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"While it can be frustrating to have to buy bras from speciality brands when you have a fuller ... bust, they are worth investing in because those companies use fabrics, wires, patterns, and finishes specifically designed to make the very best and most supportive bras for larger cup sizes. Don't set yourself up for disappointment. Go to the experts for your size first."

-Cora Harrington, "In Intimate Detail"

I thought I was a 32DD/34DD---> turns out I'm 30G ish.

In Feb 2021, I had a modest weight loss (about 8 pds), and I was googling various dress-size calculators/bra-size calculators: I stumbled upon omincalculator for dress and bra size, but I didn't think their bra-size calculator was accurate (note: I realize now they use the outdated +4 method), so I kept googling. Lo and behold, I came across ABTF calculator, and thus began my journey to find ABTF!

So, I'm on a Bra Odyssey...I would love to be able to sew my own bras and underwear, but with my current bra size, I don't know if that's even reasonable, and I might need to leave it up to the experts with years of experience in supporting fuller busts, like Ewa Michalak ; ) I imagine I will end up with different sizes in different brands (like most people : )

From what I can tell, the following is my shape: FOB, narrow roots with average root height, centre-full, projected.

My favourite places to bra shop:,,,,

Thanks to another bratabase user, I recently discovered Custom Curves in Dartmouth, NS. She sells reasonably priced Ewa Michalak bras, and some Comexims.

I've also meandered to LingerieOutletStore UK for Shock Absorber sports bras, but I'm still waiting for a good deal : )

My favourite Instagram bra fitters: @theIrishBraLady, @ABraThatFits

Tip for using Bratabase: find your "boob twins" on bratabase, meaning, people who have a similar breast shape and frame to you (not necessarily the exact same size, but close...) and then look up what brands and styles work for them! This will save you time, $, and the hassle with online bra purchase returns : )

BETTER YET - Google search to find someone near your bra size/breast shape who is a bra blogger (CurvyWordy, BrasIHate, etc.): read her reviews, and buy what she recommends! (save yourself time, $, and hassle!) Good luck!

Link to Comexim size converter app, created by Redditers u/mathandplants, /u/EuphoricToe1, and /u/winsbe01 (sorry, I don't know their real names):

This app will help you convert from UK size ------> Comexim size, or UK size -------> Breakout Bras size (when ordered a Comexim bra) : ) : ) Hope that helps.

Favourite YouTube channels on Bra Fit & Design: A Sophisticated Pair, and the Bra Addict.

I also find Her Room Youtube videos to be helpful, but I'm not sure I would order from there, as I've heard of people having difficulties w refunds

Happy boobs, happy life is kind of my mantra! Seriously though, a well-fitting bra can improve one's quality of life!

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