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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band83.0
Band Length73.0
Stretch ratio1.1
Bust perimeter110.0
Cup width20.0
Cup depth34.0
Depth ratio1.7
Wire length36.0
Cup height28.0
Cup separation2.6
Gore height19.0
Wing height13.5
Strap width3.0
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Panache Underwired Sports bra

It's a very comfortable bra. The padding is rather thick but it adds only 2 cm to my breast perimeter compared to a regular bra. The wires are rather wide and the cups come up rather shallow. The bra is made to push the boobs close to chest and seperate them at the same time. The gore is very wide in this bra, so it does not tack. If I would made the gore tack, then I had some light overspill because the cups are rather shallow and not tall enough for my boobs.

I think in my size and with my shape the bra is not supportive enough for heavy exercise. (I would not run in it, but then I never was into running, I would rather need the bra to do light exercise and for that it will be good.)

The straps are very thick and comfortable. The whole bra is rather nice feeling, I don't have anything to complain for now. The band runs tight and fits me just a little snug but not too tight (I can fit 2 fingers under the band but not a whole hand) I don't think I would have to size up to a 34 band. I also don't recommend sizing down, If you are between band sizes, always choose the bigger in this bra.

It's said that the cups come up big in this bra. I agree if you have short boobs that are not very full on top it could be that you need to size down. For me it's not the case and I think that a 32JJ would be the best size for me in this bra. (I usually wear 32J or 32JJ)

A note on the appearance and shape. The shape from the side is very round and uplifted. From the front the shape is a bit wide. My boobs look 1-2 sizes bigger in this bra. But they look very nice and round. I would feel confident in this bra. Looking good while exercising is motivation too and this bra will look very good.

I will update here once I decided if I keep the bra and how it held up with some exercise.

This bra is not owned any more

Updated on Jul 16, 2019 Flag this

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  • 1

    Yes I have pretty much the same experience with this bra. However on me, even though I'm a lot more FoB, sizing down to 30G didn't work either. So 30GG was slightly too large, 30G too small... overall couldn't find a right fit for me.

  • 1

    brasaremean I'm really surprised at that. I got the advice to size down also, but since my boobs are firm they aren't going to move up to fill in the space like everyone thinks. Smaller doesn't work for me either.

  • 1

    Oh mine moved up and are busting out of the bra. I was lazy to make another return so I just sort of let it go.

  • brasaremean does it work for you despite the issue?

  • 2

    I tried my bra on again today, now that my boobs are at their "normal" size again. I noticed that my regular bras gape a bit on top and don't fit as well as on my PMS-boobs.

    So there is a size difference between my PMS boobs and "normal" boobs maybe 1/2 cup size... But in this sports bra… the fit does not change. So either the bra is really 1 full cup size too small or just too shallow for my boobs and pushed them up no matter what. I think this happens with soft boobs.

    I think about keeping it. I want to start exercise ! Just light since I'm a beginner and for that it will do.

  • It does not alisa
    It's actually pretty painful, the cutting in gets worse as I move. So I gave up on it.

  • It looks a good fit other than the cleavage issue.

    But for jogging or running, try @Enell again, but you’ll have to order a custom size. That’s what I wear, a custom size, for jogging — total motion control. It is amazing.

    The woman who customizes for Enell is great. She can make straps longer or shorter, according to your need. She will customize the front and back, like for you maybe a size 1 back and size 5 front. (Mine is 5 back, 7 front.) It is fantastic. Costs about $80 US

  • 1

    alisa So sorry that this did not end up fitting you well. It does look a bit small, I agree that there should be no cleavage and it sucks that they don't have any bigger sizes that you can try.

    Maybe this bra can still be useful for lower impact exercise (if it's still comfortable?) if the returns process/shipping is too much? Or you might be able to sell it locally?

    I think you are right that these cups are shallow and wide... I think people with short roots may be able to size down, but if you're full all over or have tall roots it's not doable like you said. I also felt like the size down I tried pushed my breasts up and out because there wasn't enough "space" in the cups for them...

  • 1

    I have not returned it yet… I would have to hurry up. but I think I make it work. If I do light exercise it will do.

    brasaremean Oh no :/ I hope mine does not get painful once I start to really wear it.

    dfe98we I once had an Enell. It was a faulty size from ebay that was somewhat smaller in band than it would have been for the "bust" size. It was still pretty small and pushed my boobs flat. I don't know if I want to risk ordering for the full price if there are other options. It will cost me over 100$ because custom fees and shipping...

    braluv I keep the bra for now. I'm just starting to get into exercise so it will do and it's better than nothing.

  • brasaremean I just posted this on my sports bra adventure but it also fits here:
    "Guys I'm returning the Panache bra! Yesterday I decided to wear the bra for 30 mins after a shower. Just doing not much sitting round. It was NOT nice. I felt constricted and even a bit… out of breath and it was a relief to remove the bra!!!

    So that means that the bra is too shallow and or just too small? Or not the right bra for me! The padding felt so heavy on my chest and it just wasn't comfortable. "

    Is this how your bra felt too?

    I'm glad I have 30 days return. Bra is going back. I don't know if I am "too weak" to tolerate a compressive sports bra or the fit was bad??? I ask these weird questions but remember I never had a really really good sports bra in my life yet!

  • 1

    Yes very constricting, very difficult to breathe, but to me there was legit pain where the cups were cutting off my breasts because of the chafing, I even got some bruising.

  • brasaremean Omg that sounds horrible! :/ I felt so constricted even when I was just sitting around doing nothing. Did you find another sports bra that works for you?

  • 1

    I sorta get by with a Freya Active Sonic, it is quite tall (not ideal but....) I ordered 30GG and have no issues like the Panache one. I will add it one of these days.

  • 1

    So many sports bras stop at H-cup :/

  • 1

    Sports bra manufacturers are so lazy 😑

  • Did you try the Kris Line one

  • Sovavosi yeah. Back in the day Panache Sports only went to H. And I remember how excited we were when Freya Active and Elomi Energise expanded to K-cup!
    Bravissimo did good, their Sports bra comes up to L-cup!

    brasaremean No I have not tried any Kris Line bra.

  • 1

    The 28 band still only goes to an H. Hey thanks Panache, I don't need to exercise. Just loose weight off my boobs and put it on my underbust, apparently.

  • 1

    Ugh I hate that. 30J is also missing for some reason, why? And it stops again at H from 36 bands...

  • 2

    Imagine one brand would just design some really amazing sports bra and then offers it in all sizes 26-44 bands A-L cup??? Of course they would stock less of the "more uncommon" sizes but when they are the only ones who offer them, they would still sell.

  • 1

    alisa That would be amazing to have a really expansive and inclusive siza range that was well made! I think (one reason) a lot of uncommon sizes don't end up selling well because lots of folks just down know what their size is or what to look for in a bra.

  • Uncommon sizes could be "on request" if they are not profitable enough... I often noticed that on Bravissimo the sizes above K-cup sold out very quickly. I hardly could ever find a 34L on sale. So I wondered if they just made fewer of those or if the demand is actually there and since many brands don't carry these sizes, they sold very well.

  • Hello I saw in panache page that they made it in small band and up to HH and J cup it’s gorgeous Iam very happy 😃 tell it please everybody

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Center gore placement:
Doesn't lie flat against sternum
Top of the cup:
Cuts into breast tissue (quad boob effect)
Cups separation:
Too separate for my boobs

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