15 years ago I wrote the first blog post on this (much evolved) codebase that made official the launching of Bratabase on the Internet.

Many computers have gone by, and many screenshots have been lost on how the site looked back then and how it's changed in 15 years. Well.... maybe more like 10 since the last several years there hasn't been an important redesign of the site.

It has been green, purple, gray and pink. Who knows what's coming next. But some new looks are seriously due.

This has been an incredible learning experience for me, and working on the site allowed me to learn so much more than I ever expected about bras, mixed with lots of traveling I got to meet a lot of amazing people and made some excellent friends.

I'm very proud of how many people it's helped, and of the ideas put here that make this unique. I am also very aware that the last few years haven't been as active as before, life having taken a few turns and I didn't work enough on this during the pandemic as I thought I would.

Still, 15 years is a lot for a website, I've seen many related sites and communities show up and die, and I stand very proud with Bratabase. One of the nerdy features that I value a lot is that any link that you have from 15 years ago is guaranteed to still work. Which was my hope to make Bratabase a stable bra resource you can trust, unlike Amazon, eBay, or even worse, official websites, our links are "forever", like the Internet.

I'm proud of our handling of unwelcome visitors and the design that's gone to keep that to a minimum considering how long we've been around.

That said, there is still lots to come, life is changing a lot these days. But, I didn't want to let this special occasion go by unnoticed.

Happy Birthday Bratabase!