Along a few changes on the site, probably the most visible for you will be the ability to now have a pretty URL you can share.

Maybe you noticed that your profile on Bratabase was something that made little sense in the form of:

Well, now you can make your url look like this:

And even this will work!

What's best, is that after activating your new personalized URL, your profile page will be upgraded to a new design. Copying every other social website out there, we've incorporated Cover images for more customization :P

The new profile pages come with a few new tricks. A couple of very requested ones:

  • Displays the total number of bras you currently own instead of everything you've ever added.
  • Can display which of your bras fit you currently instead of everything that ever fit you.
  • Shows a reference size on your profile, which is much better than the sizes mess we had in the past. This is collected only from looking at the bras you have added. You can always change it.
  • A few other nifty things, more to come.

How to do it?

Head to your account page and you will see Set your own Bratabase URL.

There you will be able to set your pretty url. IMPORTANT, make super sure you type in the exact and final url you want. You will NOT be able to change it later on. There is an explanation why.

You will only be able to do this if your reputation is above 70 (This will change in the future).

What else changed?

  • When you visit the home page you will notice that it looks a bit different. I've been working on trying to fit better in smaller screens and removing some redundant options.
  • Added a new option with experimental fields. If you have activated the advanced bra measuring form, you will see a next option on it called I like measuring. Clicking on it will show new bra measuring fields, currently only "cup height". We'll see how this goes once we collect some data.
  • When viewing measurements of bras, the average breast perimeter for which the bra fits is now also displayed. This requires a few entries with fitting bras for the number to be calculated so it won't be available on most :( .
  • I'm starting to roll out the new logo of the site. If you follow the Facebook page, which you should, you would have seen the new logo a few months ago. I've had trouble trying to make it fit with the old/existing design of the site so I'm bringing it in in small chunks. If you want to activate it you can go to the new "Preferences" section.
  • The "Preferences" section is just moving out a few fields that were previously in the same page you updated your public profile, so now that is separated better by concerns. One place to update your public information, other for your preferences on the site.
  • A number of other small tweaks.