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I am full on bottom, somewhat soft-tissued, projected, slightly pendulous, and need a lot of immediate projection. I ... have narrower roots, am close-set, and have more inner fullness. I am long-waisted and tall for a woman (5'8"). I have a smaller frame for my height.

I was always quite slim until my mid to late twenties, when thanks to medication and other factors, I gained quite a bit of weight. I lost a lot of it in my early mid-thirties (~50 pounds lighter than my maximum weight), still have ~5-10 pounds to go plus tightening up my midriff. As a result, I am a bit deflated on top and have some looser skin. It is not super obvious, but likely affects fit slightly. I did not have much "up top" until I gained weight, fortunately, my boobs have not fully disappeared.

I probably should have been wearing 30 bands or maybe even 28 bands in my teens/early twenties, but it was hard enough finding 32 bands. (Where was the Little Bra Company when I needed it???) I mostly wore 34B bras, and always envied those girls with their "C" or bigger cups. I probably would have passed out had I been properly sized, since I suspect I was more like a 30D or 28DD.

When I was heaviest, I purchased a couple 40DD or 40DDD bras. They didn't really fit well, but they seemed okay at the time. After I dropped a fair amount of weight, I started looking into being properly sized. I never bothered when I was heavier because I did not want to spend a lot of money on a bra when I planned to lose weight. Somehow, I wound up finding the A Bra That Fits reddit site and my eyes were opened. I still could not quite believe that I would be such a "large" size, but I had always thought that the whole plus 4 thing seemed a bit odd, so in a way I was not completely shocked.

I read everything I could find on the web, measured myself, ordered dozens of bras online, and eventually went to a local boutique, which fortunately has an owner and fitters who know what they are doing.

My best fitting bras currently tend to be UK 32FFs, though this varies by brand and model. Hoping to lose a little more weight without losing more boob!

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