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A bra transfer occurs when a listing is closed between two Bratabase users.

When the selling user ends the listing, she must indicate that she sold the bra thanks to Bratabase and enter the nickname of the user she sold it to.

This will create a new bra transfer for this bra from the selling user to the new owner.

This new transfer will be shown under your "outgoing transfers" and on her "incoming transfers".

Seeing your transfers

The transfer's default status will be pending. You can see the your transfers from the main menu, under the "My transfers" sub menu.

You can see both outgoing transfers and incoming transfers there.

When you receive the bra you should indicate that you got it, this will automatically add the bra to your bras so you can continue to add your information about it, such as your own review, how it fit you and your own take on measurements.

Shipping bras

As soon as a transfer is created, it will be in Pending state. This means that the bra is still in the hands of the owner and has not been sent your way.

Once sent, the seller will have to mark the bra as Shipped and will ideally attach shipping information to the transfer that will be immediately visible to the buyer. Such as picture of the parcel, tracking code, shipping receipt.

When your bra arrives

As soon as your bra arrives you should head over your transfers summary page and mark the corresponding transfer as received. This will add the bra to your account and be ready for you to start adding information about it.

*Reputation provided for this bra will also help the last owner. *

Unsuccessful transfers

If more than 30 days go by and the transfer is not accepted you can mark it as unsuccessful and get in touch with the seller to resolve what could have happened with the bra.

Leaving negative feedback

Not all failed transfers will be bad experiences if you have communicated with the other party and there was no negligence from any side on this case (Bra lost in mail, honest mistake on address, etc). Both parties can communicate and come to an agreement.

Still, there have been cases when after a transfer the seller disappears from the site and becomes impossible to reach unable to provide any information about the bra, if it has been sent or what not.

For those cases you should leave a negative review for that user. When marking the transfer as failed you have the option to leave feedback. You should write a summary of what happened and this will be public on the user's listings profile after being approved by an admin.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I remove the bra I just transferred from "My bras"?

When you make the new transfer, the bra will be automatically marked as "Not owned" and will not be shown in your list of current bras, it will now be part of the "Bras you don't own".

This is very important so this historic information on how you measured and how the bra fitted you is still valuable. If you deleted the bra all data that you provided would be lost.

What if the other party does not receive the bra?

When the bra hasn't arrived in over 30 days, a new option will be visible in the bra transfer so the bra receiver can mark the bra as not arrived :(.

As mentioned in the listings disclaimer, we cannot offer coverage for these situations.

When should I make the transfer?

It's a good rule to mark the listing as reserved as soon as you get a verbal commitment from the buyer for the bra. The transfer should be made once you receive payment for the bra. Later when you ship it you can then mark your transfer as shipped.