports bras on amazon, but unfortunately they don't have your band size if you are 28 band. : ( They start at 32 band : (

    • 1

      My local bra boutique owner told me that in her experience, Panache's sports bra works really well for about 80% of the people who try it...and just does NOT for everyone else. Including her.

      This works pretty well for me, despite the wires being definitely "too wide", the gore not quite tacking, and the upper cups being a little too generous (especially in the size I normally wear in a non-sports bra). For whatever reason, I find it does not matter for supporting me and keeping me contained when exercising. Oddly, the technically imperfect fit does not affect the actual performance of the bra.

      Chantelle has a model that is somewhat similar in construction, though I have not personally tried it. It starts at a 30 band.

    • 1

      Are you specifically looking for a wired sports bra, or are you willing to try anything? I might suggest something like the Enell sports bra. I know it's ugly and utilitarian, but it looks like it really gets the job done (I haven't tried it personally).

    • I'm glad you brought this up b/c I find the Panache Wired to be such an odd shape. It's like the saying, "Don't knock it till you try it," but I fail to see how my FOB boobs would feel comfortable in that odd shape, I just stick to what I'm used to, which is compression sports bras, as it seems too risky to spend $65+, when I have so my doubts initially, lol. (it's my understanding the Panache Wired basically never goes on sale...maybe for a black Friday deal, but that's it.)

      To me, the shape looks all wrong for my boob type, but maybe I'm totally missing out and it would be awesome on my shape, lol.

    • 1

      sherrach898 Thank you for the reply! I was looking for wired. Mostly because I have plenty of compression bras that are ok. But maybe wired just isn't for me :(

      @AllyBra That's interesting about what your local owner told you!! I guess it makes me feel better to hear that a pro has seen it work a lot but also not work at all. I have a lot of trouble with 30 bands in general but maybe it's OK if a sports bra is not super tight so I . Thank you!

      @BraOdyssey Oh yeah, 32 I'd be swimming in. I have pretty bad luck with even 30s. Thanks though for the reply!

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      AllyBra lol oops, I'm not sure how to edit comments! Tagging you so you know I actually replied~

    • 1

      BraOdyssey Wooo I just saw your second commend and so happy that I'm not the only one who thinks it's a wild shape! I had to remind myself, there are so many good reviews, it truly must work for some .... just not us!! I feel like you and I are totally on the same page :)

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